The MONSTER at MAYORS supported by Innova Champion Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 30-31, 2021 at Mayors Park in Reno, Nevada
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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DIVISIONS MUST HAVE THREE participants to qualify as a division - if minimum is not met, participant will be m ... more
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Skot Meyer    October 29 at 5:26pm

Hello friends!
Hopefully everyone signed up for the event received the email or saw the post on Facebook, but just to be sure... With shipping and supply chain problems, I guess it was too much to expect the we would be immune from these complications.
We have 2 shipments that were supposed to arrive Wednesday with major components of the players packages. We WILL have these shipments in hand today.
We are expecting to be able to proceed with ear ... more


Skot Meyer    October 28 at 12:45am

OB/HAZARD RULES CLARIFICATION: I just received this inquiry:
I watched both of the videos and I didn't hear you say anything about this, but perhaps I missed it. This question came up recently at Mayors: do you get 1 meter of relief from the OB line on a hole that is designated as "Hazard" if you land in-bounds, or do you have to putt while standing out of bounds?
Here's an example: Last time I was at Mayors someone landed in-bounds on the island for hole 11, but he was bas ... more


Skot Meyer    October 27 at 4:00am

DOWNLOAD YOUR CADDY BOOK with the link below and have it handy on your phone so you have the intel on each hole as you play. Walkthrough Video will be posting here in just a few. Caddy book:


Eric Wonhof    October 27 at 12:04am

Skot, schedule says awards 1pm Saturday. That's on Sunday right?

Skot Meyer   October 27 at 3:59am

Amended-- thx for the heads up

Peyton Thomas    October 26 at 6:15pm

Hey Skot! Are we shooting the red and short baskets for 22 or going the original 18?

Skot Meyer   October 27 at 3:57am

Original 18- caddy book can be downloaded here with layout - video is posting now of course walk through:

Skot Meyer   October 27 at 4:36am

Check videos section of this page for the walk through ; )

Paul Tomeo    October 19 at 3:42pm

What time do you expect the first tee time to start?

Skot Meyer   October 25 at 9:55pm

Hi Paul. We won’t be able to have exact times narrowed down until 1) registration closes Wednesday at Midnight and 2) We program the division times on Thursday and post (by 5pm). First Group Tees Off at 8:30am. DEPENDING ON FINAL PLAYER COUNT we will move back the start time (such as first tee ... more

Skot Meyer   October 25 at 9:57pm

Rec should all be teeing off before 10am

Skot Meyer    October 16 at 4:32am

Why does the Voo Doo Mayor have the head of an ant? Mayor's has a red ant presence during the Summer months in certain parts of the course. That's why ; )


Liam Buckler    October 14 at 5:15pm

Hey Skot I just got a PDGA number to add to the roster!

Skot Meyer   October 15 at 3:02pm

Changed- would you like the $10 in raffle tickets or send back to the email address that was used when paying for registration through PayPal?

Greg Johnson    October 4 at 12:04am

No option for Medium size shirts?

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Fats Sonderfan   October 4 at 5:31pm

Can we bump my son from a large to a medium them sir? Thank you!

Greg Johnson   October 5 at 1:07am

Please change mine to a Medium. I upgraded to the polo.

Skot Meyer   October 13 at 3:28pm

Changed and changed, thx!