The 2021 Blackwater Winter Open Presented by Flight Factory

PDGA logoSaturday, December 4, 2021 at Milton Community Park in Milton, Florida
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The 2021 Blackwater Winter Open Presented by Flight Factory will be held on Dec 4th at the Milton Community Ce ... more
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Jaden Yohe    December 4 at 11:27pm

Thank you so much Mr. Vann for an awesome tournament! This course will be so awesome for future tournaments and years to come!


Josh Moen    December 3 at 10:30pm

Shows 14 of 15 slots filled for it fillable?

Ryan Vann   December 3 at 10:43pm

Those numbers were relevant at one point but not anymore.

Ryan Vann    December 3 at 5:22am

Greetings all!

**If you are still on the waitlist, I will be processing refunds tomorrow afternoon. We may still have some late cancellations.

This message will serve as our player's meeting for the event. Please read over the post in full.

First, thank you for attending The 2021 Blackwater Winter Open Powered by Flight Factory. We are excited to host the inaugural event featuring this course that will be played for many years to come.

Let's start off by thanking our spon ... more

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Luke Lee   December 3 at 3:43pm

I also sent an email saying that I'm good with swapping to MA3 if that could get me in.

Ryan Vann   December 3 at 10:44pm

Divisional changes don’t help anything at this point.

Ryan Vann   December 3 at 10:44pm

But yes, you may show up and if I know of a no show then you could play

David Ace    December 2 at 1:23pm

Hey Ryan sorry to flip flop but I got my appointments covered for Saturday and do not need to drop after all. Please keep me in if it isn't too late.

Ryan Vann   December 2 at 4:44pm

Got it!

Jaden Yohe    December 1 at 9:16pm

What night will the players’ meeting come out? And will it be here on dgscene or FB event page?

Ryan Vann   December 2 at 4:44pm

Everything will be out tomorrow and will be on the FB page and sent via email, players meeting will be short and sweet in an email. I will post here also.

JOHNATHAN KING    December 1 at 7:16pm

Hello RV - doesn't look like any other ancient ones are signing up for MA70 - Do you think I could play in the MA4 group instead if possible? - JK

Ryan Vann   December 2 at 4:43pm

Looking like you’ll be with MA60 at this time. I’ll keep MA4 in mind if at all possible

Samantha Yankovich    December 1 at 12:21am

Hey Ryan is there any room for one more advanced women?

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Ryan Vann   December 2 at 4:42pm

I’ll add you today

Samantha Yankovich   December 2 at 8:57pm


Robert Abramowski    November 29 at 3:22am

How’s it looking for MA2 or 40+ for me?

Ryan Vann   November 29 at 3:37pm

Working on it. Right now it is looks like MA40 is more likely

Ryan Vann    November 28 at 5:02pm

Registration is turned off. I just promoted 4 off the waitlist to fill out divisions for grouping purposes. I am working on the rest of the waitlist but it will ultimately come down to card groupings. Some of the division sizes are small right now and making it difficult. Will post daily and give an update!

Phillip Schmutz   November 28 at 6:18pm

Ryan., if it helps with the cards I am good with moving from MA3 to MA40. I would prefer to play MA40 if possible.

Ryan Vann   November 28 at 9:39pm

Great. Just moved you. That does help actually.

Ashton Almond   November 28 at 9:47pm

I am willing to move from MA3 to MA2 if it helps as well.

Robert Abramowski    November 24 at 12:54pm


I registered for MA2 but there is a waitlist. I just turned 40 so you can put me in the 40+Am unless you think MA2 will open up.

Ryan Vann   November 24 at 1:28pm

I may be able to get you into MA2 later in the week. Do you still want to move?

Robert Abramowski   November 25 at 2:48pm

MA2 is what I prefer but if its not possible then 40+ will work with me.

Brit Stephens    November 19 at 4:55am

What happens if we were waitlisted for a division that isn’t full?

Ryan Vann   November 19 at 5:02am

The caps are currently set by pool. I wanted to give Pool A ample time to sign up. I will start to slowly shift spots over to pool B this weekend and promote those on the waitlist when applicable.