FFFFaRT #3 Frost Ache at Findley Lake

Sunday, January 28, 2018 at Findley State Park in Wellington, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Presented by Greater Wellington Area and Borderline Discs. This is stop #3 in the Frozen Fingers on the Fairwa ... more
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Bill Vaughn    Sticky January 29 at 6:40pm

I'm so old, today was my first computerized tournament results entering. We used to chisel them into stone tablets. Please let me know if we missed anything. Thanks everyone for the kind words. We have a great team out here, even if they are very new to the sport. Still work to do on the course, but the way they came together for this event and in general is very encouraging for hosting future events... stay tuned!

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Michael Emerick   January 29 at 9:04pm

sounds like I missed a good one. Can't wait to get back out to this course.

Chris Warfield   January 29 at 9:49pm

Course is awesome! Bill and Co. great work out there and I’m excited to watch the course grow!

Team Jenkins   January 29 at 9:59pm

You got a fun course there Bill and crew. Congratulations !!!

Bill Vaughn    February 3 at 6:56pm

I have a few discs from found at Findley State Park last Sunday or this week since. I will bring with me to Mosquito Lake, let me know if any of the NEO family lost anything out there


Brad Silvers    January 29 at 12:50am

Great tournament Bill. Course looks great. Can't wait to come back again. Had a blast.


Keith Blakely    January 28 at 12:30pm

Keith Blakely MPO #36071. I'm on my way now, says 1 spot left, ill take it


dan jaras    January 28 at 11:23am

Unfortunately something came up so I will not be able to attend


melissa martin    January 28 at 11:08am

I'll be switching to masters if there are no other ladies. Just a heads up if you're doing cards ahead of time.

Trevor Murphy   January 29 at 1:35am

You left without paying up!

Bill Vaughn    January 28 at 7:33am

------ UPDATED --------


Jesse "Scoop" Santiago    January 28 at 4:53am

Jesse Santiago #23242 MA1. Please and thanks.

Bill Vaughn   January 28 at 7:33am

you are in

Chris Boucher    January 28 at 2:51am

Bill, my number is 104283. I will bring some water and snacks for tomorrow.

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Chris Boucher   January 28 at 4:36am

Yes thank you

Chris Boucher   January 28 at 5:13am

I'm also Chris B I didn't have a pdga # when I signed up

Bill Vaughn   January 28 at 7:32am

thanks for pointing that out

Shawn draughon    January 28 at 1:05am

Shawn draughon# 35450 open


Bill Vaughn    January 27 at 11:51pm

If anybody is certain that they can't make it tomorrow, please let me know ASAP as space is limited. There is contingency to go up to 80 players if need be, but usually we can count on 10% no show with cashless prereg so I don't think that will be necessary.


Mason Contreras    January 27 at 7:20pm

Mason Contreras open

Mason Contreras   January 27 at 7:45pm


Scott Viront    January 27 at 12:39pm

Hello, Scott Viront MA2 102542,
Steve Stein MA2, he doesn’t have a discgolf scene profile
Thank you very much

Scott Viront   January 27 at 12:40pm

Steve’s email is [email redacted] if that’s needed

Raymond Cassidy    January 27 at 12:37pm

Raymond Cassidy #88248 recreational sign me up. thx


Ryan "Tuni" P    January 27 at 12:03pm

Advanced please. 40246


Dan Keller    January 26 at 11:54pm

Dan Keller MM1 please BILL


Dennis Janney    January 26 at 11:18pm

Hi Bill,
I'd like to join the Open list, please.
Dennis Janney


Chris Boucher    January 26 at 10:35pm

I would like to sign up for the tournament and play in the rec division.

Bill Vaughn   January 26 at 10:51pm

if you don't have pdga number, what email did you use for disc golf scene profile? I need one of those to link your participation to your profile

Brad Schick    January 26 at 9:58pm

Hi Bill, if you still have room please add us to the open list. Thank you....
Brad Schick - 7992
Brian Schick 7311


Michael Carletta    January 26 at 2:53pm

Advanced Masters please no PDGA number.

Trevor Murphy   January 26 at 3:35pm


Ryan Flanagan   January 26 at 3:45pm

Hell yeah

Bill Vaughn   January 26 at 10:52pm

if you don't have pdga number, what email did you use for disc golf scene profile? I need one of those to link your participation to your profile