Peaks to Plains 3

PDGA logoSaturday, October 21, 2017 at Pioneer Park DGC in Sterling, Colorado
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Peaks to Plains 3 graphic

About this tournament

5 years ago Mr. Vinnie El Leftino got a group together and traveled from the front range to the flat lands just to see if people would travel out here for an event. THEY DID... He called this casual event the GATHERING. 3 years ago it was transformed into a sanctioned C-Tier event we call PEAKS to PLAINS.... Open to Rec, players will travel from the Peaks of the front range to the Plains of the northeast. Playing 2 rounds of 18 holes, with CTPs, ACE pot, and prizes for AMs.. Entry into this event will include one waffle ticket for drawing of the DOOR PRIZES (soon to be announced). Player must be present at time of drawing in order to win prize(s). AM players will once again be blessed with a custom event hoodie as their player pack.... Ladies and Gentlemen its Peaks to Plains time...

Refund policy

Gary Mustard II is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. full refund issued up to 11:59 pm mountain time 10-20-2017


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Joe Rovere5251103$230
2Joel Freeman5749106$160
3Josh Guhl6047107$80
3Nick Hanson5651107$80
5Kyle Griffin6051111$33
5Nate Metzler5952111$33
5Tyler Liebman5952111$33
8Budd Kerr5557112
9Shawn Sullivan5557112
10Spencer Kahla6458122
11Lance Trott6558123
12Sean Stover6559124
13Anthony Salamanca6757124
14Noah Newman7056126
15Dylan O'Malia6761128
16Ryan Bloom6771138
1Chris Thomas5850108$115
2Joe Klosky5357110$70
3Ken Stickley6362125
4Carl Klein71-71
1Christopher Keener5755112$115
2Jay Burghardt5860118$70
3Lennie Bottorff6468132
1Ronnie Bennett5757114
2Lee Rivers5860118
3Josh Lambright6555120
4Ryan Flahive6061121
5Daniel Jones6162123
6Shyam Dhruv6560125
6Tristan Tanner6560125
8Andrew Starling6462126
9Matthew Monhollon6662128
10Josiah Griffin6269131
11Mike Bohner6666132
12Mick Wright6966135
12Niholas Vigil7362135
14Allen Lentz7565140
14Jonathan Longshore6971140
16Adam White7271143
16John Reed7469143
18David Marsh7871149
Advanced Master
1Bryan White5758115
2Jason McConnell6558123
3Chance Nelson6759126
4Shawn Aschliman6268130
5Mr. Eddie Wooters6967136
6Lloyd Smith7478152
7Johnny Cakes75-75
Advanced Grandmaster
1Eric Svee6663129
2kent trimbach7064134
3Scott Taylor7365138
4Steve Reed7372145
5Richard White7572147
6David Tanner8278160
Advanced Senior Grandmaster
1Basil Molina7270142
2Gary Rigel7273145
3Bob Petterson7475149
4Gary (old man) Mustard Sr.7581156
1Erik Tribelhorn6962131
2Truc Nguyen6969138
3David Milligan6969138
4Rick Meyer7267139
5Daniel Elsen7367140
6Scott Norris7373146
7Matt Williams7672148
8Jake Keithley8877165
1Aaron Jacob Marrinan6858126
2Seth Miller6863131
3Gary Mustard III7065135
4Steve Raymond7169140
5Brandon Richards7269141
6Cade Mulloy7274146
7Leon Wilcox7675151
8Brian Ivins7280152
9Shain goodman8172153
10Liam Skerjanec8672158
11Leo Vitt8281163
12Dani Cox8876164
13Matt Norville8482166
Intermediate Women
1Megan Mulloy7578153
2Shawna Tribelhorn8381164