Idlewild Amateur presented by Dynamic Discs & The Nati

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 15-16, 2020 at Idlewild in Burlington, Kentucky
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the Idlewild Amateur Tournament. Presented by Dynamic Discs and hosted by The Nati Disc Golf Th ... more
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Xyan A.    1 day ago

So this is not a shotgun and everyone has tee times to start on 1. Will tee times be posted a day or two before?

Friends and I are trying to gauge if we need to drive up the day before. We're MA1 and saw it'd be afternoon which would be perfect to drive up day of.

Jason Kerl   14 hours ago

Our plan is to have tee times posted two days prior, still debating on which divisions will start or end each day.

Joshua Catron    4 days ago

I would like it if 6 more people decided to drop out. Thanks


Joseph Bezy    5 days ago

will we have to wear mask?

Jason Kerl   4 days ago

Mask will not be required during play, we do recommend them anytime you have to be within 6 foot of others it would be wise to do so.

Daniel R    July 29 at 9:41am

Will we be allowed a caddie?

Adam M. Jones   July 29 at 2:23pm

Sorry Daniel, but we are still in Phase 1 which is no Caddies or Spectators.

Joey ( Joseph ) Romine    July 28 at 11:44pm

I need to withdraw. Unless it's too late for refunds

Adam M. Jones   July 29 at 1:09am

Ok buddy, we can refund you, process that in a few minutes...

Roger Patterson    July 27 at 11:51am

Will all the MA groups be playing the MPO layout (long tees/pins)?

Adam M. Jones   July 27 at 3:59pm

All divisions are playing the DGPT layouts, women would play the FPO layout while all men divions play the MPO layout.

Tom Sawyer    July 23 at 9:09pm

How will the waitlist and check-ins work on the day of with tee times? Do we still come if we're on the waitlist that day?

Adam M. Jones   July 24 at 1:10pm

Very slim chance we will have any withdrawls that morning, but if so we would contact the next player on the list first and go down from there, no real need to be there unless notified.

Tom Sawyer   13 hours ago

Unfortunately I will have to withdraw my waitlist spot, too many uncertainties to make the 800 mile drive. Thanks and hope the event is kick ass! :)

James Burton    July 22 at 9:09pm

As much as I don’t want to due to my new work schedule I will have to withdraw from the tournament if I can get a refund I would appreciate it

Adam M. Jones   July 24 at 1:08pm

I understand James, no worries

Adam M. Jones    July 20 at 2:46pm

Quick Update: Registration will close on Wednesday the 12th, later that day we will set the Tee Times and get them posted. Will be sorting by Rating as we do for the Pro Tour event. Lowest division will start in the morning and the top, MA1, will be on the afternoon.


James Burton    July 12 at 11:35pm

I sent in my request for a refund but decided I don’t want the refund and that I will play in the tournament

Adam M. Jones   July 13 at 2:11pm

Ok James, refund request withdrawn, you are still in

Hamilton Thorne    July 4 at 12:00am

For people traveling from out of town is there any free camping spots close to the course that would be available?

Adam M. Jones   July 4 at 2:42pm

The Park the course is in doesn't allow camping. Other than finding a local DG'r, there are other parks that allow camping but there will always be a small fee. Nothing close though since we are so close to the City.

Adam M. Jones   July 4 at 2:43pm

You should go to our local facebook group and sk, The Cincy Disc Golfers, should be able to find someone, I hope...

Joseph Bezy    June 29 at 5:00pm

I was wondering if it would be ok if I son keep to watch and carry my bag with the covid 19 going on?

Adam M. Jones   June 29 at 5:21pm

We don't have any problems with that, all we ask is that you also ask the other players in your group that day if they are ok with it. We feel that most will be fine with that.

Joseph Bezy   June 29 at 6:02pm

thank you

Kim Reed    June 26 at 12:45pm

Also can I switch to Rec. Men if no other ladies register?

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Kim Reed   June 26 at 2:54pm

I will keep an eye on the FA1 field. I would live to see how I stack up against the FPO, but I don't want to play a C tier as the only lady. I have played this course from both tees and I am good with playing either layout. Thank you for the information.

Kim Reed   June 26 at 2:54pm

I would love*

Adam M. Jones   June 26 at 4:09pm

I completely understand and will also try to monitor this and hopefully remember to check with you. Registration here also allows you to make that adjustment yourself, if you have any trouble or need us to make the change for you, just let us know.

Kim Reed    June 26 at 12:28pm

Will FA1 play the same layout as FPO?

Adam M. Jones   June 26 at 2:41pm

Yes that is correct, same layout