The Queen City Gambit Sponsored by Dynamic Discs and Innova Disc Golf

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 24-25, 2021 at Nevin Park in Charlotte, North Carolina
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the 2021 Queen City Gambit in beautiful Charlotte, NC! Please join us July 24-25th for our first an ... more
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Matthew Hilario    July 22 at 11:12pm

Anybody want to get a practice round tomorrow morning Friday the 23rd? Was going to head to Idlewild.


Austin Andes    July 20 at 7:00pm

Does Hole 12 at killy play as a 3 or 4 for the tournament?

David Weaver   July 22 at 2:41pm

Par 3

David Weaver    July 20 at 6:52pm

Hey Rob, I will send a follow up email later this week. If you missed the first email with schedule and pool info, please check out the Facebook event page where I also pasted the info from the first email. This info should answer all of your immediate questions.

Rob Brooks   July 20 at 7:03pm

Thank you David, I checked my inbox, I must have not received the original email. I'll go check the facebook event!

Rob Brooks    July 20 at 6:43pm

Hi David - looking forward to the event. When can we expect to see pool info / schedules?


Josh Callaway   July 22 at 1:13pm

the schedule for each division is posted in the picture section Rob

Rob Brooks   July 22 at 2:52pm

10-4 Josh I'm tracking, thanks!

Bart Downs    July 12 at 3:24pm

Dose anyone have a extra room available for a traveling disc golfer?


David Weaver    July 9 at 5:05pm

Bart Downs,
I will be sending out an email in the next few days with pool info. First round will start at 9:30 on Saturday. I would assume first round will take 3ish hours. Add in an hour lunch break and I would estimate that the second round will start between 1:30-2:30. Sunday’s first round will start at 9. We will add an additional 30 minutes to lunch since players will be driving to a different course so second round on Sunday will also probably start in that same 1:30-2:30 window.

Bart Downs   July 12 at 2:37pm


Bart Downs    July 9 at 2:56am

Any idea what time the 2nd round will start on Sunday? I’m trying to coordinate flights out of Charlotte. Thanks.

Bart Downs   July 9 at 3:54am

Actually any information on the schedule regarding start times and what courses we are playing on Saturday and Sunday would also be helpful. Thanks.

Josh Callaway   July 22 at 1:15pm

the round times are posted in the picture section for this tournament. the 2nd round time would not be a def set time since it will be 1.5 hrs after the first round way of knowing the precise end time to the first round

David Weaver    July 6 at 2:22am

David Schmidt- All divisions will play the same layouts. Nevin shorts, Idlewild shorts, Kilborne worlds layout.

Jordan Lee   July 7 at 2:19pm

What course is each division playing twice?

David schmidt    July 6 at 2:13am

Any idea on layouts for each course? Per division?


David Weaver    June 23 at 4:18pm

@ Bart Downs

Course assignments will be posted soon. Every division will play all 3 courses.

The plan is for each pool to play the same course twice on Saturday. Sunday will be 1 round on each of the remaining courses.

Saturday will probably be Nevin for one pool and Scrapyard for the other pool. This will allow Kilborne to be open to the public on Saturday.

Bart Downs   June 23 at 4:59pm

Sounds great! I would imagine that MA1 would be playing Nevin twice and Ma3 playing scrapyard but we shall see. Thanks

Bart Downs    June 23 at 3:58pm

Any idea of course assignment for the divisions? Will each division be playing all three courses?


David Weaver    June 12 at 7:37pm

@ Rigney,
Done! Sorry for the delay.


Rigney Marcela    June 1 at 11:06pm

May I please be moved to the MA1 division?


Tim turner    May 4 at 12:42am

What if you dont want to go to this player partie thing. Will those people get something else? Jw

David Weaver   May 4 at 1:39am

No but you can pass those items along or sell them to other players if you would like. The brewery is sponsoring the event and these items are essentially free so unfortunately we will not have other options in lieu of these awesome additions to the players pack.

David Weaver   May 4 at 1:41am

For reference: the extra items will include a beer voucher ($5 value), food voucher ($5 value, and a free round for the putting competition ($5 value).