Lake Chabot New Years Classic 2018

PDGA logoSaturday, January 6, 2018 at Lake Chabot Golf Course in Oakland, California
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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2nd Annual Lake Chabot New Years Event! A one day C-tier sanctioned event. 27 holes on a new layout at ... more
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Kevin Berg    January 7 at 5:46am

Fixed my bad


Kevin Berg    January 7 at 5:44am

Round ratings are f&$ked


Dale d    January 2 at 9:07pm

I renewed my pdga membership, is there anyway to get my 10$ back?

Jon Braidman   January 2 at 9:39pm

Yep, refund issued.

Yulian Kuncheff    December 22 at 4:56am

Wanted to know a bit more about how Waitlisting works. Does it hold true until the day of the tournament, then if there is still no room, waitlist drops out and gets refunded? Because at this point, I don't really see waitlist people getting in, at least anyone over #5 on the waitlist.

Jon Braidman   December 22 at 5:15am

It's possible a bunch of people drop out, especially if the weather is poor. It is doubtful you get in at #9, but you never know. I'll refund everyone 100% on wait-list after the event, likely the next day.

Yulian Kuncheff   December 22 at 5:57am

Thanks for the info. I was waiting for this one, but the day it opened, i completely blanked until the evening, and then it was already full. Looks like it will be a fun one. Good Luck!

Scott Brown    December 16 at 2:17am

Hey John,

Have you considered adding one or two short holes to the course to eliminate very large groups and ghost groups?

Jon Braidman   December 17 at 5:40pm

Yes, I wish we could! Tried to figure out some places where this is worth it and right now, it just doesn't work. Not enough space that isn't super rough. In previous tournaments, we always have a backup on 4 no matter how we set up, so adding holes anywhere but 4 wouldn't alleviate t ... more

Scott Brown   December 18 at 2:23pm

How about some womens tee pads?

Jon Braidman   December 21 at 4:37pm

I am consulting with the women on that. I don't want to ruin the integrity of the course for them just so that we have shorter wait times on each hole. Last year, as far as I know the ladies did not slow up the tournament any more than the AM groups. We should all go into this knowing we'll be waiting on several holes, especially 4.

Sarah Amaya    December 13 at 3:39pm

Why is there a wait list for the women?

Jon Braidman   December 13 at 4:10pm

Hey Sarah, no worries you will be added to registration shortly. I didn't intend to have any women on waitlist but the way I set up the caps allowed it to happen. We added 4 women yesterday from waitlist, and you're next.

philip brown    December 13 at 5:59am

Kinda weird been looking for this tournament for a week and it just popped up today on here kinda triping out lol


Roger Vartabedian    December 12 at 9:18pm

Will you be adding more spots or are the caps firm?

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 11:17pm

It is possible that we add more spots.

Sean LaTour   December 14 at 12:41am

Please do :) !!

Roger Vartabedian   December 14 at 12:49am

If some are added in AM Masters 40+, I would consider registration. I won't do another waitlist after GBO and Vegas, more for me.

Scott Brown    December 12 at 4:57am

Will we get our $10.00 back after we renew our membership? Before the tourney?

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 5:05am

I hope so, asking the folks who run the site.

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 5:39am

Yes I figured out how to do this. Let me know when you are current.

Scott Brown   December 12 at 1:34pm

Cool, ty

Kevin Berg    December 12 at 4:37am

89632 not 89362

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 4:47am

Ok my bad, should be correct now

Jon Braidman    December 12 at 4:20am

All women have been promoted from Waitlist. I guess I messed up on the division caps (was trying to make sure there were spots for women, but somehow the cap got in the way).


Greg Breazeale    December 12 at 4:14am

Got charged extra $10 for noncurrent pdga, I’m current, maybe I forgot to check a box :(

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 4:26am

On PDGA, you are current until 12/31/17. You have to renew because the tournament is in 2018.

Travis Miranda    December 12 at 4:12am

Why is there a waitlist for women?

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 4:23am

Fixed it.

Travis Miranda    December 12 at 4:08am

It charged me 40...I'm current....

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 4:23am

On PDGA, you are current until 12/31/17. You have to renew because the tournament is in 2018.

Kevin Berg    December 12 at 4:03am

Just signed up added my pdga # but does not show. #89632

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Kevin Berg   December 12 at 4:38am

Also I paid 40+Also

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 4:52am

I'm working on refunding you the $10.

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 5:39am

Done, you should receive a $10 refund.

Travis Miranda    December 12 at 1:39am

Did the format for registration change? Usually there still is a link for registration where you can fill out your info but not actually register until the time? Seems like the format is different? Anyone notice that?

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 2:54am

I don't remember being able to fill out anything before it opens, but they do seem to have changed and updated things.

Travis Miranda   December 12 at 3:04am

Yah it has changed for sure. The Regester tab is gone. Or maybe it comes up within a certain time frame before the official start time.

Josh Lehan    December 11 at 11:20pm

I'm not very good at disc golf, but like to play. Would this tournament be too much for me? I noticed there's no Rec or Novice division entry. I'm over 40, so could enter under that category. Would this still be a good idea?


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Josh Lehan   December 12 at 4:06am

Sigh, I hit the Registration button about 1 second after 8 PM when refreshing the page, and typed as fast as I could, but still somehow only made it as far as the waitlist. I'll still show up anyway.

Josh Lehan   December 12 at 4:08am

Mistakes made, perhaps to be remembered for next time: Wasn't logged into PayPal, had to type in password and log in. That cost precious seconds.

Jon Braidman   December 12 at 4:27am

Ya it's brutal! Wish it wasn't all about tech skills, but this is how tourneys are run these days. You are #1 in Am Masters so a fair chance to get in should someone drop.

Steve Keller    December 11 at 10:13pm

At what point does someone play in Amateur Vs Open? What 18 hole scores is too good to play in Amateur?

Jon Braidman   December 11 at 10:25pm

Check out the player ratings here: You can also look at the scores from last year's Chabot Tournaments and then look at the round ratings. I would say if you are shooting 5 or more down on short layout, and even on the long layouts, you could compete in Open.

Ken Nelson    December 9 at 1:41pm

If I sign up advanced is there any way I can be paired with my son he is a junior (8)? I'll will sign him up advanced also if there is no junior division.

Jon Braidman   December 9 at 4:58pm

I will absolutely put you in the same group. If we get 4 or more other Juniors, I'll create a Junior division.

Richard Koski    December 8 at 2:16am

So three players per hole? That's odd.

Jon Braidman   December 8 at 3:41am

Plan is groups of 5. If we have 15 players in a division, that's 3 groups. If we get odd numbers, we may play in mixed division groups like last year. Either way, groups will be re-organized by score and division for final 9.