Great Lakes Collegiate Open

PDGA logoSaturday, September 25, 2021 at BlueGill in Wayland, Michigan
Amateur-only XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned teams tournament

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About this tournament

This event will award 3 berths for the 2022 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship! Bring your team and ... more
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Ryan Yockey    September 23 at 11:15pm

CMU will be cash reg day of
Ryan Yockey
Duncan Christiansen
Alex Parker
Jordy Brower

Leonard Johnson   September 24 at 2:51pm

Thanks, Ryan!

Paul Harris    September 23 at 8:23pm

Is it possible for us to walk the course tomorrow afternoon (Friday) if we come up early?


Paul Harris    September 23 at 1:05pm

Continuing with the theme of having team members that will be registered with CDG by Saturday but don't have PDGA members yet; BGSU will be bringing two fully registered teams:

A Team:
Paul Harris #58306
Jacob Haussler #160264
David Osting
Andrew Collins #148020

B Team:
Noah Fidler
Reese Wood
Cody Meyer
Matt Dorr #102018

The four guys without a PDGA member will be registered with CDG (along with the rest of us) by Saturday's event.

Paul Harris   September 24 at 6:10pm

Just a quick update, Reese Wood had an urgent issue come up, so we will only be fielding 3 members for our B team

Chris Wojciechowski    September 21 at 9:03pm

Toledo Alumni side event team (3 alum, 1 not-enrolled-at-moment team member): Chris Wojciechowski (27965), Dan Dembowski (145408), Benjamin Szirony (149723), Chad Spangler (144042)


Lance Haupricht    September 21 at 2:44pm

Ohio State Disc Golf Club will be bringing 2 Teams for Saturday's tournament, we also have some guys that aren't PDGA members.
Ohio State A- Carson Smith, Calvin Seeman, Lance Haupricht, Andrew Kissel
Ohio State B- Jacob Kline, Gregory Kingsbury III, Manny Fakkas, Doug Van Arsdale

Leonard Johnson   September 22 at 3:03pm

Are your guys that aren't PDGA members listed above, or are they in addition to?

Lance Haupricht   September 22 at 3:28pm

They’re listed above. Carson, Calvin and Manny do not have memberships currently, but will have CDG memberships by Saturday.

Leonard Johnson   September 22 at 5:17pm

Thanks, Lance!

Scott Wilson    September 21 at 1:31pm

Club Dead will be bringing at least 1 alumni team. Team 1. Leonard Johnson, Mark Roberts, Courtney Feister, Scott Wilson.


Mark Dembowski    September 21 at 11:28am

Rocket Disc Golf will be registering 3 teams on Friday for Saturdays tournament.
Toledo A- Robert Belair, Mark Dembowski, Andrew Goeder, Foster Hayes
Toledo B- Michael McManus, Noah Utrup, Dylan Pester, Joshua Wilson
Toledo C- Elijah Ball, Samuel Schlegel, Collin Rice, Preston Rosenberger.
We will also bring one alumni team, those who are going for sure are:
Alumni- Daniel Dembowski, Chad Spangler, Chris Wojciechowski


Foster Hayes    September 21 at 1:24am

Any chance we could play the 24 hole layout for the team round instead of 7-24? Singles rounds are already heavily favored, 24 holes of team play balances that giving a little more value to the team score. It also gives new players course experience for their singles play, and is the layout from previous collegiate events at blue gill.

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Lance Haupricht   September 21 at 5:11pm

I agree. This slight change could give some balance for both formats.

Robert Burridge   September 21 at 10:29pm

I agree, this would help balance singles with doubles.

Paul Harris   September 23 at 1:14pm

If we have say, we would also be in favor of playing doubles first - all 8 of us playing the course blind and it potentially being worse conditions for the first round

Robert Burridge    September 20 at 7:52pm

We are going to register day of since one of our members has a PDGA and collegiate membership but it won’t be active until next update.
We will have Robert Burridge, Luke Blesy, Christian Ridings, and Derek Dreher there.

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Paul Harris   September 21 at 2:33pm

Believe this will be the University of Michigan team

Leonard Johnson   September 21 at 2:38pm

Thanks, Paul!

Robert Burridge   September 21 at 10:29pm

This will be the University of Michigan

Leonard Johnson    September 16 at 1:37pm

All alumni and other players who are interested in competing in a 'side' competition, please add those names here. Confirmed for FSU (some have graduated, and some are not currently enrolled): Patrick Nemmer, Zach Sherman, Andrew Garza, Marcus Martinez, Brandon Ellis

Chris Wojciechowski   September 16 at 2:06pm

University of Toledo. We have Dan Dembowski and Chris Wojciechowski confirmed. Right now I feel confident that I will have 4 total but two of mine are "50/50 pending WIFE" (Evan Hughes and Joel Szirony). If I get Evan out there we can definitely give y'all a battle at least in the team round.

Foster Hayes    August 28 at 9:47pm

I thought that College Disc Golf was reverting back to the 4 man teams playing alternate doubles best shot for 1 round. Is that what you mean by team doubles?

Craig Clingan   September 1 at 2:22pm

I believe they are the same thing.

Ryan Brophy   September 12 at 9:11pm

I apologize for the slow reply - Team Doubles does refer to the format you described. Please see the link I just added to the about section pertaining to these two formats and scoring