The Jungle VI Redeployment Powered by Prodigy - Ams

PDGA logoSaturday, April 24, 2021 at Devens DGC in Devens, Massachusetts
Pro-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is an overflow event scheduled specifically to accommodate players waitlisted for the Welcome to the Jung ... more
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Chuckie Collelo    April 21 at 12:30pm

Not sure this has been asked but can we bring a caddy?

Alex Sakash   April 21 at 6:06pm

I am following WTTJs policy of no caddies.

Joseph Bruni    April 20 at 6:43pm

My buddy wants to sign up for this seeing there’s some open spots, is there any way for him to do that or is it closed closed?

Alex Sakash   April 21 at 12:06pm

I've reopened it.

Garry Young    April 20 at 5:45pm

???? Cant see anything

Bob Kulchuk   April 20 at 6:30pm

DiscGolfScene inbox

David Fleck    April 20 at 3:37pm

Can you please remove me from this event, I got into the original one. Thanks

Bob Kulchuk   April 20 at 4:32pm

Done. Thanks.

Henry King    April 20 at 2:47pm

Can you please remove me from this event as I made it into the original event

Bob Kulchuk   April 20 at 4:32pm

Done. Thanks.

Alex Sakash    April 20 at 2:01pm

Schedule and details coming tonight once I wrap up my last event from this past weekend...


Garry Young    April 19 at 8:51pm

Too late for a 60 + AMto get in?

Bob Kulchuk   April 20 at 2:38pm

message sent

Alex Sakash   April 21 at 12:07pm

Registration reopened.

Daylen Snow    April 16 at 5:21pm

Paid for redeployment just need refund for Jungle.

Bob Kulchuk   April 17 at 1:01am

All set

Chuckie Collelo    April 9 at 11:42am

I about to pay my registration but I want to switch to Am40+. Currently I’m in ma2, will I be put on the waitlist if I do so?

Bob Kulchuk   April 12 at 8:01pm

looks like this is all set Chuckie. Let me know if you still have any questions.

Ryan Goodwin    April 1 at 11:09pm

I would like to withdraw from this event, as well as the wait-list for WTTJ. When convenient, can you please refund my ace pot buy in, as well as any placeholder fees. Thank you.

Alex Sakash   April 2 at 2:17pm

We will make that happen.

Ryan Goodwin   April 2 at 3:29pm

Thank you, Alex

Nicholas Harshaw    March 27 at 4:21am

I am trying to pay for the MA3 division but it is saying that only the pro divisions are open. Which is odd because it doesn't show the divisions that are open either. Can anyone help a brother out?

Bob Kulchuk   March 27 at 1:51pm


Korey Fournier    March 20 at 5:44pm

Is this 2 rounds on the General?

Bob Kulchuk   March 21 at 11:59am


Timothy V    February 21 at 4:42pm

Quick question why is it saying pay 35 under where the withdrawal is

Bob Kulchuk   February 21 at 5:10pm

Timothy, no one has paid anything yet for the overflow event. Whatever registration was paid was for Welcome to the Jungle. Once we get closer and we determine which event you’ll be in for sure, we can shuffle funds between the events. Until then, that is just the amount that would be due for ... more

Timothy V   February 21 at 6:18pm

Ok so its subtracted from the Welcome to the Jungle if I am playing the general

Bob Kulchuk   February 22 at 5:51pm

Yes, correct. Whatever you paid already will be applied to whichever event you end up playing.