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PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 15-16, 2021 at Grand Central Station in Central, South Carolina
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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All players must be 2021 current PDGA members before registering. Must be current member through the the date ... more
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Andrew Bright    May 12 at 12:44pm

According to the UpstateDGC link, Hole 7 for Freight is from the Long and Hole 16 for Loco is from the short. Any further info on Pars? Thanks.

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Ethan Pegram   May 12 at 1:15pm

On Monday, the sign for 7 showed par 3 so I believe they are both par 3s now.

Todd Lion   May 12 at 1:34pm

Both are par 3s for the tournament configuration. (Not that it actually matters for anything.)

Sawyer Berry   May 13 at 12:14am

The long makes sense for 3 as well. But true

Tory Morton    May 3 at 4:46pm

Have to drop due to work conflict this weekend, Requesting Refund, Congrats to the person who makes it in off the wait list.


Wesley Shepherd    May 3 at 2:52pm

Do you need volunteers for am weekend? I already have a hotel so I could help out at least one of the days if I can’t make it off the waitlist. Also are spectators allowed for the pros? Sorry if I’m behind on some info.

Bryan Schaupp   May 3 at 8:55pm

Yepper we can definitely use help Am weekend although I hope you make it in!

Bryan Schaupp   May 3 at 8:55pm

Just posted about spectating.

Wesley Shepherd   May 3 at 9:19pm

Saw the post after I posted, thanks!

Eric Dickinson    May 3 at 2:27pm

How will the power line hole be played on each layout?


Matt Yukish    April 28 at 1:58am

Can you please move me to MA40? Thank you

Bryan Schaupp   April 29 at 5:03pm

Sure thing

Jay Sauls    February 24 at 2:29am

Can you please move me to MA50? Thanks!


Rock Arnold    February 16 at 6:19pm

Withdrew...looking for refund. Thanks.


Walker Gibbs    February 16 at 1:30am

Just realized that in my haste I signed up for the wrong division. Could I moved to MA2 please?

Keegan Bradford   February 16 at 1:34am

You should be able to change it yourself by editing your registration, UNLESS the TD has the divisions capped.

Bryan Schaupp   February 16 at 9:30pm

You get this resolved Walker?

Jance Tackett    February 16 at 1:18am

Are caddies allowed for the tournament?

Todd Lion   February 16 at 1:22am

We'll have to make that decision later.

Carter Duclos    February 16 at 1:17am

Hey we were waitlisted at 10 but it took the entire entry fee.

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Todd Lion   February 16 at 1:50am

I'll send all you guys an email separately, but the main gist is that when you finished the registration page there were still spots available, but by the time you finished the payment page those spots were gone. I can issue you a partial refund (full price minus $5) to leave you on the WL, and ... more

Carter Duclos   February 16 at 3:54pm

Todd, I imagined thats what happened- no biggie....

Carter Duclos   February 16 at 3:55pm

I will take the partial refund (minus the $5) to stay on the waitlist.

Keegan Bradford    February 16 at 1:10am

So, who wants to sell their spot? lol

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Keegan Bradford   February 16 at 1:33am

Lol, im 45 bud!

Justin Walker   February 16 at 1:35am

I know, but you could be 40 lol

Keegan Bradford   February 16 at 2:33am

Maybe I can just buy my way up to the top a few spots at a time!!!

Philip Skaar    February 16 at 1:07am

Wowww that was way too fast


Patrick Iannelli    February 16 at 1:05am

Same here. #24 and I got registered in under a minute.


Scott Elam    February 16 at 1:03am

Something very fishy Todd... 23rd on waitlist in one minute? How many spots reserved ahead of time?

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Scott Elam   February 16 at 1:12am

Didn't find a way to pre-fill... at least on my phone. I've done that in the past, but didn't see that option this round. Tough luck on my part. No hard feelings.

Morgan Long   February 16 at 1:15am

you have to set it up through your DGS profile and make sure you are signed into paypal

Vern Weygandt   February 16 at 1:16am

Skip the add ons, too. You can always go back and get in the ace pool and such.