Pinebrook Fund Pad Day

PDGA logoSaturday, April 17, 2021 at Pinebrook DGC in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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One round tee time event at Pinebrook DGC in East Stroudsburg, PA This is a fund raising event for Pinebroo ... more
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Brian Bochantin    April 16 at 1:19pm

Hello players,

There will be no in person players meeting Saturday morning. This is your players meeting.
Masks that cover your mouth and nose are required when you sign in or any other time you are near the store, tournament central, and in your groups if you can’t socially distance. Hand sanitizer is available for your use before you touch any merchandise in the store.

As you get to Pinebrook there is the main correct entrance but there is also a back entrance that sometimes GPS g ... more


Chris Schmitt    April 15 at 10:31pm

Hi, I am in the MA3 division, and I was wondering if I could be on the same card and Jon Schlager? I would really appreciate it!

Brian Bochantin   April 16 at 12:29pm

No promises but I can try.

Matthew Pressler    April 15 at 7:02pm

I saw the other comment about being on the same card, just wanted to request if Peter Besegai and I could be on the same card as well. Thank you and looking forward to the tournament!

Brian Bochantin   April 16 at 12:44pm

No promises but I can try.

Billy Groover    April 15 at 3:52pm

Is there any way we can keep the Am50 at 11:15am or earlier. If tee times for this division get pushed back any further, I may need to switch to another division that tees off earlier, due to other plans on this date?

Brian Bochantin   April 15 at 4:16pm

Tee times is an ever changing thing as people drop and new people register. I'm currently going with a 13 minute interval where currently MA50 is 10:49, 11:02.

Mihai Veres    April 14 at 4:24pm

Hello, I'm registered for MA40, usually playing on the same card with my friend Szeles Tamas, also in MA40, could you please get us on the same card?
Thank you

Brian Bochantin   April 14 at 5:14pm

No promises but I can try.

Chris Bono    April 13 at 12:38pm

If possible, can you put Tim Ottinger and I on the same card? We will be traveling in together and it makes things a bit easier logistically if we can play together. We're playing MA3. Thanks!

Brian Bochantin   April 13 at 12:46pm

No promises but I can try.

John Birkrem    April 12 at 3:09pm

for the sake of players not yet registered - are you allowing day of registration?

Brian Bochantin   April 12 at 3:31pm

I would like everybody to register before 6pm Friday night so I can best assign tee times. Around 7pm Friday night I will be assigning tee times with groups of 3 and 4. If we have a group of 3 people at a specific tee time and then have a walk up in the same division who wants to be the 4th I can allow that.

Brian Bochantin    April 3 at 3:51pm

For some that would like to come in the night before, Pinebrook has sleeping rooms available at the cost of $94/night. You can have the room to themselves for this price. These rooms have the ability to sleep 6 comfortably. A Queen Size bed and two bunkbeds. So 6 pillows total. If you want to share rooms the cost becomes much more affordable. 3 people in a room gets them a bed and bathroom for the night. You can make a reservation on the website at and then someone will send you a link to confirm the booking.


Brian Bochantin    April 1 at 2:10pm

Pinebrook will be offering: At the entrance to the course donuts and coffee for breakfast well be available as early as 7:30, cost $2 for a coffee and donut. For lunch we will have burgers and hot dogs off the grill, drinks, and bags of chips for sale. Combo options will be Bottled Drink, chips, and 2 hot dogs or a cheeseburger for $6.