Monster Mash At McCurry powered by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, October 28, 2023 at McCurry Park in Fayetteville, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Reginald Bohannon    October 27 at 12:45pm

Hey Gary! Is it too late to switch to MA60?


Peggy Attaway    October 22 at 5:56pm

Garrett Blackstock, please call my husband Rob at 404-862-4041. We found your wallet


Heath “HoochieDaddy” Stewart    October 1 at 3:09pm

Why is MA2 playing short pads when there is MA4? Normally 2 AM longs and 2 AM shorts is how they should be. If a AM wants to play Long pads, this forces them to play MA1.

Dan Brown   October 2 at 9:21pm

That's a really good point. It's going to tank ratings for MA4 if MA2 is playing the same layout.

Gary Howard Jr.   October 3 at 1:42pm

I can make those changes gentleman, I was playing in MA2 and I wanted to play the shorts . That’s why it was like that . It’s that simple . One of the reasons why I only do C Tiers , I’m getting better and better at this and evolving every day to be better for you guys . Because you guys deserve it .

Tracey Baird    September 25 at 12:39pm

The Flyer shows first round tee off to be at 9:00, but the Schedule shows first round tee off to be at 10:00. What time will we be teeing off for the first round?

Gary Howard Jr.   September 25 at 2:12pm

Just adjusted that schedule Tracey , it was a simple oversight on my end and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Tracey Baird   September 26 at 12:48pm

No problem. Thanks for clarifying.

Parkes Giunta    September 5 at 12:23pm

Hey Gary, when will the shorter pads be marked out?

Taylor Riggan   September 5 at 3:59pm

Even a Udisc layout would suffice to show us the general area of where the short pads would be located. (If that is easier than physically going out there and marking the locations.)

Gary Howard Jr.   September 25 at 2:10pm

I haven’t went there and decided yet as to where those shorts will be .

Taylor Riggan    September 3 at 9:27pm

I went out and played McCurry today (first time in awhile) and the course could use some work. The gap on 17 has really closed in and the weeds down below are thick. That will certain slow down play if not cleaned up. Also worth bush hogging the area between #3 tee and hole 4. As well as around the creek on hole 6. Also a dead tree in fairway of 15 that needs to be cleared. Any chance for a work day before the event?

Gary Howard Jr.   September 25 at 2:11pm

I will be out there the week of and the weekend before to clear where I can

Jackson Baer    August 10 at 12:16pm

Any chance for mp40? Thanks

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Gary Howard Jr.   August 10 at 3:13pm

So we can maybe ensure a full card ?

Jackson Baer   August 10 at 6:10pm

I’m from Cartersville, so I don’t really know anyone in that area. No worries if not.

Jackson Baer   August 10 at 8:52pm

I see several other divisions with one person signed up so far, so if you choose to add an mp40, I’ll sign up.

Jenna Barton    August 1 at 11:56pm

Will there by FA2 or FA1 divisions? My rating is currently above the cap for FA3

Gary Howard Jr.   August 2 at 12:32am

I just added Both FA1 and FA2

Gary Howard Jr.   August 2 at 12:33am

Your all good to go Jenna , I look forward to seeing y’all out there

Jenna Barton   August 2 at 12:34am

Thank you!

John Garrett    August 1 at 6:19pm

Hey Gary,

I could have missed it but McCurry only has one type of pad, will you add temporary short pads for the tournament?

Gary Howard Jr.   August 1 at 6:33pm

I will be doing that as well as having a Female Only layout made exclusively for the women

John Garrett    July 21 at 7:05pm

Thank you Gary!! Can't wait!

Gary Howard Jr.   August 1 at 1:23am

Yes sir

Gary Howard Jr.   August 1 at 1:23am

its my pleasure, I’m really excited about this one buddy

Gary Howard Jr.   August 1 at 1:23am

cant wait to see you there