The Disaster 2023 Presented by DGA

Saturday, February 4, 2023 at Lake Amador Resort in Ione, California
Disc golf singles tournament

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Cliff Brison    Sticky February 4 at 9:49am

TO clarify the course notes in case the question comes up: "Proceed to DZ" means take your next short from drop zone, and it any OB or Mando described in front of it. This means over the fence on Camp 1 must play drop zone. Same goes for the OBs on Camp 2, and the Island on Camp 3. For instance, missing the island on the water side of the island stakes makes the drop zone, not last point in Bounds.


Cliff Brison    Sticky February 4 at 3:24am

I suggest bringing pop-ups and other such rain gear to tourney central tomorrow evening


Cliff Brison    Sticky February 3 at 8:08pm

Everyone will be excited to know that Lee is having the thicket of trees cleaned up on Camp hole 8; tree trimming is underway, which means that Camp holes 7 and 8 are currently closed until completion of work.


Cliff Brison    Sticky February 3 at 5:50am

Important updates to course notes/maps: Camp 1 is perimeter fence OB, not first fence; Camp 17 green is staked off for OB, used stakes as OB in place of water OB where present.


Cliff Brison    Sticky January 28 at 12:07am

Please see the completed course maps and parking map under the 'pictures' tab.

Cliff Brison   January 30 at 9:37pm

Course maps are now color and black and white (sort of). Save a digital copy before going to Amador, or print one. The black and white should print better.

Cliff Brison   January 31 at 5:20pm

Also, please see your email for attached tourney details. For those with no email address input, I'll be working on getting those details to you today.

Cliff Brison    Sticky January 27 at 3:29pm

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Pool - Camp then South (2 Rnd of 21 Holes, Par 63; Rnd 1 Start Time 7:50 A.M.) - MPO, MP40, MP50, MA50, MP60, MA60; B Pool - South then Camp (2 Rnd of 21 Holes, Par 63; Rnd 1 Start Time 7:50 A.M.) - FPO, FP40, FA1, MA1, FA40, MA40, FA50, FA2, MA2, MJ18. Hole Assignments TBD. Please plan on being at your hole by 7:30. You'll need to stop at the Tackle Box Cafe on the way in, then see the Nightingales and Bomber Berry for parking.


Cliff Brison    Sticky January 9 at 9:27pm

ANNOUNCEMENT: In response to the heavy rains, Lee Lockhart along with some helpers is renewing the Camp Course to a revised 21 hole layout. Though you may have been either excited or trepidated at the prospect of playing the North, we will no longer plan on using the North Course for the 2023 Disaster as initially stated. The revised plan is to play as two pools, A Pool and B Pool, with the A Pool playing Camp then South (21 holes each), and the B Pool playing South then Camp (21 holes each). ... more

Brian Johnson   January 10 at 2:21am

Thanks for the heads up. And all the work it's taken!!

Cameron Sales   January 16 at 5:35am

Bummer. I was really looking forward to double north.

Dennis Palmquist    February 2 at 9:54pm

Hey Cliff, just clarification, I am assuming south course hole 1 and hole 15 the outer fence is OB? I believe these two holes have an outer and inner fence. Thank you

Cliff Brison   February 3 at 5:47am

Foe 15 South, see course notes says perimeter fnc OB. For 1 Camp, I think I missed the double fnc situation; use the perimeter fnc there too.

Dennis Palmquist   February 3 at 4:58pm

Thank you

ken contryman    February 2 at 1:22am

hey Cliff, i gota bail from the tournament to much on my plate.Hope u all have fun. hope its not a big inconvenience for u thanks.

Cliff Brison   February 2 at 8:13am

Got it, thanks for the heads up

Alan Krauth    February 2 at 12:21am

Weird question, would any females that have met my girlfriend Wendi Munoz be interested in caddying for her on Saturday. Compensations will be given cash plus. Hit me up.


Cliff Brison    February 1 at 7:36pm

11:30 Wednesday Feb 1 - All refunds that will be processed have been processed. Requests to add may only be processed if feasible.


Craig Tofanelli    February 1 at 2:00am

Sent you a msg Cliff

Cliff Brison   February 1 at 2:28am

Response earlier in email. Looks like it was through DGScene, so not sure where that will land on your end. Just sent another message in the affirmative to your profile at DgScene. Let me know that you've received.

Tim Bedford    January 30 at 3:27pm

Please correct my pgda number to 114902. It is currently not accurate. Looking forward to the tournament Tim Bedford

Cliff Brison   January 30 at 4:56pm


Billy Pearson    January 28 at 4:16am

Cliff if possible can I be moved to open from am1?

Cliff Brison   January 28 at 4:56pm

Yes Billy

David Lantzy    January 26 at 3:05am

Is there a map for the camp course layout? Wanna go up and practice this weekend

Cliff Brison   January 26 at 5:21pm

I've been working on creating one for the tourney and have placed a draft you can find in the 'Pictures' tab. This will be updated there, and emailed to addresses collected during reg, once complete. I'm pretty sure you can also find the map on Udisc. Be aware that we have mov ... more

David Lantzy   January 26 at 11:06pm


Ray Bullard    January 22 at 3:43pm

Hey guys - thanks for all the work you do for this event. Question: I wasn't able to get into MA40 when I registered and so am in MA2. I'll play in this division but ideally would like to be MA40. Is it possible to move or would I then have to give up my spot and join the waitlist? Figured I'd ask the question now so I don't have to on the day of - thanks.

Cliff Brison   January 23 at 3:54pm

Division updated

Ray Bullard   January 23 at 9:28pm

Thank you!

Zach Kimbrough    January 20 at 8:52pm

I called for campsite and they gave me site 2, I was checking the UDisc map of the camp course and it appears my given site is in the middle of hole 20. Is that correct? Should I call for change if possible? Thanks

Cliff Brison   January 21 at 12:12am

Confirmed, that is correct Zach. You will want to move to another site.

Dennis Palmquist    January 19 at 9:41am

Anyone know when South Course will be in tournament position? Thank u

Cliff Brison   January 19 at 11:03pm

As I understand, the layout should be in place by end of day today. I will be going out later for some course prep items.

Helen Kostoff    January 9 at 10:52pm

Would love to see FA50 in the future, I know there are a few of us.

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Helen Kostoff   January 12 at 6:49am

Wow, thanks a bunch!

Jeniffer Huie   January 12 at 5:09pm

Please move me to FA50. Thanks!

Cliff Brison   January 13 at 8:11pm

Will do

Jeffrey McCormick    January 9 at 10:24pm

Question. I know you guys are putting a ton of work into the course. Will the teepads be pressure washed to get rid of the slimey/moss so they're not so slippery?

Cliff Brison   January 14 at 9:10pm

Per our conversation, we will assess the tees you've indicated. Thanks for the heads up.

Cliff Brison   January 14 at 9:11pm

Per our conversation, we will assess the tees you've indicated. Thanks for the heads up.