Maverick DG: Longview Open pres by Innova - Int/Rec

PDGA logoSunday, April 11, 2021 at Longview Park in Perry, Kansas
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The format as of today, 1/11/21, is 2-rounds on shotgun start. This potentially will change if COVID regulatio ... more
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Rob Martin    Sticky April 4 at 6:35pm

All roads on and over are OB. Parking lot is OB. On and inside of shelter is OB.
Pond on Holes 14 & 15 is OB if surrounded by water.
Creek 16, 17, 18: In or over creek is OB. For creek must be surrounded by water. If it takes more than 10 seconds to decide as a group if safe or OB, it's safe.
Any other water on course is casual.

1 SHORT 254 3
2 MID 342 3
3 MID 423 4
4 MID 363 3
5 SHORT 398 3
6 SHORT 209 3
7 SHO ... more

Todd Thurman   April 5 at 2:13am

Are the pin locations changing at all? -- I thought previously there was going to be two layouts. :)

Rob Martin   April 5 at 1:49pm

They are changing from Saturday to Sunday, but not for the same day. The listing above is the Sunday layout which is a about 500' shorter than Saturday's layout.

Todd Thurman   April 5 at 8:59pm

Sounds good. Thanks!!!

Rob Martin    April 12 at 10:25pm

Also - some of y'all need to start bringing your momma to the tournaments 'cause you keep leaving your toys behind. Also, when I was in grade school we had to put our name on EVERYTHING. You need to return to your roots. I have 2 stools & 3 discs in lost and found. Those with names I'll contact you this week. Those without....less play a guessing game


Rob Martin    April 12 at 10:16pm

Payouts have been posted on the front page of this event. If you didn't collect your payout, contact me on how to do so.


Rob Martin    April 10 at 2:01am

Sunday hole assignments have been posted. See you Sunday at 8am for check-in


Rob Martin    April 8 at 10:42pm

The following email was sent to the email address used for all registered players.

Welcome to the return of the Longview Open!


If you are receiving this email because you used your email when signing up another player for the event, please forward this info to that player.

If you were not aware, this tournament was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. While we a ... more


Rob Martin    April 8 at 9:11pm

Lago Vista Grill

Both Saturday and Sunday we will have Lago Vista Grill set up to serve street tacos for lunch. We have secured permission for the to set up at Apple Valley Event Center (old Hog Holler) parking lot.

*PLEASE don't park in the Apple Valley lot. (It's about 1,000' from Tournament Central)

*PLEASE do buy lunch from Lago Vista.

Maverick is not getting anything from this, I want them to have a successful lunch so they will come back!


Louis V    April 8 at 5:15pm

Can I pay into ace fund day of?

Rob Martin   April 8 at 8:57pm


Chris Lillich    April 8 at 3:30pm

If possible, could Nate Lillich and I be on same card MA3 for 1st round?


Neil Killian    April 8 at 12:53pm

No online player meeting?

Rob Martin   April 8 at 2:05pm

that was a short term experiment. I'll send a comprehensive email to all competitors with all of the pertinent information.

Jackson Hagen    April 7 at 10:35pm

Could Robert Holt and I be on the same card for MA3? Thanks.


Rob Martin    April 6 at 3:45pm

To help you research which disc you want, these are the player pack discs that will be available.
Star Corvette
GStar Destroyer
Luster Champion Firebird
Star Leopard
XT Mako3
Luster Champion Mystere
R-Pro Pig
Luster Champion Shryke
Shimmer Star Teebird

Amy Blattel   April 6 at 7:43pm

Star leopard or R-Pro Pig!!!!!

Jimmy Blundell   April 8 at 4:12pm

Firebird is calling my name

Rob Martin   April 8 at 8:58pm

"Jimmy Blundell. Jimmy. Blundell!!" said Firebird.

Rob Martin    April 3 at 9:09pm

I've made the final adjustments for Sunday. FA2/FA3/MA3 pool is limited to 40 players, 4 per card per hole. MA2 is limited to 40 players, 5 per card per hole.


Todd Thurman    April 2 at 2:52pm

Is there any chance this will open up to 90 players? Hoping to get in for this. :)

Rob Martin   April 2 at 8:00pm

there's a chance

Todd Thurman   April 2 at 11:07pm

I'll buy you a beer or two. :)

Rob Martin    March 15 at 2:28pm

I'm increasing the capacity for Saturday to 90, fivesomes per card. Currently, I'm leaving Sunday at 72, foursomes. If you registered for Sunday but wanted to play Saturday, let me know ASAP before it fills again.


Rob Martin    March 11 at 6:32pm

Regarding the player pack change from joggers to golf umbrella:

I was instructed to order than four weeks in advance when I was working on them a few months ago. When I did, they were completely out of the all black (I was ordering 50% black, 50% heather gray). I then changed the order to 50% heather charcoal instead of the black. When they placed that order, they too were out of stock. Neither black or gray was going to be in stock in time and I didn’t like the heather gray enough ... more


Rob Martin    February 13 at 2:34pm

I've decided on the player pack joggers. We're going with the Burnside Heather Performance Joggers (B8801). Definitely will get black. May get a second color, I'm not sure. If I do get a second color you can choose when you check in from what's available.

If you have a pair of the Discmania joggers from 2020, they are very similiar.

-These Burnside® joggers are made of 6-oz, 100% polyester.
-Performance fabric has moisture-wicking technolog ... more


Rob Martin    January 31 at 6:14pm

Player pack for amateurs will include: Innova tournament stamped disc (will have 2020's date on them and a pair of joggers (exact style is still being worked on). Recreational divisions are player pack and trophy only. Advanced and Intermediate divisions will have additional payout beyond player packs for those that place well. No player pack for Pro divisions as there is a minimum of $750 added cash to payouts.


Rob Martin    January 24 at 3:36pm

Registration opens Monday, Feb. 1st at 6pm.