Dynamic Discs presents the 2018 Disc Golf Experience at Arrowhead Stadium

Saturday, June 16, 2018 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

ABOUT THE EVENT After playing indoors at the AT&T stadium in Dallas for the last three years and Nissan Stadi ... more
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James Lucia    Sticky May 23 at 3:55pm

I did not receive an email after registration. Please resend.
[email redacted]

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James Lucia   May 23 at 4:53pm

This is for James D Lucia and James Lucia.

James Lucia   May 23 at 4:53pm


Dynamic Discs   May 23 at 6:19pm

Both were resent!

Christina Saldivar    Sticky March 5 at 1:13am

Is there any way that I can sign someone up is there a waitlist for the ti.e I am playing I thought I signed them up as well but it had not gone through pls

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Dynamic Discs   March 18 at 9:36pm

Christina - Did you get our email?

Christina Saldivar   March 21 at 3:07am

No I did not I'll check now

Christina Saldivar   March 21 at 3:08am

If it was to send u the info I sent it out but got no response I'll check again pls pls

Paul Stanley    June 17 at 3:05pm

This was a great time! I’m sure it was difficult to put together but I’m hoping DD does this again.

Dynamic Discs   June 18 at 1:10pm

Thank you!

Paul Stanley    June 16 at 3:49pm

Is it to late to bring someone who wants to see what this crazy game is all about? (Just watch, not play) Family in from out of town and don’t want to have to leave him in the hotel. Can I pay for him at the gate? Thanks.

Dynamic Discs   June 18 at 1:10pm

Sorry for late response to this...not sure if they were able to join or not - hope they did!

Paul Stanley   June 22 at 4:18am

He decided after getting some much needed sleep to come over. He enjoyed watching from the stands. Might have another disc golfer in the family!

Dynamic Discs   June 22 at 2:34pm


Jose Ossa    June 15 at 9:24pm

I still cannot see my tee times. [email redacted]

Dynamic Discs   June 15 at 9:37pm

We resent your player confirmation email to [email redacted]. It will show your player info and the tee time you registered for (2:06 PM).

Jose Ossa   June 15 at 9:46pm

Thank you so much. Was hoping to see who I'm playing with. I have what I need now.

Chris Ward    June 15 at 8:30pm

I haven’t gotten any emails(registration or parking). Can I get mine resent to [email redacted] please?

Dynamic Discs   June 15 at 9:38pm

An email has been forwarded to you from [email redacted].

Jordan Renzelman    June 15 at 3:07am

ANY way I can sign my dad up to walk with the group while we play the day of?

Dynamic Discs   June 16 at 2:47am

Not sure...you will need to purchase a player pack to do so. We may have a few left for walk-up registrations.

Brad Cross    June 15 at 12:51am

Could i get t times sent to my email address please. [email redacted]

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Dynamic Discs   June 15 at 2:01am

Reynaldo Gutierrez - 2:27PM

Dynamic Discs   June 15 at 2:02am

Victor G - 2:27PM

Reynaldo Gutierrez   June 15 at 2:04am

Awesome!!! Thank you

Mike alfaro    June 14 at 11:18am

So are you guys planning on sending everyone’s teetimes through an email? Just curious I haven’t seen nothing yet, just curious how many people will be throwing or allowed to throw at the same time I’m throwing? Thanks

Dynamic Discs   June 14 at 3:43pm

We will resend your player confirmation email so you have your tee time available. There are 8 person cards.

Kari mashak Mashak    June 13 at 4:13pm

I didnt not receive a email after i registered and if i did i probably accidentally deleted it. I do not remember what time i was suppost to tee off.

Dynamic Discs   June 13 at 8:12pm

We resent your player confirmation email.

Joshua Strotkamp    June 12 at 1:11pm

What do I have to do to allow my wife to get in and not play. JUST trying to make it to where she can come to KC with me.

Kile Byington   June 12 at 3:01pm

the player pack experience is $40 and allows field access. I paid for the $10.00 family experience for my kids since they will be at the Royals game and not walking with me, but needed somewhere to hang before and after.

Dynamic Discs   June 12 at 4:05pm

The Player Pack Experience or Family Experience passes would be the best options for your wife!

Spencer Rieschick    June 11 at 4:00pm

Have you guys sent the tee times and parking passes for the event?

Dynamic Discs   June 11 at 9:10pm

Today or tomorrow.

Kile Byington    May 15 at 7:51pm

Parking passes? I know there is a Royals game that day.

Dynamic Discs   May 16 at 3:15am

They will be emailed the week of the event. We have Parking Lot E reserved for us all day at Arrowhead.

Kile Byington   May 17 at 3:01pm


Dallas Gates    April 4 at 3:07pm

Is this event sold out?

Dynamic Discs   April 5 at 5:35pm

The VIP spots are full but there are Player Experiences spots open.

Christina Saldivar    March 24 at 2:15pm

How do u know who all is playing ur tee time

Mike alfaro   March 24 at 7:16pm

Me n Rey, and some whiskey dicks crew , maybe Beto n Dave?

Dynamic Discs   March 24 at 7:53pm

We will likely post these a week or two before the event.

Christina Saldivar   March 24 at 10:11pm

Who is playing at 2pm

Steve Hendricks    February 23 at 6:41pm

Buying the non playing vip package does that get me field access and all that to walk and watch people play

Dynamic Discs   February 23 at 10:02pm

It does. In fact, if you bought the player pack option as well - you would get the discs! We may have some spots that open up day of as well for folks to slide into...

Dustin Boyd    February 22 at 11:05pm

Will there be a wait list. I’d like to attend and play. Just missed the sign ups. If there is a wait list or spots that happen to be added how will we know?


Bryan Pavlick    February 21 at 10:55pm

Open up 20 more spots!!! Me and 4 fellas from Pennsylvania wanna come! We're still gunna come buy the player packs but we want in!!!!!


Victor G.    February 21 at 6:11pm

So are all the Plex spots full? Will we be notified if there are spots available?

Dynamic Discs   February 21 at 10:55pm

We are working on adding a few spots...no guarantees at this point of time though. We do not currently have a waitlist. If we add this as an option, I will message you.

Victor G.   February 21 at 11:26pm


David Blackburn    February 16 at 2:09am

my 11 year old son want to walk with me. so i need to buy the family experience correct?

Dynamic Discs   February 16 at 3:20pm

Kids 12 and under will be able to accompany their parents on the course but will not be able to play the course. Kids 13 and up will need to purchase tickets according to the level they want to participate.

David Blackburn   February 16 at 8:31pm

Ok thought so.