PDGA sanctioning pending local law.   https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/43759

The Buckeye Classic presented by Discraft

PDGA logoSunday, September 13, 2020 at Alum Creek State Park in Galena, Ohio
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Buckeye Classic presented by Discraft Following up on last year's success, we are back for more! On two ... more
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Brendan Beeney    March 15 at 2:05am

Can you add me to the wait list for mpo?

Brad Schick   March 16 at 12:15am

Go ahead and register, it's open now

Deano Barbo    February 6 at 1:22am

I'm willing to sell my spot for like $700.

James White   February 6 at 2:21am

695 for mine

James White   February 6 at 2:21am

I gotta play open masters!

Scott Roberts    February 3 at 9:55pm

Could you make it a two day event and split it up like Kristi does for the Lobdell open?

Scott Roberts   February 3 at 9:56pm

Like AMs Saturday and Pros Sunday

Brad Schick   February 4 at 12:37am

Maybe next year...was planning on trying that this year but Easter falls on that Sunday.

Andrew Adkins    February 3 at 8:21pm

Brad Schick. Just curious. I don't know if it slows it down too much but could you do 5 / card.? Granted that would only take care of about half of the waitlist.

Brad Schick   February 4 at 12:40am

Makes for a LONG day and not the most pleasant tournament experience. We have no way to predict the weather that time of year and it's a little risky to just open the flood gates. Not much fun just waiting on every hole. Part of what makes an event good/great is the experience, not so much abou ... more

Rob Glover   February 11 at 2:32am

I agree.

Jesse "Scoop" Santiago    February 3 at 3:16pm

76 players on the waitlist...that’s incredible. Lol

Brad Schick   February 3 at 4:22pm

It sucks....wish I had an easy solution. :(

Jesse "Scoop" Santiago   February 5 at 11:03pm

Yeah, no real easy way to add everyone. Not without adding a course and maybe a day. Nothing easy about that. Futures looking bright for the event though.

Jeff Bauman    February 2 at 1:08pm



Eli Bowman    February 2 at 12:27am

152/152 in 27 minutes

Zeke king   February 2 at 12:32am

Am side was full in 3 minutes

Brad Schick   February 2 at 2:52am

Is that good?

Eli Bowman   February 2 at 4:07am

It's as the kids say "sick".

Zeke king    February 2 at 12:08am

There were 60 spots when I clicked register by the time I finished registering I was 2 on the waitlist

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Nick Robison   February 2 at 12:25am

Yikes. Well, hopefully we get in

Zeke king   February 2 at 12:27am

Fingers crossed lol

Brad Schick   February 2 at 1:12am

Not sure what to say guys.....this is getting silly!

Phil Ulry 2    February 2 at 12:03am

Holy crap brad!!!!


Bob Cundiff    February 1 at 10:30am

No love for other year former champs? Lol. Toby, Marnie and I will be on the road returning from a Michigan event. Hope we don’t have any drama getting through to register. Thanks Brad. Best wishes.

Brad Schick   February 1 at 1:39pm

Haha, sorry Bob...just doing the previous year or it could get out of hand in a few years. :)

Andrew Adkins    January 31 at 1:17pm

Are there any CTP and an ace fund? If so is that included in the registration or will that be additional?

Brad Schick   February 1 at 1:56pm

Will probably have some during the event....ace fund will probably be on site if we have one.

Nate Blake    January 14 at 2:59pm

is there cashless pre-reg? thanks

Brad Schick   January 22 at 11:51pm

Hi Nate, for the Buckeye we do not because it fills so fast. I would recommend setting a reminder on your phone for next Friday at 7:00pm or you will likely get shut out. The event will likely fill within 30-45 minutes if I had to guess. A tournament yesterday filled 72 spots in 28 minutes so people are itching and ready to go this year...don't miss out!