Plastic Addicts Presents: The 8th Annual Illinois Amateur Championships

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 1-2, 2021 at Northwood Park in Morton, Illinois
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Plastic Addicts Presents: The 2021 Illinois Amateur Championships (Details to come soon!) Players Pack inf ... more
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Zach Steinmetz    2 days ago

Johnnie, I am unable to make it out this year for the event due to a work scheduling conflict. I have requested a refund, but wanted to ensure that you saw it so that you can try to pull others in off the waitlist. Thanks!


Elijah Medlock    2 days ago

I signed up for this before I ever played a sanctioned event. Now I have and I’m rated well out of MA2 which is what I initially signed up for. Is there a way to change to MA1?

Johnnie Harrison   2 days ago

Moved up

Elijah Medlock   2 days ago

Awesome thanks!

Bill Borzick    3 days ago

Is there a hole map of the new McNaughton 27 anywhere yet?

Brig Slaughter   3 days ago

Definitely curious about this as well. I was out there yesterday and the course is looking better than i have seen it in years Not sure who has put in all the work, but wow, well done and a big thank you

Derek White   3 days ago

Agreed. Course in great shape a couple days ago and thanks to everyone putting in the time! Will we be playing the new basket locations or the old ones at McNaughton? And are we playing the "back" pin locations (as they currently are) at Bradley?

Doug Payne   2 days ago

New pin locations at McNaughton, and he told me Bradley was just moved recently so they should be the same for tourny

Cory Foley    April 9 at 4:52pm

Hey Johnnie, have to withdraw unfortunately.


Stan Balke    March 31 at 6:24am

Hey Johnnie, I hate to do it but I have to withdraw because of a work conflict. What do I need to do?

Johnnie Harrison   March 31 at 7:10pm

Refund sent. See you in Labor day weekend Stan

Elijah Medlock    March 28 at 2:18am

Is there any way to change devisions without going to a waitlist? I just played my first ever tournament today and realized I should probably play MA1 instead of MA2

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Doug Payne   6 days ago

April 13th it will come out if it got submitted in time by the TD

Elijah Medlock   4 days ago

Rating got entered from my first tournament... like I said, I think I should be moved to MA1

Bryan G   2 days ago

Yeah, looks like youre rated out of MA2 now

Alejandro Esparza    March 27 at 8:23pm

Just curious, when will tee times get posted?

Johnnie Harrison   March 27 at 9:00pm

Round 1&2 will be shotgun starts. Round 3 tee times won’t be determined until rounds 1&2 are complete. However, pool C will have earliest tee times, pool B next, and pool A last on Sunday

Clayton Coffman    March 25 at 5:42pm

is Northwood Blue the main layout in udisc? also is day 1 a shotgun start or tee times?

Johnnie Harrison   March 27 at 9:01pm

Blue are the short tees for the gold course. Day one is shotgun and tee times for Sunday at McNaughton

Al Markovich    March 24 at 7:30pm

I am on the MA2 waitlist. If it helps at all I’d be happy to play MA2 or MA1. Just hoping for a chance to play! Loved the tourney last year even with all the rain.


Doug Payne    March 20 at 3:34pm

Awesome with the tee times on Sunday. And great course schedule.


Johnnie Harrison    March 18 at 7:38pm

Pool Assignments, course schedules, and players pack have been updated in the about section. This is subject to change but should be pretty set.


Daniel Dravet    March 17 at 7:55pm

Why the course change? I love Westwood.

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Hayden Evernden   March 18 at 7:01pm

so everyone will play Bradley, Northwood, and then 27 holes at McNaughton???

Johnnie Harrison   March 18 at 7:22pm

Pool A (MA1) will play Mcnaughton Longs, Northwood Blues, and Mcnaughton 27 holes. Pool B MA1&2- NW Blue, Bradley, McNaughton 27, Pool C (everyone else) Bradley, McNaughton Shorts, McNaughton 27

Daniel Dravet   March 18 at 7:53pm

thats understandable. very excited for the McNaughton 27 hole!!

Calvin Kinsella    March 16 at 2:32pm

Sadly, I need to withdraw.


Shawn Hopkins    March 15 at 3:50pm

What courses Pool B will be playing?

Johnnie Harrison   March 17 at 7:34pm

Course Schedule and Pools coming out by this Friday.

Thomas Brockhoff    March 12 at 6:16pm

i have to withdraw

Johnnie Harrison   March 12 at 11:53pm


Jimmy Misner    March 12 at 4:37pm

Newer to the tournament scene. Is the Flex C tier something separate from the rounds Saturday and Sunday?

Devon Everhart   March 17 at 12:52am


Larry Smith    March 7 at 3:51pm

Any update on the players pack? Being a below average player, that is a big part of the decision on which tournaments to play. Thanks for all you do Johnnie and team.

Johnnie Harrison   March 8 at 9:59pm

I just finalized the players pack today. Everyone will get a nice Plastic Addicts Jacket, 2 Discraft discs (Jawbreaker Buzzz and Z Zone, a custom Disc Box(formerly called

Johnnie Harrison   March 8 at 10:00pm

Trotter boxes, a sport sack, and mini

Larry Smith   March 11 at 12:13am

Thanks Johnnie, sounds awesome!!!

Aaron Mullins    February 22 at 3:59pm

Would we be able to add on things like the Ace Pot and Hole Sponsorships after initial sign-ups?

Johnnie Harrison   February 22 at 9:00pm

You should be able to do so by updating your registration. If not comctact me person and we can do it manually

Aaron Mullins   February 23 at 3:18am

Right on. Appreciate it.

Hayden Evernden    February 20 at 9:55pm

lets hope it doesn't rain this year haha


Larry Smith    February 20 at 6:48am

When will players pack information be posted? Any hints as to what you’re working on?