The Windy City Throw Down

PDGA logoSunday, August 14, 2022 at Jackson Park - Temp Course in Chicago, Illinois
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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2022 Windy City Throw Down Information Directions and Parking From the south: I-94 W to exit 59B. Turn r ... more
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Caleb hasselbring    August 14 at 10:35pm

I was on a card with kacey (I’m pretty sure that was his name, green sleeved shirt) , one of the gentleman running it, and he told me that I got a -11 not sure if that was the error or if the -8 that got put in was the error.


matt cerney    August 14 at 9:01pm

Brock and I are on the road from Iowa and likely to be 10-15minutes late for our tee time. Too many accidents. Hoping we can still get on the course


Shane Malecha    August 14 at 1:06am

Should Jamie Gantz and I move to 10:20am since nobody else signed up for 9:50am?

Tommy Inglis   August 14 at 5:52am

We will have people to fill up your card but you are welcome to start later if you’d like.

Shane Malecha   August 14 at 1:18pm

Ok, we'll stick with our time. Thanks!

Kyle Willis Griffith    August 14 at 12:26am

I see the first tee is at 8. Can I come play a round at 7am tomorrow before my 8:40 tee time?

Tommy Inglis   August 14 at 12:42am

Yeah, we will be setting up try not to hit us.

Kyle Willis Griffith   August 14 at 12:45am


Tim Gonzalez-Smith    August 12 at 7:26pm

Will there new whiskers, cones, or paint to mark tee boxes? Was out there last weekend and struggled to find exact locations for some of them. Excited for Sunday, thanks for hosting!

Martin Finnie   August 13 at 2:47pm

There are white flags marking boxes now. Tee signs will also be installed.

matt cerney    August 10 at 6:36pm

Playing on a card with my son who is in the 10U. This is his first tourney. Sometimes when we play casual, we use a single cart to hold all of our discs. We do not use each other's discs, but they ride together. Is this legal in a PDGA tourney, or should I make sure he brings his own bag?

Kasey Klipsch   August 10 at 6:56pm

The issue would be the person pulling the cart would be helping the other player and thus would need to be a caddie.

Kasey Klipsch   August 10 at 6:57pm

So yes best if they carry their own equipment. Let us know snd we can bring a bag if necessary.

matt cerney   August 11 at 5:26pm

Thanks! he's got a bag and it's easy to bring, so we're all good. see you sunday

Eric Bright    August 5 at 4:20am

Tommy, I'd love to sponsor a hole. We've chatted a few times I've been out to the course. I'm not sure if I can make the tournament yet, but will do my best to make league next Tuesday. Let me know how we can get in touch!

Tommy Inglis   August 5 at 2:03pm

Awesome, you can send an email to [email redacted] and we are taking walkups.

Steven Taylor    August 1 at 9:46pm

Is there going to be any kids divisions?

Kasey Klipsch   August 1 at 11:06pm

There are youth 15/12/10/8 divisions.

Simon Torres    August 1 at 1:14am

I'm sorry I registered for the wrong division could I be moved to MA1 please and thank you!

Tommy Inglis   August 1 at 11:44am

You have been moved to MA1

Martin Finnie    July 25 at 10:29pm

If anyone wants to join a friendly and fun 8am card we would welcome 1-2 more people.

Darric Obinger   August 1 at 11:11pm

I joined!

Martin Finnie   August 4 at 3:41am

Awesome! Glad to have you!

Quinn Benson    July 19 at 4:20am

Is there a player pack?

Tommy Inglis   July 19 at 11:31am

No players pack but there will be trophies for division winners. We will have some HPDG stamped discs available if you are looking for something. Our goal is to keep the cost as low as possible so the price isn’t a barrier to entry.