The Patriot (MPO, FPO,MA2,MA4,MA40, FA1-FA4)

PDGA logoSunday, July 1, 2018 at Holly Woods in Holly, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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NO CASHLESS PRE-REGISTRATION Event 6 of the JBird Players Series. Event Code B. 2 Rounds of 18 Holes pl ... more
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Mark Stephens    Sticky June 26 at 1:09pm

First 45 Registrations that will receive a free disc donated by Discraft

Kevin Egnatoski
Brenden Andrews
Billy Montpas
Corbyn Blackwell
Shawn Herbert
Matt Murdock
Mario Ramirez
DJ Hunt
Trevor Owen
Michael Owen
Christopher Owen
David Sepulvedo
Christopher Jacobs
Eric Francis
Ian Granger
Jason Austin
Matthew Witham
Skylar Dixon
Zachary Dixon
Bobby Oakes
Caleb Peters
Ian Csernai
Russell Taint
Bill Chapman
Michael McElhoes
Jake Messner
Lindsey Maas
Deborah Fischer
Jare ... more

Stevey Chainmail Collins   June 26 at 8:40pm

?? I was like number 39 when i signed up

Mark Stephens   June 26 at 8:57pm

The 1st 45 is over both days. See the About Section

Stevey Chainmail Collins   June 28 at 10:25am

Ooo ok. My bad

Daymon Pugh    July 1 at 12:22am

May I be put on a waitlist I asked her this morning but I guess it was the wrong tournament Daymon Pugh 12248

Mark Stephens   July 1 at 3:06am

There are 3-4 that are on the paid waitlist and I have had no drops yet. I dont forsee you getting in but in the event that I do have a ton of drops tonight, I will honor your request after all of the other ones that posted today.

Daymon Pugh   July 1 at 3:39am


Scott Adkins    June 30 at 11:24pm

Mark, Can I be moved to Masters 40+. I don't want to throw from longs.

Mark Stephens   June 30 at 11:46pm

Yes, but make sure you remind me in the morning when you check in.

Scott Adkins   June 30 at 11:58pm

Thank you so much.

Daymon Pugh    June 30 at 12:19pm

My bad mpo


Daymon Pugh    June 30 at 12:19pm

Good morning thought that I was going to have to work both days so I didn’t sign up for tomorrow could I be put on a wait list please and Daymon Pugh 12248 it would be in the pro masters


Nik LEhr    June 30 at 4:18am

I know it's a long shot but throw me on the waitlist
nik Lehr 39893 am 2


Lauren St. Clair    June 29 at 1:50am

Should we plan on bringing lunch or are there places close by?

Mark Stephens   June 29 at 2:03am

There are 2-3 places within 10-15 minutes that you can grab something to eat and bring it back to the park.

Lauren St. Clair   June 29 at 2:23am


Linda Allen    June 27 at 10:57pm

Joshua Flewelling should be on MA3 playing Saturday I believe.

Mark Stephens   June 27 at 11:38pm

That is why he is not listed in a division...

Mark Stephens   June 28 at 1:58am

Moved. : )

Abbie Stoecker    June 27 at 11:02am

Please move me to FA2.

Dave Maddox   June 27 at 11:19am

you can do that via your email conformation..i switched mine pretty easily :-)

Dave Maddox   June 27 at 11:21am

just click the link on it that says "modify registration"

Mark Stephens   June 27 at 12:03pm

Dave is correct but I will just move ya!

Nicholas Richardson    June 26 at 12:32pm

Seems like something wrong with the linking to pdga site

Mark Stephens   June 26 at 12:54pm

Yep, one button not clicked on my end...

Mark Stephens   June 26 at 12:58pm

Hmmm.. Maybe not. It is clicked. Not exactly sure why it is not auto uploading the list...

Nicholas Richardson   June 26 at 4:43pm

Looks good now. Thanks Mark!

Dave Maddox    June 23 at 7:11am

Haven't played this course yet, but hoping to reg by Tuesday or Wednesday


Justin Erway    June 22 at 5:46pm

Tee times? Player meeting?

Mark Stephens   June 22 at 5:54pm

It is now on there

Mark Metzger    May 11 at 11:52am