Heath “HoochieDaddy” Stewart  › Monster Mash At McCurry powered by Dynamic Discs   October 1 at 3:09pm

Why is MA2 playing short pads when there is MA4? Normally 2 AM longs and 2 AM shorts is how they should be. If a AM wants to play Long pads, this forces them to play MA1.

Dan Brown   October 2 at 9:21pm

That's a really good point. It's going to tank ratings for MA4 if MA2 is playing the same layout.

Gary Howard Jr.   October 3 at 1:42pm

I can make those changes gentleman, I was playing in MA2 and I wanted to play the shorts . That’s why it was like that . It’s that simple . One of the reasons why I only do C Tiers , I’m getting better and better at this and evolving every day to be better for you guys . Because you guys deserve it .