Ryan Taylor  › The 9th Annual Disc'n For Cheetahs   April 3 at 1:35pm

How does the waitlist work? If I register but am unable to compete due to the 100 player cap, am I refunded full or partial registration fee? Is the 100 player cap an absolute cut off?

Kevin Carder   April 3 at 3:04pm

The 100 players is a hard cap. If you register and are unable to play, we will issue a full refund, minus Paypal fees.

Ryan Taylor   April 4 at 5:46pm

Thanks Kevin. Are there any open practice time opportunities tomorrow or is it just the doubles match I see talk about?

Kevin Carder   April 5 at 2:54pm

Russ's Facebook post says the gates will be open by noon today. Doubles starts at 2. You can play doubles, or you should be able to just go practice.