The 9th Annual Disc'n For Cheetahs

PDGA logoSaturday, April 6, 2024 at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Bryan Pitman    April 8 at 11:40am

Will the tournament be finalized today on PDGA?

Kevin Carder   April 9 at 2:26pm

Finalized now.

Ryan Taylor    April 3 at 1:35pm

How does the waitlist work? If I register but am unable to compete due to the 100 player cap, am I refunded full or partial registration fee? Is the 100 player cap an absolute cut off?

Kevin Carder   April 3 at 3:04pm

The 100 players is a hard cap. If you register and are unable to play, we will issue a full refund, minus Paypal fees.

Ryan Taylor   April 4 at 5:46pm

Thanks Kevin. Are there any open practice time opportunities tomorrow or is it just the doubles match I see talk about?

Kevin Carder   April 5 at 2:54pm

Russ's Facebook post says the gates will be open by noon today. Doubles starts at 2. You can play doubles, or you should be able to just go practice.

Blake Kimball    April 2 at 7:33pm

What course is this? Where is it located? Is it a temp course? When will it be set up?

Kevin Carder   April 3 at 3:13am

The course is at the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield. It's been permanent for 2 or 3 years now, but it's a private course. Russ Burns will post on his Facebook page this week with some opportunities to come out and practice.

Blake Kimball    April 1 at 2:44pm

@brady I’m in mpo and need a partner

Brady Tiller   April 1 at 4:01pm

Cool, wanna meet there at 2 on Friday?

Brady Tiller    April 1 at 1:18pm

Anyone need a partner for the doubles event on Friday? Pro division


Bryan Pitman    March 31 at 3:33pm

Will there be a food truck this year?

Kevin Carder   April 3 at 3:02am

Zoo staff are cooking burgers and dogs for a small fee. No food truck.

Dennis Smith    March 31 at 2:29pm

On the PDGA web site you have Kevin Carder playing MA 40 and under 18.

Kevin Carder   March 31 at 2:53pm

It's my daughter. I will get it fixed

Zac Nixon    March 31 at 4:34am

How does the AM payout work? Will there be a player pack?

Kevin Carder   March 31 at 5:50am

Players pack is a tie dyed shirt and disc. Am payout is vouchers to the top half of the division.

Zac Nixon   April 1 at 3:25am

How much of the buy in goes toward the payout for MA3?

Bryan Pitman    March 30 at 12:47pm

Is the course on uDisc?

Kevin Carder   March 31 at 5:40am

Looks like that's a no. Just the picture on DGS.

Bryan Pitman   March 31 at 3:34pm

Thanks Kevin!

Roy Crouch   March 31 at 11:44pm

Search Cheetah’s Roam

Chris Hutchinson    March 29 at 10:46pm

Friday doubles / practice round?

Kevin Carder   March 31 at 5:39am

There has been in the past. Will try to verify

Kevin Carder   March 31 at 5:48am

Russ says yes! And possibly a shorter glow round!

Jonathan Fletcher    March 13 at 2:19pm

just $750 added to pro?

Kevin Carder   March 13 at 7:23pm