Memorial Championship presented by Discraft

PDGA logoThu-Sun, March 4-7, 2021 at Vista Del Camino Park in Scottsdale, Arizona
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Jeff Norvell    March 8 at 6:30pm

Awesome event. Thank you everybody!

Keith Murray   March 9 at 7:28pm

Thanks Jeff, appreciate that and glad you had fun!

Mychael Washam    March 4 at 12:08pm

Will there be live scoring anywhere for this event?

Steve Ganz   March 4 at 1:03pm

Jon Berg    March 3 at 7:42pm

Keith, I was injured yesterday and need to pull out of the tournament. MP50. PDGA 31496.

Jon Berg   March 3 at 7:43pm

Please also remove my wife, Cindy Jin-Berg FA40 PDGA No. 97862.

keith johnson    March 3 at 1:06am

Sorry to bother you again

No marked mando tree of the tee on hole seven at vista anywhere from tee until green.
One tree by green IS marked.

Ashley Akens   March 3 at 3:44pm

much appreciated

Shane Dehner    March 2 at 10:42pm

Will the course be available after each days rounds for additional practice?

Brendan Livingston   March 3 at 12:25am


Ashley Akens   March 3 at 1:14am


keith johnson    March 2 at 8:00pm

The second mando on hole 11 has painted lines and painted drop zone but IS NOT MARKED on the tree to be visible from the tee pad.
Is that mando going to for sure be in play and if so will it be marked on the tree by 7 on Thursday?
Thanks in advance for your reply

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keith johnson   March 2 at 10:05pm


Marty Coplea   March 4 at 3:03am

There is only 1 mando on hole 11 at FH with is left of the 1st tree. The DZ that you are referring to is from the DGPT All Star Weekend.

keith johnson   March 5 at 3:04am

It is listed in the hole by hole descriptions for the course from our email but was not in the teesign which is why I asked.

Justin Ernst    March 2 at 7:20pm

Will there be any post production coverage of the 2021 Memorial? Cant find anyone claiming to be covering it.

Keith Murray   March 2 at 9:50pm

Yep, Terry Miller will be out here

Justin Ernst   March 3 at 12:42am

Fantastic. Thank you

Eric G    March 2 at 5:53am

quick ???
Will you be enforcing the dress code? And will the park bathrooms be avail??

Keith Murray   March 2 at 3:53pm

Yes and yes

Eric G   March 2 at 9:15pm

thnk u

Kristin White    March 1 at 10:40pm

One extra question - there is one person listed as waitlist for FA1 and is also in the field for FPO. I would be willing to fill either FA1 or FPO in that person's alternate place, wherever they land. I moved to FPO waitlist for the moment.


pete reaume    March 1 at 9:33pm

Whats my chances of getting in or you just going to keep shrinking the field.

Ashley Akens   March 2 at 7:35pm

We are not letting anyone else in.

Joe Klosky    March 1 at 4:30pm

I may have missed the communication but has there been any course info sent to players, like a caddy book? Where can I find this info as I am heading to AZ today. Thanks!

Ashley Akens   March 1 at 7:18pm

All that info will be emailed out tonight. The course maps are available here.

Keith Murray   March 1 at 7:19pm

Hi there Joe, here's a link for Caddie Book and look for a player email to go out this evening. See you soon!!

Winton Johnson    March 1 at 1:55pm

I need to withdraw from ma40 winton johnson #94884

Ashley Akens   March 1 at 7:33pm


Mason Mathews   March 2 at 5:51am

Can the MA40 waitlist be backfilled to the original 32 spots? Been on the waitlist since December and flying in from out of state.

Ashley Akens   March 2 at 7:36pm

We won't be letting anyone else in.

Garrett Martin    March 1 at 12:55pm

Do we need to register for a practice time or can we just show up to the courses this week?

Philip Witzman   March 1 at 1:48pm

Great question that I can’t believe I nor someone else has asked yet!

Charles Scott   March 1 at 2:45pm

Just show up

Ashley Akens   March 1 at 7:34pm

courses are open and set up

Fat Lenny    March 1 at 7:35am

100th post saying thanks TD and crew.. this will be fun !

Ashley Akens   March 1 at 7:35pm

Thank you so much Brock!

andrew wolverton    March 1 at 5:06am

Unless I missed it, the question of "will you be allowing those on the wait list in if people drop" has not been answered. Nor has the cap been revealed, it just mysteriously keeps shrinking. For those of us on the wait list, with expensive travel arrangements that can't be canceled at the last minute, these are must have answers. If they have been answered, please show me where so I can take appropriate actions if necessary. Thanks much.

Daniel Quezada   March 1 at 5:30am

Question still remains unanswered....

Ashley Akens   March 1 at 7:12pm

We most probably will not be putting any additional players in off wait list and won't know until all drops have been processed. We will post tee times and refunds for waitlist tonight. I wish I could give you more info.

Kristin White    February 28 at 6:44pm

No. What I mean is that, for example, you have 18 people in FPO but if you have 4 packs then you would have 5 groups no matter what. So presumably you would have 20 spots available for FPO at that point since having 18 or 19 or 20 would have the same total number of groups. So, I’m saying I would be willing to pay the extra fee move from Fa1 waitlist to the second FPO waitlist spot as the 20th person since it would be the same number of groups. For example.


Kristin White    February 28 at 4:48pm

Are the women's divisions going to be 4-packs? If so, can we volunteer to switch divisions to optimize efficient distribution of players off the waitlist (to multiples of 4)?

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Kristin White   February 28 at 11:25pm

I meant to post my reply to you here but it wouldn’t post so I put it up at the top here. Did that explain more what I meant?

Kristin White   March 1 at 4:54pm

Is it possible to have this answered to know if I should switch to FPO to have a better chance of coming off the waitlist? I’m in Phoenix anyway for the week so I just wanted to know.

Ashley Akens   March 1 at 7:11pm

We most probably will not be putting any additional players in off wait list and won't know until all drops have been processed. We will post tee times and refunds for waitlist tonight. I wish I could give you more info.

Gregg Hammer    February 27 at 7:55pm

Will you be allowing any more players in off the waitlist? Or only downsizing the cap of players now?


Joe Caissie    February 27 at 4:12pm

Hi - sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but do we know if caddies/spectators will be allowed?

Ashley Akens   February 27 at 4:25pm

We are not allowing caddies or spectators this year.

Sue Horn    February 27 at 12:47am

Please take Sue Horn off the list of players. Mark sent an e mail to Kevin withdrawing but perhaps he did not receive it. The refund can go towards the women’s division please.