Steady Ed Birthday Bash driven by DGA,Discraft,and Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 11-12, 2022 at Highland Springs Reservoir in Lakeport, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Todd Williams    June 10 at 8:40pm

Is there going to be doubles st five or anyone playing later?


David Hurley    June 10 at 7:08pm

Where do we go to download the scorecard?

Steve Ginthum   June 10 at 9:07pm

You will get an email from Shayne with a link to PFGA Scoring. Check in there.

Steve Ginthum   June 10 at 9:07pm

Er, PDGA Scoring…

Todd Williams    June 10 at 2:13am

Is course cart friendly

Roger Vartabedian   June 10 at 2:16am


Burton Rivera   June 10 at 2:21am

Lots of people bring carts. When you cross the canyon on hopes A-E some people leave their carts at the hill top before you go to hole A.

Burton Rivera   June 10 at 2:21am


Bart Eccles    June 7 at 7:48pm

Shayne, I’m sorry. If possible I need to withdraw. I’ve come down with something, don’t feel well enough to make the drive from So Cal. So if I could get a refunded.
Bart Eccles 153228 MA-60

Shayne Dillahunty   June 8 at 4:46am

Yeah Bart refund coming buddy get better and hopefully see ya next year

Steve Ginthum    June 7 at 5:52am

Shayne, when will we see an updated course map?

Shayne Dillahunty   June 7 at 12:32pm

Course will be flagged Thursday morning and maps will be on clipboards with paper back up scorecard please download the score card before arrival cause cell service is hit and miss

Steve Ginthum   June 8 at 4:18am

Thank you!

Shaun Long    June 6 at 5:47pm

Hey Shayne, I will be coming from Grass Valley on Saturday, if there is any way to get a later tee time on Saturday, that would be appreciated. I am currently #3 on MP40 waitlist


Shayne Dillahunty   June 7 at 4:06am

You will get a later tee buddy I will add you to tournament Thursday evening after 6 pm please check discgolfscene for tee time after 6 pm Thursday evening.

Shaun Long   June 7 at 2:09pm


Todd Williams    June 5 at 11:37pm

Tee times sir can’t find where they are?i thought I seen them

Shayne Dillahunty   June 6 at 2:47am

Guess you don’t remember picking your 8:10 am tee time when you registered for the tournament. If you go to registered players tab on discgolfscene you can scroll down you will see your group

Todd Williams    June 5 at 10:26pm

any locals playing practice round Friday afternoon?

Shayne Dillahunty   June 5 at 11:08pm

Not sure but I think there gonna a Friday doubles round at 5 pm at the bathrooms in the main park where hole 1 will be

Russ Adkins    June 2 at 5:26pm

Unfortunately I have to drop out of this event. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Shayne Dillahunty    June 1 at 6:14pm

If your division is full GET ON THE WAITLIST ONLY IF YOU WANT TO PLAY!! I will be adding at least 3 players or maybe more if other divisions don’t fill up when registration closes. IF YOU SIGN UP NOW AND ASK FOR A REFUND AND DROP OUT BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT YOU WILL NIT GET A REFUND.


Serenity Madison    May 29 at 11:41pm

Unfortunately I need to withdraw from tournament. I sent my withdrawal through DGS.thank you!

Shayne Dillahunty   May 30 at 12:42am

Sorry to hear that take care maybe see ya next year

Eric Roth    May 22 at 12:01am

is there an established order for divisions going out on sunday?

Shayne Dillahunty   May 22 at 12:25am

Hi Eric tentatively schedule is first on course FA3,FA2 ,FA1, am 60,50,40 am2 am1, pro women,pro 50,pro40,pro last

Steven R.    May 21 at 1:51pm

Hello shayne I know it's not the week before the event but I was still trying to get in to the mp40

Shayne Dillahunty   May 21 at 2:23pm

Steven R if you have Facebook messenger pm me

Dominic Drozdowicz    May 12 at 1:57pm

Hey Shayne, Its Dominic Drizzle Drozdowicz; quick question. I'm already in the am 40's division but am waitlisted as #1 for the MP40's division. What's the actual reality of getting in to the MP40's? Thanks and looking forward to another great Lake County weekend!

Shayne Dillahunty   May 12 at 11:55pm

Drizzle I got you bro there is just added fee for open I make the switch now

Steven R.    May 8 at 5:38am

Is there a way to get on the waiting list

Shayne Dillahunty   May 11 at 12:02am

Contact me last week before the event and I will see if I can make room

Sonia McNally    April 23 at 4:21am

What's the scoop with camping, preferably with showers? I just sleep in my truck...

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Ron G   May 3 at 1:55pm

Party at Shayne's! Check out Kelsey Creek Campgrounds Sonia. I know we have showers there. I can check with the park chief to see if we have any other camping nearby too.

Craig Pyle   May 16 at 4:36am

Sonia, Ross Price has three campsites at the State Park in the lower area for Napa Disc golf. We have about 25 playing the weekend. I bet hw can hook you up if you want to join. bet

Bart Eccles   May 31 at 2:33am

Hey Craig, I also sleep in my truck, all self contained, if there’s room, put a word in for me, if you can. Bart 153228

Maxwell Mical    April 22 at 8:19pm

Hello hello! Any chance to waitlist me on the MA2 squad? Aggressive clunky fingers put me in MPO and I'm 100% certain I will die on that card haha. Let me know if I can help with anything!

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Maxwell Mical   May 25 at 4:17pm

Hey Shayne! Following up on this. I can see 1 player is currently waitlisted for MA2. I'd still like to play MA2 but my fear is going on the waitlist and then being rejected from the tournament all together. Thoughts on how to proceed?

Shayne Dillahunty   May 26 at 2:51am

I will make the switch now you will keep your tee time you picked thanks for reminding me lot going on right now

Maxwell Mical   May 26 at 3:49pm

Thank you so so very much. I truly appreciate it

Scott Lyons    April 21 at 8:09pm

Please let me know if a spot for MA50 opens up. I dont want to have to identify as a girl to play ????

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Shayne Dillahunty   May 5 at 1:21am

Another spot going to open in a few minutes Scott

Shayne Dillahunty   May 12 at 1:14am

Another spot just opened up Scott

Shayne Dillahunty   June 3 at 5:46pm

Scott you gonna play!! spot open in MA50

Jake Marble    April 4 at 3:27am

Might head up to play a practice round. I see 4 potential course layouts on UDisc. Which layout will be used for the tournament? Thanks!!

Shayne Dillahunty   April 4 at 1:08pm

The layout for the tournament is still being worked on. Or even set up yet as there will be some temp holes added

Jake Marble   April 4 at 9:13pm

Thank you!!

Edward Elam    March 19 at 3:27am

Will camping be available at the park the course is at?

Shayne Dillahunty   March 19 at 10:03am

No camping at the course nearest campground is Clear Lake State Park