Memorial Championship presented by Discraft - 40+ Pro & Amateurs

PDGA logoThu-Sat, February 27-29, 2020 at Vista Del Camino Park in Scottsdale, Arizona
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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AMS: Thursday - Saturday (Vista/Vista/Fountain)
Amateurs Receive Awesome Players Packs & DGA Mini Basket Trophies

All Pro Payouts are PayPal
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Mike Michalak    3 days ago

I used link in my confirmation email requesting refund for MA1 refund & MP50 refund since I now am in the event in MA50 off the wait list



Noah Zeller    3 days ago

Requesting a refund. I used link in my email through Disc Golf Scene to request the refund. Thank You


Mario Martinez    4 days ago

Requested a refund but haven’t heard back. I used the link in my original email.


Robin Pohlman    5 days ago

I am playing in Am 50+. Will we be getting an idea of the layout for the 2 courses before the tournament at all. I am coming in from Minnesota and won't have time to play them in tourney layout, but getting a mental picture would be great. Thanks! I am really looking forward to this tourney!

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Ashley Akens   3 days ago

We are waiting on the final maps and caddy book. You will be able to find those once they are available at

Robin Pohlman   3 days ago

Ashley, for some reason, I am unable to load that website. Is it active?

Robin Pohlman   2 days ago

It works for me now - must have been a glitch on my end

Travis McDowell    February 12 at 6:59pm

Is there any post that shows what teepads advanced is playing from? Can’t find anything

Mike Michalak   February 13 at 12:20am

there is only a total of 3 short pads on the 2 courses for the men divisions / hole 1 at Fountain Hills & holes 9 & 12 at Vista so the Long layout & Short Layout are almost identical except for a few shots. // In the past MA1 played the shorter pads on those 3 holes

Brandonn Eto    February 10 at 6:11pm

Hey Keith, unfortunately I have to drop out of the tournament. I’m in MA1 if you could please send a refund.

Keith Murray   February 11 at 4:46pm

Hi Brandon, You'll need to use the Cancel/Refund button on the email you received from Discgolfscene. Once you do that we'll take care of it right away.

Joshua Battazzi    February 9 at 12:52am

Refund request sent


David Slater    February 7 at 1:14am

Looking to share accommodation during the Memorial week. Currently holding a reservation at 3 Palms but can't afford the room on my own and need 1 more to share the cost (2 queen beds) Great location. Or if you are looking to share you place, hit me up. I can hold this res until Feb. 15. Contact email [email redacted]

David Slater   February 9 at 4:41pm

Got it covered...thanks! See you there!

Edge Dostal    February 6 at 3:30pm

Are we going to use the PDGA digital scorecards for this tournament?

Ashley Akens   February 7 at 4:53pm


Daryl Huschka    January 21 at 4:04pm

I requested a refund over a week ago and just did it again. Please help me I need out of this tournament sorry

Ashley Akens   January 21 at 7:52pm

Sorry for the delay. I have issued your refund. Hope to see you next year.

Daryl Huschka   January 21 at 10:14pm

Thank you I really hope so as well :)

Craig Sward    January 13 at 7:51pm

Any hope for the MPO60 to get a couple more openings? (I’m guessing us old guys are all intending to show up. Or I’d be relaxed to get in off the waitlist.) But since I’ve been at #two on waitlist when it went from 8 to (gratefully) 12 openings. 14-16 please? Or is it safe to believe that a couple MPO 60 will still not make it?

Richard Copeland   January 27 at 4:44pm

Amen, I was #3 on the waitlist 1st day of registration when there was 8 slots. Four positions were added the following day and now I'm #1 on the waitlist. Don't understand this new math! Why am I not in the draw?

Huntington Coats    January 6 at 2:09am

Does MA1 play Thursday, Friday, and end Saturday with awards that night?


keith johnson    December 13 at 2:00am

Any idea when the Event will be listed on the PDGA website?
It’s an A-tier so I thought it would have been on the calendar already when the schedule was set.


Ola Kolle    December 7 at 4:15pm

Should Ma1 expect pretty much the same layout/caddybook as last year?

Michael Spencer   December 8 at 5:17pm

There will be a few tweaks to both courses. Fountain Hills is currently finishing up 2 bathroom installations near holes 4 & 10, which changes a few holes. Vista will have a few tweaks as well.

Lee Semke    December 7 at 5:12am

MA1 payout is knee buckling lol. We matter too, future of sport and all, players packs for recs maybe. But just my opinion man.

Karl Olaf Kappel   December 7 at 7:48am

If you are in amateur sports you should not expect big payouts no matter what the sport is. Its all the samw, if you play whatever amateur sports, you are an amateur athlete and should not think that it should be awarded the same way. I play amateur and im totally fine it going towards MPO and etc payouts.

Karl Olaf Kappel   December 7 at 7:50am

Thats my opinion anyway, i see your point hopefully hou will see mine as well

Jojo Baca    December 7 at 2:32am

Does MA40 play long tees ?

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   December 7 at 3:36am

Last year MA40 (and all Am Men) played the same tees as MA1. There are a few holes at each course that are shorter than MPO. Vista is 130 feet shorter than Pro Men, Fountain is about 75 feet shorter.

Jojo Baca   December 7 at 4:30am

Awesome Thank you !!!!

Jojo Baca    December 7 at 2:32am

Does MA40 play long tees ?

Mike Michalak   December 14 at 10:05pm

In the past MA40 I believe has 1 different shorter tee on the Fountain Hills Course (Hole 1), On Vista there is a shorter pad on Hole 9 by the rocks, Hole 12 by the rocks, & hole 18 by the creek & sidewalk // so a total of only 4 different shorter pads on the 2 courses

David Owens    December 7 at 2:18am

Can you move me from pro40 I accidentally signed up. I am playing Advanced 40

nathan cameron   December 7 at 2:19am

You should be able to edit/delete your entry yourself with the link in the email you got confirming your registration

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   December 7 at 2:38am

There's also a "Registrations" link on the left side of your DGS profile page.

Josh Granado    December 7 at 2:18am

“PayPal is experiencing issues” trying to register for ma1 and PayPal is having an issue!


mark wandas    December 7 at 2:15am

Please remove me from the pro 50. I signed up by accident. I have re-registered for the AM 50. Thanks

nathan cameron   December 7 at 2:19am

You should be able to edit/delete your entry yourself with the link in the email you got confirming your registration

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   December 7 at 2:39am

There's also a "Registrations" link on the left side of your DGS profile page.