Ice Burrrg Open

PDGA logoSunday, January 7, 2018 at Grand Woods Park in Lansing, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

2 Rounds of 18 holes at Grand Woods Park!!
$5 Ace Pool
$5 50/50

There will be a $5 day of fee if you don't prepay

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Matt Rinker    Sticky December 14, 2017 at 4:36pm

Check out the Tournament Flyer on the about page. That's the stamp that will be on the 50 wizards we are ordering for the player packs!!!!

philip balger   January 1 at 2:08am


Zach Gay    January 8 at 4:25pm

To any locals who could help an out of towner: I came up and played in the Ice Burrrg Open yesterday and lost two discs on the course. One was a JK Pro Aviar with a maroon stamp that turned over onto the right side of hole 16. The other was a white bottom stamp wraith with a flag dye in the woods on the left of the fairway of hole 3. My name and number is on the wraith but not the putter. If returned I will reward with a disc or cash. Please share this post anywhere that it might help me recover these discs. The Burrrg open was a lot of fun. Thanks!

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Wesley Shinevar   January 9 at 10:58pm

Yea thats 16

philip balger   January 11 at 11:26pm

I have not been able to locate it Zach.

Zach Gay   January 12 at 12:21am

Thank you for all of your effort!

Mike Leifeld    January 7 at 11:18am

I'm not going to make it. Thanks and good luck


J 96    January 7 at 3:57am

Plz unreg me cant make it


Christopher Koontz    January 7 at 1:28am

Just out of curiosity, how much snow is actually on the ground down here ?


Aaron Goofy Mitchell    January 7 at 1:03am

Payed, can you please remove one of my names thanks! Cyall in the AM, hopefully a smooth 2/3 hr drive


Matt Rinker    January 6 at 8:31pm

FYI: All players may use ribbons on their discs.


Zach Gay    January 6 at 12:46pm

I’m comin from Northern Indiana. Can I be added and avoid the day of fee? Zach Gay AM1 74714.

Joshua Siwek   January 6 at 3:36pm

I will add you to cashless, but the only way to avoid the day of fee is to pay online before tomorrow

Zach Gay   January 6 at 3:49pm

Can I PayPal you my entry fee?

Matt Rinker   January 6 at 7:56pm

I've updated the online registration to allow you to prepay. It will close at 8pm tonight.

Douglas McIntosh    January 6 at 2:22am

Is the pond frozen enough to walk on, and if so, will it be OB?

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Jared jsauce Saucedo   January 6 at 1:42pm

I was there about 10 days ago and people were biking and had snowmobiles on the ice. We were skipping and throwing off the ice. Be nice if not OB lol or at least you won’t lose it

Joshua Siwek   January 6 at 3:08pm

if the pond is frozen, it will not be OB

Dave Hartung   January 6 at 4:58pm

Monday night it was frozen solid.

Jose Garza    January 5 at 11:59pm

Just one important question will pads be clean? Anyone knows?Thank you..

Matt Rinker   January 6 at 12:32am

Yes. Pads will be cleaned

Christopher Koontz   January 6 at 9:34pm

This is the only reason this is my first trny of moat years , becauae You guys do a great job of tee pad mantiance

Matt Rinker   January 6 at 9:37pm

Thanks! We try...

J 96    January 5 at 10:10pm

Jason Boynton 67533 am2


Victor Wahl    January 5 at 9:32pm

Unreg me please. Good luck everyone

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Victor Wahl   January 6 at 3:23am

Ikr ****ty might see ya up in mt pleasant next weekend though

Tialor Byrne   January 7 at 2:39am

Bummer bro hope all is well!!!

Victor Wahl   January 7 at 3:47am

Good luck out there tomorrow fellas!

Phill Dilone    January 5 at 8:49pm

I'm pumped about this tournament!

Last year the pads were really bad until the salt kicked in second round...

I will be bringing my broom for the pads when I go to tee off. I think it's going to snow this weekend so if anyone else wants to bring a broom, or shovel to help us all along the way that would be great!

Looking forward to fighting it out in the snow will y'all. Just trying to be proactive as I'm coming from Detroit!



Aaron Goofy Mitchell    January 5 at 7:18pm

Ashley Carrier am4 98478


Alex Moser    January 5 at 6:57pm

I’ve been talked into playing
Put me in Am3 #93556


patrick corey    January 5 at 6:48pm

Is there a player pack ???? am4

Matt Rinker   January 5 at 9:06pm

Yup - check the first post in the comments, custom stamped wizards

Matt Rinker    January 5 at 5:36pm



Matt Rinker    January 5 at 5:34pm



Craig Clingan    January 5 at 4:17pm

Just registered (MPG) so you can remove my cashless one. There was no MP50 to choose so had to go with MPG.

Joseph Caldwell   January 5 at 6:43pm

Why on earth are there two divisions of MPG and Masters +50. I thought MPG was no longer a division.

Craig Clingan   January 5 at 10:44pm

I think it's just a transitional phase that we'll grow out of soon. As you know, I dealt with the same thing on our Ice Bowl (taking place on the 13th!)

Andew "Chedder" Wonch    January 5 at 2:48pm

Question I'm surprised I haven't seen. All regular tees? Or short on 13? Or day of decision

Matt Rinker   January 5 at 5:35pm

At this point, plan on regular tees. Come day of, might switch to short 13 to cut back on lost discs

Andew "Chedder" Wonch   January 5 at 8:55pm

Kinda what I figured. Thanks