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PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 19-20, 2018 at Grand Central Station in Central, South Carolina
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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mike sellers    May 19 at 2:03pm

card on 18 could not log on for live score. 404 not found error.

Todd Lion   May 19 at 2:16pm not scores. No S. Sorry bout that.

Mik Webber    May 17 at 5:14pm

So the weather will probably be rainy. But the weather channel is talking about some thunderstorms for saturday/sunday, is that just something that we play by ear on tournament day?

Jessica Kohl   May 17 at 5:33pm

It is something that is usually played by ear. A delay may be called by the TD if the conditions get bad, but if it is just rain the event is played. Here is the PDGA rules for suspension of play.

Evan Scott    May 15 at 11:56am

Please remove Evan Scott from the waitlist. Thank you.


Michael Achee    May 13 at 3:18am

Please remove me from the waitlist. I already recieved a refund minus fees earlier.

Thank you.


Giancarlo Anselmo    May 11 at 9:50pm

Please remove Giancarlo Anselmo and Anthony Anselmo from the waitlist, please. Also, I believe we will need a refund for when we registered. thanks, guys!


Jeffrey Corum    May 7 at 6:49pm

Please remove me from the waitlist, since Jay Sauls dropped out I know there isn't going to be a Adv. GMast. division. You told me it charged me the full price, so please refund me this, as we had spoke before about this.


Ken Hogarth McCullough    May 7 at 12:31pm

Please remove my son and I from this tourney waitlist.
Ken McCullough #21157
Andy McCullough #100373

Any refund, minus fees would be appreciated


Joshua Easterling    May 4 at 7:54pm

Please remove me (Joshua Easterling) from the waitlist and apply the refund minus fees. Thanks.


Daniel Eignor    April 18 at 5:23pm

Looks like I’ll prolly be placed in MA1? I’d rather play there than having to form another age restricted division with only 3-4 people.

Daniel Eignor   May 15 at 12:42pm

I notice there is a Star next to my name in MA1 is there any reason for that? Just checking

Tyler Wozniak    April 8 at 2:18pm

Hey! I was wondering if there are any camping recommendations for this tournament? Thank you.


Gavin Simpson    April 3 at 5:22pm

Hey Bryan, please remove Gavin Simpson from the waiting list and process a refund less whatever fees apply. Hope to see you guys there next year! Thanks, Rob Simpson


Morgan Long    March 19 at 9:08pm

Is the new layout going to be used or old layout?

Todd Lion   March 21 at 12:49pm

Freight on Saturday. Locomotive on Sunday

Morgan Long   March 21 at 5:47pm

Thank you!

Dustin Gilliam    March 2 at 2:45pm

I assume that the likelyhood of getting in this tournament if on a waitlist is basically low to impossible. Is this assumption correct?

Sawyer Berry   March 2 at 2:47pm

Not necessarily, a lot of people jump in as soon as it opens because that’s the only way to get in, then drop when life stuff comes up (especially since they’re guaranteed that full refund from the waitlist), so there’s a decent chance, especially the higher up the waitlist you are

Jessica Kohl   March 2 at 3:35pm

There were about 20 or so that got in off the wait list last year plus several of the waitlist last year removed their request. There is always a chance, but the hard part is most of the drops happen within 2 weeks of the event.

Joshua Easterling    March 2 at 1:22pm

I'm with Craig on this one..why would you not cap an age protected division to at least allow 4 to register? If 4 didn't sign up you could have released those spots to other divisions that have wait list competitors.


Craig Wrenn    March 2 at 10:43am

It appears that there will be no age restricted am divisions now due to not capping divisions initially. What was the thought on not capping divisions and not allowing at least four (4) players for am age restricted divisions the opportunity to register initially?

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Craig Wrenn   March 2 at 1:43pm

? You are missing the point completely and since you brought up my **** rating, I am more than happy to play you for $20 per hole sometime.

Sawyer Berry   March 2 at 1:58pm

Lol you’re rated higher than me, chill; just pointing out where you’d play instead. And so what exactly was your point? I don’t personally see a reason for age protected divisions to have a four player cap so they can form; if 4 of the age guys don’t get in, they can just pla ... more

Sawyer Berry   March 2 at 2:00pm

I should also add that I can see the argument for protecting the women’s divisions more clearly as there are so few of them who play tournaments, whereas there are plenty of folks who can fill out the MA40 and above fields, they just weren’t fast enough on registering in time for a tournament that historically sells out extremely quickly

Mik Webber    March 2 at 1:16am

Assuming the pro division doesn't fill up by the April deadline, will the remaining spots be offered to the waitlisted people in order? will we be contacted?
Thank you

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Mik Webber   March 2 at 2:09am

Ahh thank you. And yeah i figured as much.. maybe an am wont show up

Todd Lion   March 2 at 2:37am

I wouldn’t be surprised to see 20 people get in off the waitlist. I can’t say anything in any official capacity, but you’ll be surprised at how many people drop out over the next two months.

Craig Wrenn   March 2 at 10:45am

Even if I get off the waitlist, there is little chance am 40 will have a division. Why did you not cap divisions to allow am age restricted divisions the ability to be created?

Craig Wrenn    February 21 at 2:10pm

How many rounds?

Jeff Baisch   February 21 at 3:51pm


Steve Boucher    February 19 at 12:59am

Not offering 50, 60 age brackets?

Bryan Schaupp   March 2 at 12:58am

yes sorry