Magic City Mega Bowl sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoFri-Sun, June 26-28, 2020 at Inverness Disc Golf Park in Hoover, Alabama
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Magic City Mega Bowl sponsored by Dynamic Discs graphic
Added cash $2,000


Tournament DirectorBen Swam
Assistant Tournament DirecorLarry Burge

About this tournament

This is a 3-day event in and around the metro area of Birmingham, AL.

Non-PDGA members will be required to pay a $10 fee for temporary membership.

$2000 Added cash to Pro Divisions

Huge player packs for all AM Divisions!

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack disc golf bag
Tournament branded water-resistant duffle bag/backpack
2 Tournament stamped discs
Tournament branded metal pint cup
Tournament Dri-fit shirt
and more!


Please review this information thoroughly and carefully. If you are not comfortable with the rules that will be in place, please request to drop from the event.

I have extended the cash refund date for Ams until this Friday 5/22/20 at 11:59 pm. I realize that this is information overload, but I am trying to answer as many questions as possible prior to the deadline passing. If you have specific questions that are not addressed in this information, please send me an email and I will respond accordingly.


Hotel discount information is available in the app, and the tournament schedule will be added soon!


"I understand that participation in this event carries with it risk of injury or death and I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns expressly release, forever discharge, and hold harmless Magic City Mega Bowl, Ben Swam and the PDGA (the "Releasees") for all personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death in connection with my participation in this event. Further, I understand and acknowledge that there currently exists a global pandemic associated with the disease COVID-19, that I am participating in this event at my own risk, that any safety precautions designed to protect against the spread of COVID-19 undertaken by the Releasees does not guarantee I will not contract COVID-19, and that, the foregoing notwithstanding, it is my specific intent to affirm my foregoing release of the Releasees with respect to any personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death I may experience from COVID-19 in connection with my participation in this event."

Refund policy:

Amateur players - I have extended the cut off date for cash refund until May 22, 2020. This should allow everyone time to review this message and make a good decision about whether or not you are still interested in playing this event. After that date, you will receive the tournament player pack in lieu of cash unless your spot is filled by another player from the waitlist. If you are unable to pick up your player pack in Birmingham, the weekend of the tournament, there will be a charge to ship your player pack to you.

Professional players - Any refund after June 23rd will incur a $10.00 processing fee.

Payout Information:

Pro players - The added cash for this event is currently at $1800. I will continue to seek sponsorship money and will provide the largest payout possible.

Amateur players - The event will remain Trophy Only (no payouts for Ams) as it always has been.

First and foremost - We will be following all of the requirements laid out by the PDGA for Requirements and Best Practices for PDGA Sanctioned Play During COVID-19.

Those requirements and best practices include those listed below:

PDGA-Sanctioned Event Requirements
Event directors and all staff, players, spectators, etc. (event participants) must follow all government guidelines for the event’s location concerning conducting organized sporting events, including following any requirements for physical distancing (example: minimum two-meter [6 feet] physical distancing) upon arrival at the event and at all times prior to, during, and after their rounds at the event and in all event locations.
Event directors and participants must still follow all normal PDGA rules concerning competition, such as properly holing out, etc.
Anyone who has COVID-19, is exhibiting common symptoms of COVID-19, is ill, or is in direct contact with someone with COVID-19, must not participate and may be asked to leave the event.
Event directors and participants who willfully and repeatedly violate government guidelines may be subject to PDGA disciplinary action up to and including penalties for a Class A offense.

Staff and Participant Best Practices
Anyone who is in a high-risk category as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, or similar country-specific agencies should not participate.
Participants should not touch discs, bags, carts, or any other property belonging to another participant.
Participants should bring and control their own food and water for the entire day
If using a digital scorecard, the players in a group may agree on a single player to keep score electronically, or the digital scorecard should be virtually handed off to another player when it is their turn so they can use their own device whenever possible. Mobile devices should not be shared among players.
Equipment Best Practices
Players should consider uniquely marking their discs on both the top and the bottom of the discs, thereby helping to identify the owner of a disc without the need for someone to touch it to flip it over.
Players should clear their disc from a target before another player putts out. A player should not putt into a target that already has another disc within it.
Players should carefully remove their disc from a target and avoid touching any surface of the target while doing so.
Once a disc has contacted a target, players should consider sanitizing their disc prior to subsequent use or placing it into their bag. The process of sanitizing equipment by a player must be done in a timely manner and not violate normal Excessive Time requirements found in 802.03 of the Official Rules of Disc Golf.

Below are significant changes to this year's event compared to previous years:

No Tournament Central - There will be a small designated area for Staff and "next-to-tee" groups, but we will not have an area for gathering, hanging out, etc. Players will be asked to meet at the "next-to-tee" location no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their tee time.

No player pack pick-up event - Amateur players will pick up their player packs at a designated area on the first day of tournament play. This will be the ONLY time to get your player pack. Anyone who does not pick up their player pack on that day will incur shipping costs to have it sent to them at a later date. Player packs will not be "held" by event staff while you play.

Caddy Books/Handout- Caddy books will be electronic and will be delivered via email and the FB event page prior to the first day of tournament play. OB rules will be listed in the Magic City Mega Bowl App as well.

Practice/Warm-up areas - Designated practice and warm-up areas will be away from the starting hole of each course. These areas will be designated and included in the caddy book info prior to the first day of tournament play. I will attempt to have them as close to the course as possible but in some cases, they may be located in a completely different area.

Smaller card assignments - Most cards will be 3 players with as few 4's as possible. In some cases, this may mean that you play with players outside your division. We will follow all the PDGA guidelines regarding card assignments.

Caddies/Spectators - We will not allow caddies this year. Spectators will be asked to observe from a safe distance outside of the tee and/or fairway areas.

Scoring changes - We will be using digital scoring this year. Players may keep their own paper scorecard as well, but the card will not be provided and is not to be rotated among players. Only one player will keep the score for each group. Players are encouraged to keep their own scores as well for comparison. Spectators will not be allowed to keep the official score for a group.

Fly-mart - We will not have a traditional Fly-Mart as we have had in previous years. We will have options for players to be able to shop with our event vendors.

Saturday night player party - We will not have a player party this year.

Flex Start C-tiers - Smaller groups, digital scoring by 1 player, and bigger gaps between groups.

Awards - We will not have an awards ceremony. Trophies will be shipped to winners (at our expense) and Pro payouts will all be electronic payments.

Ace Pot - The Ace Pot will be paid electronically. If no aces are hit, we will do a raffle with all participants' names and split the pot between four winners. Those winners will be paid electronically, as well.

Mega Raffle - The raffle will be 100% virtual. Tickets can only be purchased through your registration before the event. We will do virtual drawings until all of the raffle items have been awarded.

Refund policy

Magic City Mega Bowl is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Amateur players - Cut off date for cash refund is May 22, 2020. After that date, you will receive the tournament player pack in lieu of cash unless your spot is filled by another player from the waitlist. If you are unable to pick up your player pack on the weekend of the tournament, there WILL BE a charge to ship your player pack to you.

Professional players - Any refund after June 23rd will incur a $10.00 processing fee.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Cameron Colglazier514565$1,100
2Zach Melton515159$732
3Matthew Orum544860$524
4Michael Gibney524764$435
5Luke Hambleton584759$327
5Will Schusterick545258$327
7Tyler Starnes554763$248
7Harper Thompson534963$248
9Logan Bowers574367$215
10Ben Page534966$193
11Zach Arlinghaus574567$170
11Sean Portilla575260$170
13Clayton Nash564866$147
13Cole Neal555164$147
15Cameron Messerschmidt565363$124
15Jared Neal624763$124
17James Hopkins575363
18Adam Howard554574
19Ben Wilson604966
20Robby Harris624965
20Anthony Siefker585266
22Tim Ellis545568
22Bo McLaughlin565863
22James Williams565665
25Adam Halford595764
26Joseph Swedish595765
27Reed Irvine635664
27Benjamin McQueary575571
29Jonathan Peek585572
30Ty Ogden565971
31Dylan Jackson635272
31Preston Thompson595870
33Matthew Maddox615572
34Andy Ragsdale596070
35Drew Greene585775
36Mark Godwin666469
37Colton Brown715578
38Chris Parker637075
Pro 40+
1Kevin McCoy544763$538
2Tim Keith534864$373
3Tray Desnoyer555263$251
4Tony Bass515565$195
5Tracy Colburn604869$134
5John Ferrell565566$134
7Michael Davis605167
8Ben Arlinghaus585765
9Mike Young575569
10James Blanchard635566
11Aaron Sims635171
12Billy Heath6057999
12Michael Sham5457999
Open Women
1Chelsea Parker616769$285
2Anna Pinter676670
1Keith Miskell565070
2Austin Mann545567
3Alex Turner595266
4Jasen White605266
5Scott Garner545768
6Kyle Gray595071
6Jared Henderson575766
8Tyler Stephens565473
9Trent Mummey605570
10David Milam535975
11Chris Coggins596168
12Bryan Whitworth605577
13Kyle S Zerbe625477
14Jake Rodee585977
15Matthew Digman566182
15Zach McFarland626275
17Ben Coggin685782
18Joshua Rhoads666776
19Nick Bradley687581
20Austin Barr6261999
Amateur 40+
1Daryl Jones555555
2Craig Dickerson575360
3Kent Schafer585462
4Chris Pierce605169
5Jody Stiglets516070
6Benjie Spence615962
7Ryan Dickerson556167
8Richard Van Manen606363
9David Duncan556567
9Johnny Skelton566467
11Conrad Brown626561
11Jose Martin576368
13Monte Miller605971
13Terry Shockey606169
15Michael Stephenson636068
16Webb Warren626369
17Wade Ferguson636668
18Carl McGirt656469
19Dave Bark667080
Amateur 50+
1Boyd Malone525154
2Ron Wilkins535453
3Chris Senador585053
4Trent Gardner615550
5Alan Hester605457
5Henry Tindall Jr.566253
7Blake Morgan596155
8Walter Black606353
8Billy Turnbull655952
10Jeff Nichols586257
11Scott Hassler596158
12Jeff Wetjen616157
13Lawrence Hinkle665957
14Richard Brown606265
15Jackson Izor656560
15Donnie Sisk636364
17Terry Wood686463
18Greg Egbert7069999
18Bill Waycaster5954999
Amateur 60+
1Ron Pittman555956
2Bethel Barrett615755
2Terry Mercer615656
2Brian Thompson635951
5Roy Nix635857
6Spencer Tuggle666358
7Michael Fiske616760
8Dale Hatcher706358
1Shawn Medina525556
2Eric Bailey515757
3Andrew Record525559
4Jerod Hay545063
5Robert Varner545461
6Zach Hamrick525266
7Auston Nolan555759
8Kyle Conger575264
8Austin Gray545861
8Matthew Green575561
11Deston Bailey545763
11Reid Fincher545862
11Cole Hassler545862
11Jonathan Russo575364
11Caden Wright575562
16Leland Garrigan535666
16JD Sansom565762
18Jeremiah Blackmon556259
18Chayse Grizzell545963
18Chris Mizusawa516263
21Jarred Smith566457
22Josh Wolfe565865
23Edmund Joseph615762
23Christian Smoke526266
25Michael Lovett576460
26Matt Polk585668
26Justin Sills555770
28Thomas Bunch576067
28Bradley Huffstutler595966
30Eli Kirkley606362
30Josh Lenox606065
32Spencer Hodges626067
32Justin St.denny576666
32Kevin Turner586269
35Stephen Allen596665
35Kyle Bozeman636166
35Bo Bradley606268
35Cody Burney626464
35Christian Vessels596170
40Zach Smith636467
41Jason Swam616173
42Ryan Benton656269
43Preston Lambert5658999
44Lance Waldrop65999-
1Rob Lovvorn565850
2Travis Alessi615550
2Robbie Crawford555952
2Jacob Hester595750
5Darren Bart585654
6Jonathon Rush585658
7Forrest Boyd615657
7Blake Feltman645951
7Fletcher Hare595956
7Travis Wright566157
11Jonathan Hall606451
11Kyle Huckeba616351
13Jacob Freeman616154
14Preston Brown596454
14James Buxton596355
14Dave Craig636054
14Shane Glass616254
14Clinton Riner655854
14Eric Whitehead606651
20Brian Craft675854
20Cal Wilson665558
20Brian Wilson595961
23Elliott Blake626454
24Rick Pierpoint636454
24Justin West626752
26Johnathon Justice606854
26Josh Randolph675659
28Cole St. John626556
28Nolen Wright666156
30Josef Woodsinger646060
31Gavin Felts626757
31Alex Freeman686256
33Seth Owen675863
34Andrew Jones636561
35Danny Herold686458
36Jason Whitehurst686559
37Zach Neff676760
38John Allison706758
38Trey Dickerhoff736359
40Adam Johnston686761
41Ryan Schmidt676664
42Brian Castello677062
42Hudson McCurry716959
44Michael Palmour696566
44Jamie Purkapile676964
46Jonathan Sosa687163
47Joshua Urbanski736964
48David Crauswell727466
49Beachel Curtis7773888
50Brad Harrington60999-
1John Fulkerson636052
2Nace Allen655556
2Blake Muir626054
4Ryan Weber645561
5Jack Weber626059
6Stephen Thomas625763
7Lucas Younts646653
8Mike Channin646556
8Jordan Kass666059
8Jaxson Lucas655862
11Mason Buxton666160
12Joey Bowen656261
12Justin Potts706355
14Carroll Redd696357
15Tanner Dukes676064
16Austin Gates675966
17Nolan Evans676660
17William Shirey656959
19Byron Cornett656861
20William Stephens676563
20Terry Warrick666762
20Jonathan Williams657060
23Ryan Torpey656963
24Jason Wagner666369
25Casey Till746362
26Don Gardner716565
26Thomas Johnston756363
28Tyler Stanley706666
29Michael McGill707163
30Michael Sasser716967
30Gregg Stevens706770
32Elijah Thacker737264
33Joey Crysel677273
34Brad Godwin727567
35Ben Reid788366
36Michael Sasser Jr918385
37Ryan Pittman898698
Amateur Women 50+
1Kim Bowen687366
2Kristin Buse858175
Intermediate Women
1Cindy Varner716564
2Cadence Burge707164
3Ashley Pitt777073
4Amy L Bark848478
5Kayla Montgomery849274
Junior 18
1Cole Wright666257
2Braden Green656556
3Jackson Green776762
4Hayden Middlebrooks80999-