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PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 25-26, 2022 at Riverside in Sumner, Washington
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Saturday All pro divisions and MA40 are at White River (pool b) All other Am divisions are at Riverside (po ... more
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Paul Knight    June 27 at 5:16am

Not sure if I missed this, but is there AM scrip payout? If so where to? And where can we see how much?

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Paul Knight   June 27 at 1:25pm


Jordan Fisher   July 2 at 5:31am

Hey Eric, for the scripts, are we good to go to use them at Mando's now or are we waiting for an email confirmation?

trevor schneckloth   July 2 at 4:30pm

they are available at Mandos

Dan Champney    June 26 at 5:55pm

Are the courses not closed for tournament play? White river we got stuck behind a bunch of casual players


Eric Laiblin    June 26 at 3:25am

AM’s you will be skipping the river hike tomorrow at WR.. there is an updated course notes in the photos.. also notes have been added to your hole notes.. remember to always refresh scorecards and look for notes carefully! Have fun stay cool!

Eric Laiblin   June 26 at 11:22am


Steven Verver    June 26 at 1:05am

Do we just have to be to the correct course in time to tee off at 9am tomorrow (Sunday)?

Matt Van Dusen   June 26 at 1:55am


Eric Laiblin   June 26 at 2:00am

I would be there early just to be safe.

Steven Verver   June 26 at 2:37am

Ok, thanks

Matt Van Dusen    June 25 at 1:04am

Look under the players tab to find out what Pool you are in.


Randall Roberts    June 24 at 8:43pm

Can you let me know if I am reading the information correctly. All Open divisions are in the B pool and the B pool plays White River on Saturday with a 7:30 AM check-in and 9 AM start.

Matt Van Dusen   June 24 at 11:06pm


Randall Roberts   June 25 at 12:32am

Thanks Matt

Matt Van Dusen    June 24 at 5:02pm

Tentative starting holes have been posted. Please understand that we did our best to have everyone assigned within their respective division, however there are odd numbers in a few divisions and we had to have some mixed cards to fill the event.

Eric Laiblin   June 24 at 5:11pm

Thanks Matt

Jason Smith    June 23 at 9:34pm

Hi Eric,

I see in the layout for WR there is no mando listed for blood gulch. I think normally the first tree on the right plays as a mando?

Eric Laiblin   June 23 at 9:44pm

I’ll look into that tonight.. but if the layout states not mando that’s what I would go with

Eric Laiblin   June 24 at 3:29am

No mando on blood gulch.. but pay attention to course notes when playing..

Steve Sandvik    June 23 at 7:05pm

Hey Eric, just wanted to make sure you saw my withdrawal, DGS isn't putting up the banner that says it's being processed but it still shows me as registered.

Eric Laiblin   June 23 at 7:18pm

Ya buddy I am trying to find a replacement for you so I can refund all your money.

Steve Sandvik   June 23 at 7:20pm

don't worry about it, it can be a donation to the mp50 prize pool, I know it's last minute

Eric Laiblin   June 23 at 7:22pm

Sorry you can’t make it

Jordan Fisher    June 21 at 10:15pm

Hey Eric, if it's not to much trouble then let me know if there is another way I can get the tournament info if the mass email doesn't work again. I don't use FB. Apologies

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Matthew Mulkins   June 24 at 12:22am

Jordan, I played there yesterday. That u-disc layout matches the notes in the photos

Eric Laiblin   June 24 at 3:30am

Thanks Matt.. your love scoring with have notes for each hole as well.. not gonna leave you guys not knowing the holes.

Jordan Fisher   June 24 at 4:57am

Thanks all!

Greg Carr    June 20 at 7:11pm

I am probably missing it somewhere, but how do we tell what group we are in? Thank you.

Eric Laiblin   June 20 at 7:30pm

All AM’s are in Pool A except MA40 they are in Pool B. It will all

Eric Laiblin   June 20 at 7:31pm

updated here in the next few days. Layout is in photos. I tried sending a mass email but someone gave me a bad email and they get kicked back. I’ve been updating everyone on NW Discgolfers FB page.

Greg Carr   June 21 at 5:18pm

Thanks Eric!

Christine Huestis    June 19 at 8:51pm

Can you clarify WR 10? Is it playing to the usual summer 10 basket area, but just elevated? A diagram of the OB description would be very helpful. Thank you!

Eric Laiblin   June 20 at 1:31am

Hole 10 is a summer hole by the river paved trail, you throw from the marked tee pad, to position A which is a elevated basket. From what I read on the layout description.

Eric Laiblin   June 20 at 1:32am

Elevated meaning on a pole.

Eric Laiblin   June 20 at 1:34am

All OB will be clearly marked the day of.

Christine Huestis    June 19 at 2:30am

The photos with WR layout are marked an and pro. MA40 is in the pool with pro divisions. Are they playing an or pro layout?

Eric Laiblin   June 19 at 2:41am

They are playing the same layout at Pro

Dustin Johnson    June 18 at 4:55pm

Is the camping available for an rv?

Eric Laiblin   June 19 at 2:41am

There is no power or water hookups for Riverside

Bruce Swiney-Weaver    June 18 at 1:38am

When is the WR/Riverside layouts going to be provided to the players?

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Eric Laiblin   June 20 at 5:54am

Someone gave me a bunk email.. so when I send out a mass email it gets kicked back. That’s why the schedule was uploaded in the photos.. it’s the same photos that were in the emails that I have tried sending.

Eric Laiblin   June 20 at 5:55am

I see it doesn’t matter anyway as you have withdrawn.

Bruce Swiney-Weaver   June 21 at 2:11am

I don't understand why you are trying to pick a fight with me. No reason to comment after I have withdrawn. All I can say if you are going to run a tournament, you need to communicate better.

Jeffrey Hawkins    June 9 at 8:33pm

Eric, I just wanted to confirm you received my email with the custom layouts for White River. Thank you,

Eric Laiblin   June 9 at 9:04pm

Yes I did thank you!

Dan Champney    June 5 at 3:18pm

Now that we are less then a month away will the kinks be worked out sooner then later? Just wanting some form of layout to prepare for.

Matt Van Dusen   June 7 at 7:16pm

Practice White River summer 18 from both tee pads, and Riverside 18 in its current layout (short pad for 14). Baskets on 6, 15 and 16 may be moved to the alternate position between rounds.

alex hixson    May 29 at 12:45am

What tees are we playing at White River?


Eric Laiblin   June 1 at 5:40pm

Summer layout.. no extra holes.

Eric Laiblin   June 1 at 5:42pm

Practice both red and blue to be safe. Should have all details and schedule posted very soon.. give everyone plenty of time to prior to when to show up and where.. always best to just practice every hole on the courses..

Christian Wolff    May 16 at 4:46pm

Will the pro division caps be increased to match the overall pro cap?

Eric Laiblin   May 16 at 5:06pm

This is my plan yes.. I had an overload of AM’s I need me some pros!

Eric Laiblin   June 1 at 5:45pm

If I have no waitlisted porous I’ll have to move some AM divisions over to play with the PRO’s.. to open more spots for the AM side s as they the tournament is still not full and I have quite a few AMs on the waitlists.

Blake Smith    May 6 at 3:12pm

Is Two rounds on each day a new update? It looks like the event description changed because I thought it said it was a two day 3 round event when I registered. Even if I am mistaken on that, I don’t remember seeing that it was a four round event over two days. When will the event description include the correct info? With over 100 people signed up, I think updating that is valuable because the only info I find on this is in the comments. Just looking for clarity

Eric Laiblin   May 6 at 4:01pm

Kinks are still being worked out. If that doesn’t fit your schedule or you can’t wait until it’s all ironed out. I can refund you if you already signed up.