The Battle at Horning's Hideout presented by Top Flight Disc Golf

PDGA logoSaturday, March 27, 2021 at Horning's Hideout in North Plains, Oregon
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorDaniel Kitchens
Tournament DirectorZachary Todd

About this tournament

Hey All!

Welcome back to another event at Horning's Hideout! This event will be a 1 day, 2 round pdga sanctioned B tier. All divisions will play 2 rounds, shotgun start. Pros will play Meadow Ridge both rounds, and all Amateur divisions except MA3 will play Canyons both rounds. MA3 will play highlands both rounds. I will provide paper scorecards for everyone because Horning's does not have great connection, so live scoring will not be doable. It will be critical that everyone makes sure to do this. We will are projecting 1 hour for lunch between rounds. Please do not group up, as there is plenty of space to spread throughout the courses, parking lot, and picnic areas. We need to respect Horning's request to social distance and masks will be necessary where 6 feet cannot be maintained. Because of this, there will be no player's meeting at the course, but I will post a video version with info about the event on the course a few days before the event. There will not be card requests for this event, as everyone will be beginning at the same time.

There will be players packs for all amateur divisions, and pro payouts will be done using PayPal (subtract pdga/tournament fees). Also, all players must pay the $5 daily fee to Horning's. There is a ticket station by hole 1 of Canyons, which is where you can pay for your parking/day fee.

Check in will be available from 8:00-9:15am, but please do not arrive any earlier than 8am, as the course and property does not open until then.

We are also lucky to have Bdub Pro filming both feature and lead card of MPO! If you haven't seen their youtube channel yet, make sure to check it out, as they put out great coverage of disc golf tournaments all throughout Oregon!

Let us know if you have any other questions about the event! We are excited to get this event going!

Daniel Kitchens
Zach Todd
Tournament Director

Refund policy

Daniel Kitchens is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Horning's Hideout
North Plains, OR   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Cole Redalen5055$621
2Scott Withers5754$477
3Justin Anderson5656$362
4James Moore5559$264
4Andrew Nava5658$264
4Luis Nava5757$264
7Nick Gross5858$205
8James Hafer6058$174
8D.J. Herrington5860$174
8Chris Nelson6058$174
11Tre Carter6060$133
11Sam Gibson6060$133
11Daniel Kitchens6060$133
14John Albert6061$114
15Erik Hayworth6062$109
15Josiah Nelson6260$109
17Casey Blum6558$96
17Terran Ferguson6261$96
17Brent Rayburn5766$96
17Jacob Velasco6558$96
21Jason Hardin Jr6361$41
21Shaun Kirk6163$41
21Simon Lucas6064$41
21Devin Ross6361$41
25Taylor Coulam6758
25Brad Hummel6560
25Page Jenkins6461
25Burt Vang6263
29Dallas Brown6363
29Edward Florance6660
29Jarod Gogal6759
29Sean Martin5967
29Dare Sunnes6462
29Stefan Vincent6858
35Jake Albert6562
35Laurence Anderson6364
35Bryant Blahnik6562
35Kolte Breck6562
35Manny Medina6364
35Mathew Owens6463
41Bradley Bourgeois6563
41Jacob Dills6266
41Zachary Todd6167
44Jack Dinsmore6168
45Nicholas Bigsby7161
46Michael Forney6668
47Jake Lain6966
47Chris Shank6966
49Logan Stevens6769
50Sean D. Alexander7067
50Andy Bawol6869
52Benjamin Keeling7169
52Robert Medlock6971
54Tyler Trinh7670
55Christopher Baumgardner7078
Pro 40+
1Eric Gregory6160$396
2Ruben Alaniz6161$276
3Justin Roscoe6063$198
4Reed Key6466$144
5Todd Goodman6863$112
5Sean Jumbo Slice Roggiero6665$112
7Jeff Ballard6567$78
8Paul Kull6667
9Andy Boyle6966
10Torre Stensland6968
11Jans Ingber6870
11Scott Wagner7464
13Benny Bond6773
13Jeff Levell7367
15Bryan Seggerman6875
16Tim Freeburn7174
17Ryan Pratt7280
1Hunter Gates5250
2Cole Belden5252
3Shawn Monk5352
4Russ Mason5354
5Cameron Kemper5554
6Michael Patenaude5753
6Devin Tuinstra5852
8Jebediah Anderson5556
9Lee Heustis5755
10Kenzie Gage5657
10Brian Heater6152
10Jake Whitaker5954
13Dominic Lombardo5856
13Matt Schweitz6054
15Bryan Hoerr5758
15Joe Pinkston6055
17Michael Simkovic5859
18Mitchell Bivens6058
18Derrick Dunn5959
20Jordan Kirksey6259
21Dylan Bauman6557
22Brandon Davison6063
23Lucas Castanon6460
Amateur 40+
1Jon Horgan5455
1Rafael Lopez5356
3Scott Wales5657
4Stefan Radek5762
5Michael Brown6160
5Jeffrey Wright6160
7Austin Rambin6460
Amateur 50+
1Paul Coulam6153
2Dennis Mauroni6455
3Ken Bierman6159
3Alba Lawrence5961
3Brian Pond6159
6Steve Choate6063
7John Kitchens5965
7Malum Nothis6262
7Mike Purdy6064
10Robert Hanson6065
11Ravi C Laird6562
12Richard McDaniel6465
1Malakai Lawrence5750
2Scott Forster5656
2Anthony Hammerschmith5656
4Robert Payne5558
5Trevor Gill5757
5Chance L5559
5Zac Nix5559
8Daniel Nieh5659
8John Rowan5659
8Michael Sanchez5857
8Jesse Wells5758
12Austin Hunsdon6157
12Ezra Lawrence6355
12Miles Rooklyn5860
15Leandro De Lange5762
15Kyle McElroy5762
17Samuel Benson5862
17Mat Berglund6159
19Richard Alexander Billette6160
20Joel Pearson6459
21Noel Medina5965
22Chris Herber58999
1Nicholas Moreno4443
2Galen Knoke4247
2Blake Verhaalen4544
4Antonio Sunseri4743
5Donnie Brummer4645
5Joshua Wallace4744
7Noah McDaniel4943
8Derek Ogletree4548
9Dang Nguyen4450
9Daniel Robinson4549
11Ivan Basargin4948
12Shaun Lockhart4850
12James Morris5048
12Dakota Wagner4949
15Jason Ahl4851
15David Deveraux5049
17Justin Cozzens5149
17Daniel Kachmarek4951
17David Robinson5149
17Scott Seely5050
21Brian Kyaw4853
21Brett Lomax5348
23Greg Fawver5349
23David Parker5250
23Aaron Wesley5052
23John Wilhoit5052
27Alex York5350
28Tyrell Henriod5352
29Roy Wyss5255
30Jordan Belter5555
31Leah Siddall5458
32Michael Weeks5460
33Perry Broderick6055
33Jason Register5956
35Nelson Hernandez888888
Advanced Women
1Sara Taylor6058
2Joann Partridge6262
3Savanna Bailey6964
4Maggie Cedillo7362
4Jamie Hoover7065
4Nicole Urasky6768
7Emily Cebron7168
8Saree Walker7270
9Shawna Pond7370