Discs for Dogs @ New Belgium

Sunday, March 31, 2024 at New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

FCFDG'S 2024 Discs for Dogs Benefit @ New Belgium Brewery. Proceeds benefit Big Bones Dog Rescue for vet bills, food, and toys.

We are extremely excited to host our Discs for Dogs series at the world famous New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado with a fun 21-hole pop up design in the back of the brewery. Please only park in the designated parking areas west of the brewery and don't park on any neighborhood streets near the brewery.

This is a choose your own partner doubles tournament. Prizes will be given for the most fun had, and for the team that got to play the most disc golf! Our events are beginner and casual focused so a great first disc golf event for newbies!

Fort Collins Fun Disc Golf is comprised of all volunteers. We depend on donations and sponsors so we can host events and operate the club. Donations we receive go back to the players, courses, community outreach, course proposals and charities. The growth of Fort Collins Disc Golf needs you! The more volunteers we have the more we can give back to this wonderful sport and community. Peace, Love, and Disc Golf!


PLAYERS PACKS: A Disc and a beverage token for the first 120 to sign up. Lots of prizes to be won! Including prices for costumes and whoever has the most fun!



Optional: $3 Ace Pool, 2 for $5 Mulligans, additional Doggie Donations. Pick your hole to tee off from

If you shot a -5 or lower = Pro/Open

-5, to +5 = Advanced/Experienced

+6 to +14 = Intermediate/Casual

+15, and up = Recreational/Most Fun

Best Shot Doubles Format:

Best Shot is by far the most popular doubles format. Both players throw from each lie (starting with the tee shot), then the team chooses which of the resulting lies to continue play from, until the hole is completed. A team may take a reasonable amount of time to pick which lie they want before the 30-second play clock starts.

A lie that is picked up without being marked is gone forever; the team must throw from the other lie. If the second lie is picked up, it must be replaced in accordance with PDGA rules. All lies must be marked according to PDGA rules.
If the first player throws from the wrong lie, the second player may still throw from the correct lie.

In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone, throwing two shots at each lie (essentially playing singles)


First rule in disc golf, whoever has the most fun wins. After that play safe, play fair, and play by the course rules. Wait until the hole is clear before you throw, Stay behind your disc when you throw, and take a meter when you go out of bounds.

Big Bones mission statement:
We are an all breed, 501(c)3 non-profit, dog rescue located in Windsor, CO dedicated to helping dogs in need! While our hearts lie with the giant breeds, our mission is to save dogs from death, illness, and misfortune regardless of their size, age, breed, or health status. We hope you will open your heart and your home to a dog in need!

FCFDG's benefit Tournaments are always a great time for a great cause! It is a Casual Event designed for all. This is the perfect disc golf event if you've never played in one before. Dog and family friendly. Please play by the course rules (leashes, no outside food or drink, don't cross the fences).

FCFDG's Mission Statement: The Fort Collins Disc Golf Association is dedicated to representing the needs and interests of Disc Golfers of all ages and abilities by promoting fun events, fundraising events, charity events, outreach programs, facilitating course development and preservation, and communicating with local officials.

Refund policy

Fort Collins Fun Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. There will be no refunds 2 weeks before the event. We need to order discs, shirts, and lots of pre-planning. We appreciate your understanding.


Final Results

Mixed Pro Open
Round 1: New Belgium Brewery - D4D 2023 Regular tees, 21 holes, par 63
1Cory Dick
Danny Lozano
4242 (-21)
2Angie Dowdy
4343 (-20)
2Glen Arendt
Ted Jolly
4343 (-20)
4Conner Mitts
SueB Lande
4444 (-19)
4Jadon Y
Jon Y
4444 (-19)
4Seamus Hammond
Wes Hammond
4444 (-19)
7Austin Montgomery
Peggy Berry
4545 (-18)
7Charlie Hengemihle
Josef Schneider
4545 (-18)
7Phil Grout
Stephen Green
4545 (-18)
10Cody Bowers
Jenny Bowers
4646 (-17)
10Eric Lewis
Wes Dean
4646 (-17)
10Jake Cinkus
Mikk Graverson
4646 (-17)
10Jordan Augenstein
Justin Swotek
4646 (-17)
10Poudre Pet And Feed
Poudre Pet And Feed #2
4646 (-17)
15Christa Iron Maiden
Danny Burd
4747 (-16)
15Christian Aguilar
Jacob Walker
4747 (-16)
15Dan Guenther
Kai Poplar
4747 (-16)
15Dashiell Hall
Dion Hall
4747 (-16)
15Doug Ingersoll
Evan Mesh
4747 (-16)
15Ethan Mitchell
Kellan Turney
4747 (-16)
15Joseph Mead
Justin Zeman
4747 (-16)
15Josephine Kerrigan
Travis Coats
4747 (-16)
15Tyler Stark
Zachary Fawcett
4747 (-16)
24Adam Mondragon
Bryan DuBeck
9999 (+36)
Mixed Amateur 1
Round 1: New Belgium Brewery - D4D 2023 Regular tees, 21 holes, par 63
1Allison Latsch
Meagan Rosenlund
4848 (-15)
1Brandon Betz
Jason Ream
4848 (-15)
1Callie Paige
Cameron Duggins
4848 (-15)
1Evan Czysz
Jaxon Davenport
4848 (-15)
5Christopher Alder
Mark Pryor
4949 (-14)
5Colby Sterling
4949 (-14)
5Erin Cantrell
Scott Wieland
4949 (-14)
5Jack Shanklin
Josh Kannawin
4949 (-14)
5Kiara Olson
Timothy Frandsen
4949 (-14)
5Ramsey Bernard
Tim Griffin
4949 (-14)
11Amy Collins
John Mola
5050 (-13)
11Ben Holway
Brandon Redenbarger
5050 (-13)
11Bryan Hermann
Chris Cece
5050 (-13)
11Donna Shorrock
Luke Tourville
5050 (-13)
11Eric Hoerske
Meredith Hoerske
5050 (-13)
11Grant Walker
Ian Nagle
5050 (-13)
11Johny Hyback
Nick Schmidt
5050 (-13)
11Nathan Deakin
Sarah Deakin
5050 (-13)
19Brandon Wise
Desiree Daniel
5151 (-12)
19Elliott Morse
Thomas Cook
5151 (-12)
19Genevra Scott
Kari Flohr
5151 (-12)
5151 (-12)
23Chelsea Anderson
David Goodman
5252 (-11)
23Matt Kindell
Tony Enrietta
5252 (-11)
23Mike Marchman
Nick Sims
5252 (-11)
Mixed Amateur 2
Round 1: New Belgium Brewery - D4D 2023 Regular tees, 21 holes, par 63
1Dave Templeton 14ers
John Waddington 14ers
5353 (-10)
1Jake Colclasure
Morgan Colclasure
5353 (-10)
3Dee-Anne Breault
Glenn Dowdy
5454 (-9)
3Michael Sidwell
Trisha Pacheco
5454 (-9)
5Forrest Orswell
Nicki Orswell
5555 (-8)
6Andrew Dolan
Glen Chalkley
5555 (-8)
6James Casady
Nick Casady
5555 (-8)
6Jen K
Lyle O
5555 (-8)
9Bob Childs
Ricky Miller
5656 (-7)
9Eddie Byrne
Tyler R Morgan
5656 (-7)
9New Belgium
Tabitha Taveras
5656 (-7)
12Jamie Blanchard-Poling
Max Poling
5757 (-6)
Mixed Amateur 3
Round 1: New Belgium Brewery - D4D 2023 Regular tees, 21 holes, par 63
1Jack Augenstein
Jude Augenstein
5858 (-5)
214ers #2
Paul Martinez 14ers #2
6464 (+1)
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