Nati MVP Circuit Challenge

Saturday, June 1, 2019 at Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

Nati MVP Circuit Challenge graphic

About this tournament

MVP Circuit Challenge is an event designed to promote disc golf to new players, introduce players to the MVP Disc Sports brand and products, and serve as a gathering for existing MVP Fans. This event can serve as a players package for a traditional tournament or as a three-disc challenge with all players using exclusively the players pack discs. Circuit Challenge players packs often include existing MVP molds in a newly released plastic type or possibly unreleased prototype discs.

We will be placing our order about 7 days prior(24th) to the event to ensure they arrive on time. We will look at the list of players and purchase a few more than we need. Be sure to let us know or register before that time to guarantee you get a pack, you do not have to play the event to get one but we hope you do.

Refund policy

Event Coordinator (TD) is responsible for all cancellations or refund requests.


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