Disc Downtown Grand Rapids

PDGA logoSunday, July 29, 2018 at Discdowntown 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned doubles tournament

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Tournament DirectorSteve Hedstrom
Assistant Tournament DirectorAndrea Lange

About this tournament

Disc Downtown is bringing Disc Golf back to the streets of Grand Rapids in this second annual tournament. This year however, they're constructing this one-day temporary urban course in the sunny days of summer.

For those that experienced this event in 2017 know to register early for this one-of-a-kind tournament but for those not familiar with downtown disc golf, it's exactly that. Yes, downtown disc golf...as in closed streets, Chainstars in major intersections and under 8 lanes of thundering US-131.

Disc Downtown is a non-profit, charitable organization that focuses on introducing our beloved sport to those in urban settings. To do this, we shut down streets, create prototype discs by Discraft, introduce disc golf to the public and bang chains.

Here are the tournament details:

Player packs for amateur and professional division include one Disc Downtown Buzzz, one Disc Downtown Challenger, one short-sleeved event shirt (FIRST 50 MA1 & MPO PLAYERS ONLY) and tons of extras and swag provided by event sponsors.

REGISTRATION FEE .... $100 per team
Cash payouts per PDGA guidelines. Scores do not affect PDGA rating however, points will apply toward PDGA player points.

REGISTRATION FEE .... $100 per team
Merchandise payouts per PDGA guidelines provided by Disc Baron, on site and online. Scores do not affect PDGA rating however, points will apply toward PDGA player points.

REGISTRATION FEE ... $40 per team
The Family Fun Division is non-competitive. Participants will receive one event disc per person. Event shirts and additional discs available for purchase. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Only official Disc Downtown approved discs are allowed in this tournament.***
We have to be safe, people. We are shooting disc golf in the city and want to introduce our sport in a positive manner. To do this, we've worked with Discraft to develop plastic safe for the streets. They're made of a sexy, flexy plastic that bounces off car windows, store fronts even humans without damage or injury.

All tournament participants will be provided with approved, "urban-safe" tournament discs for use during the tournament. (Pro & Am divisions will receive 4 discs per team/2 per person. Family Fun participants will receive one disc per player entry.)

Approved discs include Official "Urban Disco" Magnet by Discraft, Disc Downtown Buzzz by Discraft and Disc Downtown Challenger by Discraft. Use of any other disc during tournament is prohibited and will result disqualification of player and team without refund.

Meaning, safety first.

All official, PDGA rules and regulations will be enforced. Know the code; respect the code. Represent our sport with pride.

Schedule subject to change.
*For sponsorship opportunities, please contact [email redacted] or call Steve Hedstrom at 269-547-6349

Refund policy

Disc Downtown is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Discdowntown 2017
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Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/35757
Round 1: Discdowntown 2017 - Main course Disc Downtown Grand Rapids 2018, 24 holes, par 73
1Bryce Balcer
Jon Perry
5656 (-17)
2Adam Bell
Willie Prince
5757 (-16)
2Jacob Stahl
Matt DeHaan
5757 (-16)
2Jake Turner
Will Goeringer
5757 (-16)
5Jerry Stoken
Mark Laninga
5858 (-15)
6Andrew Watson
Ryan Brophy
5959 (-14)
6Ian Hamilton
Sam Mrdeza
5959 (-14)
8Al Haaksma
Marc LaFleur
6060 (-13)
9Carl Webb
Kyle Steed
6262 (-11)
Round 1: Discdowntown 2017 - Main course Disc Downtown Grand Rapids 2018, 24 holes, par 73
1Justin Wehrheim
Ryan Ripaldi
5555 (-18)
2Billy Scott Jr
Rich Williams
5656 (-17)
2Brice Kosten
Matt Young
5656 (-17)
2Ivan Marston
Kristopher Lee
5656 (-17)
5Conrad Budzynski
Kai Heeringa
5757 (-16)
5Lamary Hardges
Matthew Crawford
5757 (-16)
7Damian Leonard
Dustin Funk
6060 (-13)
7Jason Erwin
Lance Dehnbostel
6060 (-13)
7Matt Schooley
Sheldon Bowen
6060 (-13)
10Andy DeDonado
Chris Markel
6161 (-12)
10Bill Allen
Jake Allen
6161 (-12)
10Brandon Darling
Dan Baker
6161 (-12)
10Drake Ruhberg
Mathew NeaL
6161 (-12)
10Matthew Witham
Susan Morris
6161 (-12)
15Billy Mack
Katy Hallgren
6363 (-10)
15Dominic Passarelli
Kyle Minix
6363 (-10)
15Matt Sowle
Rob Zukatis
6363 (-10)
18Bill Scott III
Jon Marble
6464 (-9)
18Meg Fittro
Nick Fucinari
6464 (-9)
20Brad Chartier
Steve Nolff
6565 (-8)
20Chase Courtier
Zach Heerema
6565 (-8)
20Doug Cary
Jacob Billings
6565 (-8)
23Aaron Torres
Miles Lawrence
6666 (-7)
23Alex Schneider
Chris Wong
6666 (-7)
23Chris Trumbull
Josh Hobbs
6666 (-7)
23Connor Leidal
Michael Basner
6666 (-7)
23Dwayne Kay
Randy "Shide-Arm" Shideler
6666 (-7)
23Marco Aguilar
Michael Kenney
6666 (-7)
29Jennifer Yarbrough
Nathen Yarbrough
6767 (-6)
30Michael Zylstra
Randy Crawford
6868 (-5)
31Daniel Cauffman
Frank Boenzi
6969 (-4)
32J Bodbyl
Keith Allard
7070 (-3)
32James Redden
Jeffry Marculaitis
7070 (-3)
32Jason Mitchell
Matt Helms
7070 (-3)
35Aaron Wilson
Rusty Church
7171 (-2)
35Benjamin Kosmalski
James Sabo
7171 (-2)
35Chris Ursul
Rob Mirque
7171 (-2)
35Clayton Kirner
Vanisa Patel
7171 (-2)
35James Matson
Jeremy Matson
7171 (-2)
35"Lightning" Don Bush
Kendra Bush
7171 (-2)
41Johaun Hassen
Steven Shoemaker
7373 (E)
42Abrahm Shearer
Justin Wynn
7575 (+2)
43Nathan Hekker
Scott Zak
7676 (+3)
44Gene Foley
Jessica Smith
7777 (+4)
45Jen Trombley
Nicole Proehl
7979 (+6)
46Joe Fernandez
Matt Zych
8181 (+8)