Throw Pink Women's Team Championship sponsored by Innova

PDGA logoSaturday, June 22, 2024 at North Cove Disc Golf and Social Club in Marion, North Carolina
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned teams tournament

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About this tournament

This is a women's team event. Teams are made up of four women each. *** THERE IS A 3500 RATING CAP FOR ALL ... more
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Michaellena Sharp    May 5 at 4:39pm

So sorry! I know you are extremely busy! I spelled one of my teammates names wrong. I sent an email about it to also confirm that my last name is Sharp and Michele’s name only has one “L”. Thanks for your hard work!

Kyle Silva   May 6 at 2:55am

I think I have you all fixed up, but please double check and let me know if I missed anything!

Michele Adcock   May 6 at 12:58pm

Thank you both! :)

Nicole Pierre    April 4 at 11:25pm

Hey Sarah we have not got an email to pick our team shirt colors yet. Is there a link I have missed somewhere?

Kyle Silva   April 4 at 11:49pm

Sara is sending them in the order that teams signed up for the waitlist. Keep an eye out soon!

Sara Nicholson   April 5 at 12:59am

You are not missing anything you were 10th on the waitlist and I had to wait for the teams before you to pick their color. I just sent your email.

Ruth A. (Rewthie Toothie) Miller    April 2 at 9:46pm

Maybe I am not aware of an update/info- I am not able to pay. Please advise.

Sara Nicholson   April 2 at 10:09pm

Hi. I don’t understand what you’re asking.

Sara Nicholson   April 3 at 5:39pm

I just sent you an email reminder. You should be able to finish paying the rest of your fees from that link. Let me know.

Nicole Bissonnette    March 27 at 9:32pm

I paid the registration for my whole team but then one of my team members (Liz) got charged for her portion as well. Is there a way to correct this?

Sara Nicholson   March 28 at 12:13am

Yeah. It’s weird how it sent the “promote from waitlist” out to each person individually. Yours should have only been for the $52 not the full amount. I didn’t see Liz’s payment. Did she get charged or did she just get an email saying she needed to pay? Either way. I’ll get it fixed in the morning.

LizLime McFarlane   March 31 at 12:38am

All good, we'll figure it out! Is there any way to change divisions? I am most certainly not FPO.

Sara Nicholson   March 31 at 1:45am

Everyone has to be FPO to show on PDGA since it’s the open division. We’re doing all one division this year like last year. Next year we’re doing different rating divisions and will have a 3500+ option. I should have thought of that for this year. Rookie mistake.

Crystal Fussell    March 15 at 12:15pm

I accidentally typed in one of my teammates pdga number incorrectly. Cindy Riley should be 103106. It wouldn’t allow me to update this in the registration because it wanted me to choose a shirt color. Thank you for your help with this!

Kyle Silva   March 15 at 2:37pm

Taken care of!

Crystal Fussell   March 15 at 3:59pm

Thank you so much!!

Becky Harris    March 15 at 11:18am

Morning! I got one of my team members pdga numbers wrong Katie it should be 145540. When I go and try to edit it, it won’t let me save cause it will make me choose another shirt color. Are you able to edit and update it so we have the proper name and ratings? Thanks and congrats on the quick sell out!

Kyle Silva   March 15 at 12:05pm

All fixed!

Becky Harris   March 15 at 2:14pm

Thank you!!

Kyle Silva    March 15 at 12:14am

and we're full at 13 mins!

Incredible as always. If you missed out (for now), PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put your team on the waitlist!

Ruth A. (Rewthie Toothie) Miller   March 15 at 1:00am


Kathy Hudson    March 13 at 11:32pm

I’d like to be a part of a team; but I’m 62 years old with about an 825 rating. Any advice on getting on a team? Thanks!

Margaret Shumate   March 14 at 12:10am

I would post on the Facebook group!

Sara Nicholson   March 14 at 1:12am

Thanks Margaret. Kathy. If you’re not on Facebook let me know and I’ll post for you but our Facebook group is where everyone goes to find a team.

Becky Harris    February 14 at 11:59am

Hi! For the 3500 rating cap I see that registration starts on 3/4 and the March ratings update is on 3/10-15thish. Will our ratings be based on when we sign up or the ratings update that occurs in the middle of next month after reg opens? A team can be very close when they sign up at the ratings cap but may go over the next week and have to switch up a team member.

Sara Nicholson   February 14 at 2:06pm

Great catch. I need to move registration to after the update because the team rating is based on the March update. It doesn't matter if your rating goes up or down after the March update your rating is locked in for the team event. We do this so teams are scrambling to replace a player last minute who's rating went up and pushed them over the cap.

Sara Nicholson   February 14 at 2:06pm

Are not scrambling**

Becky Harris   February 14 at 2:26pm

Thank you Sara! This will help us alot in regards to the rating cap. You are the best and can't wait to play. Now for a team name lol

Jim Kirkpatrick    February 12 at 1:22pm

I would love to volunteer again this year. Will the registration be the same for this year? P.S. Thank you for all that you do.

Sara Nicholson   February 12 at 2:21pm

Awesome, Jim! Would love to have you. I'll get the volunteer registration up this week and send you the link. Thank you!