Spring Doubles Dash '24

Saturday, April 27, 2024 at Clarence Darrow Park (Young's Run) in Warren, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Shake off the winter rust with us and help raise money for the Friends of Trumbull MetroParks. This is a tr ... more
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Chris Kopchak    Sticky April 25 at 5:27pm

I've gotten a few questions today so I'll try yo clear things up
Format is best shot doubles at Young's Run only, up to 3 teams per card. When you check in you'll be able to select your starting hole. With that said if you want to play with a specific team, try to check in at the same time.
Parking will be at a premium, so car pooling is suggested. If the main lot is full, a few cars can park by 18s tee or 8s basket. Any other overflow will need to park at Kent and walk ove ... more


Greg Karasek    April 27 at 10:07pm

Lost a pink OTB justice if anyone found it


James Catley    April 27 at 7:51pm

Did a red zone OS misprint get dropped or by someone I forget it on hole 2 I believe.

Chris Kopchak   April 27 at 9:47pm

The only disc that made it to TC was a P model S

Jodie Kopchak    April 27 at 12:14pm

I have someone looking for a partner if anyone wants to still play.


Mickey Anderson    April 27 at 11:33am

Sorry Bill and I can not make today, Team Saggy Nuts part deux. I would still like to donate if you have a pay pal??


Jacob Roth    April 26 at 11:06pm

Jake Roth #285011
Melissa Roth
Team Ramrod!


Roger Nock    April 25 at 4:53pm

Boyz n the Woods

Roger Nock #206062
Jason Telford #129530

Chris Kopchak   April 25 at 5:12pm


Nathaniel Williams    April 25 at 2:18pm

This might have been asked before but I am feeling too lazy to read.

Is the trophy ONE trophy for the team or TWO trophies for the Players?

Changes nothing, I am just curious.

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Chris Kopchak   April 25 at 2:31pm

It's 2 per taem, top 3

Nathaniel Williams   April 25 at 4:28pm


Chris Kopchak   April 25 at 5:27pm

Trophy pic added. They are metal minis

Kenan Ellks    April 24 at 11:01pm

With the number of people that are currently registered, will the Kent State course be played as well? Or are tee times going to be staggered?

Chris Kopchak   April 25 at 1:33am

Young's Run Only. Shot gun start. Up to 3 teams per card.

Kenan Ellks    April 24 at 10:49pm

Hapless & Helpless

Kenan Ellks #116582
Michael Gensamer

Chris Kopchak   April 25 at 1:38am


Chris Kopchak    April 21 at 1:24am

I'm told we will have a port-a-potty on site before this event.
I added Layout and OB information to the description.


James Catley    April 17 at 12:50am

Huck Enduck

James Catley
Ben Catley

Chris Kopchak   April 17 at 1:02am


David Michl    April 15 at 1:44pm

Team Casual Pros!

Cody O'Shields #113512
David Michl #113331

Chris Kopchak   April 15 at 8:46pm


David Gonzalez    April 14 at 7:10pm

Can you please remove team backpack from the touranment we won’t be making it out there

Chris Kopchak   April 14 at 8:25pm


Calvin Roby    April 14 at 11:35am

Please edit my team
“My Way and High Way”
Calvin Roby 175755 & Brogan Roby 141111

Chris Kopchak   April 14 at 1:24pm


Lynn Ruhlman    April 13 at 11:45am

Hitting Trees & Cussin'
Lynn Ruhlman 236780
Ron Ruhlman 236781

Chris Kopchak   April 14 at 1:05am


Jake Miller    April 13 at 12:13am

Not Toppi Squared
Jake Miller
Michael Toppi

Chris Kopchak   April 13 at 12:22am


Justin (JBIRD) Pennix    April 11 at 3:18pm

i need to change my team from jbird and gstar to jbird and dan Team name : Night hawk and Dragon

Chris Kopchak   April 11 at 6:02pm


Trillion McCarty    April 7 at 3:59pm

Birdies are not real:
Trillion & Forest

Trillion McCarty   April 8 at 10:35am

Trillion McCarty

Trillion McCarty   April 8 at 10:35am

Forest Miller

Chris Kopchak   April 9 at 12:21am


Jonny Flower    April 4 at 12:26pm

Jonny Flower 142859
Nathaniel Williams

Chris Kopchak   April 4 at 2:31pm