Idlewild Amateur presented by Dynamic Discs & The Nati

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 6-8, 2021 at Idlewild in Burlington, Kentucky
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the Idlewild Amateur Tournament. Presented by Dynamic Discs and hosted by The Nati Disc Golf PD ... more
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John Johannides    1 day ago

Is it possible to change the opening of registration to not being on a Saturday. Most will be playing a tourney that Saturday and then hitting the 8pm registration will be challenging at best, especially for those with a good drive after a tourney. Even if it's Friday or Sunday of that week.

Adam M. Jones   1 day ago

We will probably push it back a little, maybe middle of the following week.

John Johannides   1 day ago

That would be awesome. Thanks.

Jon Smith    March 16 at 2:51am

Could you all possibly add some jr divisions?

Adam M. Jones   March 16 at 7:34pm

Hi Jon, we have been discussing that topic and considering allowing Juniors.

Brayden Spann   March 25 at 12:42am

Yes I would play if there were Juniors

Daniel Roof    March 15 at 10:42am

Any chance you might add early registration for tee sponsorship ?

Adam M. Jones   March 15 at 3:18pm

We are currently considering adding that as a option for our registration this year...

Jonathan Ferreri    March 11 at 11:35pm

Being an A tier do all players have to be certified?

Theo Lach   March 12 at 11:42am

No. Every player has to be a PDGA member but they do not need to be certified.

brock martin    March 2 at 5:27pm

How much does this tourney usually cost?

Shane Hesse   March 2 at 6:04pm

It was 65 last year but wasn't an A tier

Adam M. Jones   March 2 at 6:33pm

Our previous two years, B & C Tiers for Am's, we only had entry at $60-$65. This years event is an A-Tier and we are planning to do much more. Larger players packs while also increasing the payouts. Could be at $100 or more. Still ironing out some details of the packs which is much more challenging now than ever before.

Anthony Caddy    February 28 at 4:02am

Im gonna be coming from Missouri to play will the course be open to ams for practice rounds before the tournament

Adam M. Jones   March 1 at 4:02pm

Yes sir, we may be handling some final course preparations but it will be open for practice until the days of competition.

Mason McLean    February 17 at 3:02am

I think adding a Junior division would be great. Especially at such an iconic course. This will also help grow the sport. Make them play the FPO layout and only have MJ18 & FJ18.

Adam M. Jones   February 19 at 4:02pm

We are thinking of adding those divisions and have them play the FPO layout.

mike fischer   February 25 at 1:03am

If you do, I have two kids that would be play in a heart beat. Also, just an idea, maybe see if some of the pros could come out and maybe be an honorary caddy or scorekeeper, etc. Having the pros accessible to the kids would make the event even more memorable and less likely disappointing in their results where ever they should finish.

Adam M. Jones   February 27 at 5:07pm

Great idea Mike, we will see what we can do.

Owen Ludington    February 13 at 1:14am

Will there be a juniors division added? If not, I’m assuming minors will be able to be accompanied by their parents? Thanks, Dave Ludington

Adam M. Jones   February 13 at 3:50pm

Hi Owen & Dave, we have never offered Junior divisions for this event. We will discuss this topic with our staff. PDGA requires any player under the age of 13 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during play or spectating. More on youth safety can be found here:

Jake Wallace    February 12 at 3:31am

What divisions will be using the full pro tour layout and MPO tees?

Adam M. Jones   February 12 at 3:08pm

Current plans are: Pro Tour Layout that the MPO play will be used for MA1, MA40, MA2, MA3. The FPO layout will be used for MA50, MA60, FA1, FA2, FA3

Ken Harbaugh    February 11 at 11:52pm

MA50, MA60 and up..short tees would be great...

Adam M. Jones   February 12 at 2:58pm

We will highly consider this as the layout format for those divisions this year, thanks for the feedback buddy.

Patrick John    February 11 at 3:57pm

Is there only going to be 120 spots in this tournament?

Adam M. Jones   February 11 at 4:24pm

Hi Patrick, Last year we had 120 spots due to how we set tee times and the amount of players packs we planned to have. Currently working those details out again to determine if we can allow more spots and packs. Should be at least 120 but there is a chance it could increase.

Ken Harbaugh    February 10 at 10:13am

Will MA60 play MPO tees or FPO?

Adam M. Jones   February 11 at 4:20pm

Hey Ken, good question. How would you prefer to play it? Only 5 holes that would be different tees so long as our plans to add the two others works out. Currently have forward tees for FPO on DGPT holes 4, 5 & 11 as previous years. Working on adding ones on 7 & 15. Only other difference is ... more