The Maine State Championships Elevated by Thoughtspace Athletics

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 19-21, 2022 at Pineland Farms DGC in New Gloucester, Maine
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Pros will play: Fri: Pineland Patriot Sat: BSR Bitterside Sun: Pineland Patriot Ams will play. Fri: B ... more
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Joe Schultz III    August 16 at 9:24pm

The rough idea for MA1 tee time windows? Staying relatively close, thanks, and I can't wait to chuck em out there with y'all!

Dan Stefanilo   August 16 at 11:51pm

Rough estimate 11:30-2:00

Joe Schultz III   August 17 at 2:50am

Thanks Dan

Jesse Tobia    August 16 at 8:19pm

If there are three spots in MPO, may I please move my MA1 waitlist to MPO?

Dan Stefanilo   August 16 at 8:50pm

You're in MPO now, I need you to finish registration ASAP.

Steven Brassard    August 15 at 3:01pm

Will any of the courses be doing some glow during the evenings?

Dan Stefanilo   August 15 at 7:48pm

Not that I have heard.

Ethan Roubo    August 3 at 12:46am

Any chance the tee times will be posted soon? Trying to plan the weekend!

Dustin Shea   August 4 at 5:56pm

They usually do it the day before the state

Dan Stefanilo   August 8 at 3:46pm

Plan on a morning round for ma3

Justin Lizardi    June 28 at 12:13am

is there any chance some of the am divisions get expanded?

Hunter Clukey   July 8 at 8:27pm

I’m hoping so as well. Probably a lot of behind the scenes stuff to figure out, if it can be expanded I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Crossing my fingers.

Andrew Kaputa    June 18 at 7:33pm

What courses will the juniors be playing on which days?

Steve Kornmuller   June 18 at 10:01pm

Ams will play. Fri: BSR Sweetside Sat: Pineland Patriot Sun: BSR Bitterside for MA1. Sweetside for all other divisions.

Steve Kornmuller   June 18 at 10:01pm

Pros will play: Fri: Pineland Patriot Sat: BSR Bitterside Sun: Pineland Patriot

Justin Fereshetian    June 6 at 5:33pm

Any chance this event gets an expansion to the field size? Just wondering if I have much hope at all in getting in being so far down on the wait list. Thanks!

Jamie White   June 6 at 5:36pm

Hi Justin, there is a chance yes, but we need to review a few things like budgets, accomidations, volunteers and daylight. Dan will likely make a deciesion soon so be on the lookout for that. Thanks for your understanding.

Justin Fereshetian   June 6 at 5:38pm

Great, appreciate the info!

Justin Fereshetian   July 7 at 6:51pm

Any additional info at this point on the potential of expanding the field? Thanks again!

Jose Colon    June 1 at 2:59pm

Hey sorry but I’m had to withdraw from this tournament, letting the tds know to keep an out for that email…thank you good luck to everyone!!

Jose Colon   June 23 at 12:49pm

any word on when I can get my refund??, Ive been withdrawn for almost a month and I cant even get a response from the guy that suppose to do refunds. sorry for sounding needy, im just wondering when I could get it back.

Dan Stefanilo   June 26 at 12:17am

Jose, did you get the money back yet?

Jose Colon   June 27 at 3:10am

yes I did, sorry I meant to let you guys know.

Braden Lynn    May 28 at 4:03am

Well that filled up much faster than last year lol


Emilio Barnard    May 27 at 6:25pm

What are the chances of an MJ12 getting off the waitlist? I see there are only 2 other juniors registered? Would love to have a chance to have him on a card with them! Thanks.


Shawn Petersen    May 5 at 7:06pm

How much is it to sponsor a hole? Didn’t see that info.

Paul DeCesere   May 7 at 12:23pm

I believe $100 a hole. Announced on the Maine PDGA announcement page on Facebook

Gage Benson    May 3 at 4:51pm

Can't wait

Dan Stefanilo   May 7 at 3:13pm

Awesome! Can't wait to catch up when you're up here.

Matthew morse    April 28 at 3:57pm

I was planning on signing up tomorrow dang it. Well I guess I will just sponsor a hole then ???? see yall in August

Dan Stefanilo   April 29 at 1:26pm

Sorry Matt, our apologies.

Shawn Petersen    April 28 at 3:16am

Yeah, why did the date change?

Jamie White   April 28 at 2:59pm

just gathering more sponsor information and deciding on early reg set up

Gabriel Grindle    April 28 at 2:56am

I noticed the online registration date changed from April 29th to may 13th. Is it possible to register in person somewhere before may 13th or is it a similar situation to the summer opener where hole sponsors and some others can register earlier and others have to wait until the later date?

Jamie White   April 28 at 3:00pm

stay tuned for more info, we are building the reg schedule and announcing it shorlty

Ryan Yaddow    March 30 at 3:08pm

Will this be tee times or shotgun start?

Dean Squires Jr   March 31 at 3:14pm

Tee times

Dan Stefanilo   April 6 at 9:15pm

Tee times all 3 days