Memorial Championship presented by Discraft

PDGA logoThu-Sun, March 4-7, 2021 at Vista Del Camino Park in Scottsdale, Arizona
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**Starting at 8pm MST on Friday, 12/4/2020 1000+ rated MPO along with ALL Women and International players may ... more
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Pat Gaetz    4 days ago

Hey there!
I understand that I'm charged to be on the waitlist, but will be refunded if a spot does not become available. My question is: Do I need to manually withdraw before the tournament to get a refund? Or does the refund automatically get processed (aside from the $10) if no spots are available and I remain waitlisted?
Thank You!

Keith Murray   4 days ago

Hi Pat! You will automatically be refunded if you don't get in. We'll hold it for as long as we can to see if someone drops and then I go through and refund everyone who didn't make it.

Patrick Ford    4 days ago

I need to withdraw and request a refund, I no longer have the email that was previously sent, how do I go about doing this?


Jon Dominguez    January 12 at 5:28am

Where is the best place to stay for this tournament. Coming from California. Thank you ! My first time playing here . Can’t wait. We’ll be there Monday to practice .

Ashley Akens   7 days ago

We don't have a host hotel, but the Three Palms Hotel is on the Vista Del Camino course.

Zach Lyons-Wade    January 6 at 2:49am

Same layouts as 2020?

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Tongia Vakaafi   January 11 at 7:19pm

Hello there How soon can I find out if I’m in or out

Ashley Akens   7 days ago

Hello Tongia, as soon as we are able to get you in, you will be notified by email. You are number 10 on the waitlist which means that 10 people from your division would have to drop to get you in.

Tongia Vakaafi   6 days ago

Cool thanks Ashley!

robert r    January 5 at 2:40am

Any chance you will possibly add another course if you get enough people on the waitlist?

Ashley Akens   January 5 at 6:31pm

We will not be adding any more courses. Your best bet is to get on the waitlist and hope for the best.

Will Goeringer    January 4 at 6:27pm

Will caddies be allowed if they're a part of your travel group?

Ashley Akens   January 4 at 7:13pm

Currently, we are saying no but make sure to like the Memorial Championship FaceBook page as we will update things once we get closer to the event.

Will Goeringer   January 4 at 8:10pm

Already following. Thank you!

pete reaume    December 24 at 12:57pm

I need to get sue Stephens moved to the women's division accidentally put her in men's

Jeff Jacquart   December 26 at 1:16pm

If you log into Disc Golf Scene, you can amend the info yourself.

Travis Thomas    December 18 at 4:32am

I want to get on the wait list but it looks like it still wants to charge the $150 for MA1. Do you get the money back if you don't get in? Or will it actually charge me the $150 to get on the wait list?

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Ashley Akens   December 18 at 9:55pm

You pay the full entry fee for waitlist but do get a full refund if you don't get in.

Travis Thomas   December 21 at 2:31pm

Thank you!

Ashley Akens   December 21 at 6:24pm

Your welcome

Jenn Morgan    December 16 at 2:58pm

Last week, before I had the funds to register, I saw that FP40 had 12 spots. I was wondering if the division could possibly be expanded if even more women decide to register

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Jeff Jacquart   December 16 at 3:30pm

Sorry, thought this message was regarding the LVC.

Keith Murray   December 17 at 12:02am

Hi Jenn, we have only offered 8 but if more FP40 sign up for wait list than it may be possible to move some spots from FPO. Will keep eyes peeled and if possible you would be notified right away.

Tullin Valdez   December 18 at 10:52pm

Jenn, if that ever happens again hit me up I’ll loan you the money. Hopefully see you there.

Steve Hitchcock    December 14 at 4:06am

So this is a 3 round event even for am1

Ashley Akens   December 14 at 4:53pm

That is correct.

Jeff Jacquart    December 2 at 7:47pm

To register early this Friday as a hole sponsor, do we pay as we sign up or is payment needed in advance through some other plan?

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Tony Villar   December 9 at 5:35am

Same here

Ashley Akens   December 9 at 6:00pm

It is because the Memorial starts in March.

Jeff Jacquart   December 9 at 10:06pm