The Indoor Disc Golf Experience Ace Race 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018 at Brookfield Soccer Complex in Brookfield, Wisconsin
Ace Race

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About this tournament

Brookfield Indoor (AKA Midwest Ortohpedic) Soccer Complex is located at 19485 West Lisbon Road, Brookfield, WI ... more
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Steve Harmeyer    January 15 at 2:57pm

Do we just need putters, midranges or both for this event? Any limit or suggestion on how many discs to bring? Just wondering since we are indoor and have never been there before.

Mike Harrington   January 15 at 4:46pm

mostly mods and putters. you may want a driver or two for some trick shots . .. no limit but most holes are putts to upshots with a couple over 250

jacob chartrand    December 22 at 8:09pm

is the clinic both mornings? and how much is that if there is an extra cost?


Bill Tucholka    December 11 at 10:10pm

Where exactly is this?

Mike Harrington   December 11 at 11:21pm

Brookfield Indoor Soccer Complex AKA Midwest Orthopedic 19485 West Lisbon Road, Brookfield, WI 53045

Bill Tucholka   December 11 at 11:37pm

Thanks Mike!

Mike Harrington   December 12 at 2:12am

Sorry for not having that up there immediately. I setup the course (even though its just a once a year indoor event even) but never added the address apparently.

Dylan Harvey    November 12, 2017 at 5:23am

Is it $30 each night, or $30 for both Friday and Saturday? If it's $30 each, I gotta try and decide which night I'm gonna go to lol.

Mike Harrington   November 12, 2017 at 11:10pm

$30 each night . . . Friday night is the ace race where you throw for aces and metal hits . . . no putting. Saturday will be less holes but you will have to putt out on every hole.

Dylan Harvey   November 23 at 4:33pm

Okk thanks!