The Battle at Horning's Hideout presented by Top Flight Disc Golf

PDGA logoSaturday, March 27, 2021 at Horning's Hideout in North Plains, Oregon
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Hey All! Welcome back to another event at Horning's Hideout! This event will be a 1 day, 2 round pdga sanct ... more
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Brandon Davison    March 26 at 8:40pm

Hopefully Chris Baumgarner gets promoted to the MPO card, better than sandbagging the recreational bracket.

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Terran Ferguson   March 26 at 11:12pm

Booo let him shred!!!

Brandon Davison   March 27 at 4:36am

That’s my buddy, just giving him **** on his first tournament. Any bets?

Terran Ferguson   March 27 at 5:16am

Hahaha my bad! I thought you were just salty.

Greg Fawver    March 26 at 1:26am

On the about page it says that check in will be available from 8-9:15 am. Will check in be available past that? I'm playing in MA3 and I was hoping to arrive about an hour early instead of almost two.
Also curious if Horning's will be expanding their parking area to accommodate everyone? I've been there on busy days but never during an event.

Daniel Kitchens   March 26 at 2:49am

I edited the schedule, you can check in any time between 8-10:30am. So you can arrive at 10am. Sorry for the confusion.

Daniel Kitchens   March 26 at 2:54am

We believe we can fit most people into the usual area. We will make accommodations if necessary, but for now, expect to park in the normal area.

Greg Fawver   March 26 at 3:18am

Right on, thanks for the information.

Burt Vang    March 25 at 9:34am

Is MPO playing to the long baskets both rounds ?

Daniel Kitchens   March 25 at 4:04pm

Yes. We will play hole 9 from the short pin though.

Ken Bierman    March 21 at 11:18pm

Will canyon be in long layout for tourney

Daniel Kitchens   March 22 at 1:10am

Yes. The layout it is currently in is the tournament layout. I am sending an email out tonight with all of the event details.

Burt Vang   March 25 at 4:53pm

Thank you !

Joe Pinkston    March 21 at 3:01am

Will spectators / caddies be allowed at this tournament? Thanks!

Zachary Todd   March 21 at 2:42pm

Yes they will. Just make sure spectators and caddies respect social distancing rules :-)

Marina Polushkin    March 18 at 4:26am

Pretty bummed there isn't more ladies brackets or even more spots available for the ladies.

Daniel Kitchens   March 18 at 4:33am

There were spots open for FPO since registration was open, but the spots were not filled, so I had to give them to players in other divisions. We hope to accommodate for as many divisions and players as possible, but at some point we can't reserve spots for divisions that are not filling.

Sara Taylor   March 19 at 4:28pm

That is a reasonable action when a division isn't filling, but it would have been nice if a few of those spots could have been reallocated to FA1. I'm sure you can see how we think 8 womens spots available out of 180 tournament spots is a bit slim (especially since other, much larger divisions may not be full).

Jans Ingber    March 8 at 2:21am

Daniel, I'd like to switch from MA1 to MP40. How do I do that? Obviously, I would need to pay more. Thanks!

Daniel Kitchens   March 8 at 3:52am

Yes, I can do that. Can you send me a message through Facebook? I can help you figure it out.

Scott Wagner    March 2 at 4:28am

Is there camping available at the course for this tournament?

Steve Boveri   March 2 at 4:59pm

Checkout Hornings Website for info...

John Wilhoit   March 2 at 7:04pm

I second this. I'd email Bob. I already asked about another tourney later this year here, and he responded that camping "will" be available for players then, not sure about this one.

Daniel Kitchens   March 2 at 9:54pm

There is camping available on Saturday night, but not on Friday night. Also, you do not need to make a reservation, you can pay when you arrive.

Russ Mason    February 19 at 7:01am

Any chance field gets expanded for the waitlist or is it set at 24 for advanced?

Daniel Kitchens   February 19 at 8:07am

If there are drops from the MA1 division, someone off the waitlist could get in, but it's unlikely that the division is expanded. Except for MA3, all amateur divisions are playing Canyons, so I only have 72 spots for those divisions. But, there are usual plenty of drops before the event, so it's still worth getting on the waitlist.

Jon Horgan    February 1 at 2:04am

heccck yes; thanks for setting this up; i was looking for something on this weekend!! Question: what courses will be played, and by what divisions (not that it matters to me, totally just curious). thanks

Daniel Kitchens   February 1 at 2:29am

Just added this. All amateur divisions will play Canyons both rounds. All pros will play Meadow Ridge both rounds. Thanks for the question! More information will be coming soon!