Chris Kopchak  › Spring Doubles Dash '24   Sticky April 25 at 5:27pm

I've gotten a few questions today so I'll try yo clear things up
Format is best shot doubles at Young's Run only, up to 3 teams per card. When you check in you'll be able to select your starting hole. With that said if you want to play with a specific team, try to check in at the same time.
Parking will be at a premium, so car pooling is suggested. If the main lot is full, a few cars can park by 18s tee or 8s basket. Any other overflow will need to park at Kent and walk over.
This event is cash only, I will not be able to take any form of digital payment. All in is $22 per team ($20 to play and $2 ace pot). There will also be a cash 50/50 raffle with tickets $1 each or 6 for $5.
This will be held rain or shine ( hoping for shine).
I will have free water and snacks for participants.
I hope this clears some things up