Shillito Shootout 2021

PDGA logoFriday, April 9, 2021 at Shillito Park in Lexington, Kentucky
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Shillito Shootout 2021 Date: Friday, April 9, 2021. Location: Shillito Park DGC. Lexington, Kentucky, Unit ... more
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Buzz Christensen    2 days ago

How will payouts work

Bradley Williams   9 hours ago

They will pay out through bangin chain, but I have no idea when or how they will let us know who got a pay out/ how much

Brian Six    2 days ago

Anyone have a rough estimate of how long a round this would be?

Phoenix Delaney   2 days ago

Took us about two hours

gerald charles    3 days ago

I’ll be there around 2 if anyone wants to play


Byron Doyle    3 days ago

I lost my Ballista there today when it started raining. Its dyed with the word Ballista on it. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow


Byron Doyle    4 days ago

I'm showing up at 10:30am if anyone wants to start a card

Phoenix Delaney   4 days ago

I’d be happy to

Byron Doyle   3 days ago

Awesome I'll see you then

Phoenix Delaney   3 days ago

I’m by the practice basket near 18

Buzz Christensen    4 days ago

How will scoring work

Alan Siegel   4 days ago

We are using the PDGA

Alan Siegel   4 days ago

We are using the PDGA live scoring. Password is SS2021

Van Cao    6 days ago

I’m available anytime to play on a card- preferably in the morning if anyone is looking for a buddy.....


Chaz Donahue    7 days ago

Will the course be closed to the public all day during the event? I am driving down from Minnesota and am wanting to get a practice round in sometime during the morning before I play with my card for the tourney that evening.

Alan Siegel   7 days ago

It is our intention to have the course closed all day since tee times are flex starts.

Joshua Phelps    March 28 at 10:57pm

Is there a deadline?

Alan Siegel   March 29 at 4:58pm

April 7

Buzz Christensen    March 24 at 1:10am

I can’t make it time 530 can I still play

Alan Siegel   March 24 at 7:47pm

As long as you can get to the park close to 5:30 you can play your round. Remember that you must have three players on the card for the round to be "official".

Buzz Christensen   4 days ago

I think I can get there at 5 now

Kyle Comley    March 21 at 2:22pm

I can’t make until 4. Is that ok? Also, would someone want to play at 4?

Alan Siegel   March 29 at 5:00pm

Four should not be a problem. It is likely that there will be several folks who want to play later in the afternoon (after work)

Kyle Comley    March 21 at 1:41pm

How many players can register?

Alan Siegel   March 29 at 4:59pm

there is no registration cap since it is a flex start

Zach Andreasen    March 9 at 2:53pm

I am coming from GA and have never played the course. If someone local and familiar with the course would like to card up in MA2 please send me a message.

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Bradley Williams   March 30 at 3:41pm

i'll card up aswell, i'm MA2. was thinking of getting there at 9 if that works?

Zach Andreasen   April 1 at 2:22pm

Works for me

Bradley Williams   3 days ago

On my way, should be there around 9:30. Got a little caught up.

Byron Doyle    March 7 at 7:27pm

I signed up and this is my first tournament is there anything else I need to do or do I just show up

Alan Siegel   March 29 at 5:01pm

Show up a little early and I can go over the "rule sof the road" for tournament play

Alan Siegel    March 5 at 1:44am

There are no fixed tee times. Come, join a card, and play when you’re ready to go.


Buzz Christensen    March 5 at 1:10am

Will tee times be in the afternoon or morning

Alan Siegel   March 5 at 5:09pm

There are no set tee times - come when you can and join a card with other players.