Colorado State Disc Golf Championships Sponsored by Discmania

PDGA logoSat-Mon, September 5-7, 2020 at Optimist in Fort Morgan, Colorado
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Colorado State Disc Golf Championships Sponsored by Discmania graphic
Added cash $5,000


Co-Tournament DirectorKyle Harrigan
Co-Tournament DirectorDave Straight
Co-Tournament DirectorCamden Farmer
Guy who plansDavid Nunez
Course TD PessimistRay Woodruff
Course TD OptimistTom Hamilton
Course TD PessimistDaniel Jones
Course TD PessimistTashi Temple-Wood
Course TD Pessimist Gauge

About this tournament

Update 8/26/2020 Caddy/Sponsor book

Update 8/21/2020 We have been given the green light to proceed with the event after talking with the North Eastern Colorado Health Department. Officially no Spectators or Caddies will be allowed. Family can walk the paths or hangout in the area but not on the course itself. For those interested in watching we have Feature and Lead Card MPO coverage that will be available for viewing 3-5 weeks after the event on youtube.

Well this definitely will not be like any State Championships you have seen in the past!

We have had to trim the field to match the North Eastern Colorado Health Departments guidelines and with that we have attempted to offer divisions at a matching like percentage to the 2019 State Championships, and ensuring all divisions have at least 4 competitors.

The format will be 3 days, Tee times(first tee estimate 8am, last tee 3pm), 18 holes each day. Player meeting notes will be sent out in the caddy book and you will have time to ask questions prior to the start of each round.

Pool A will play Optimist Saturday, Pessimist Sunday and Optimist Monday
Pool B will play Pessimist Saturday, Optimist Sunday, and Pessimist Monday

July 23rd we will close divisions if entries do not meet the necessary minimum of 4 players.

All amateur divisions will be trophy only and full player packs.

Thanks and we hope for a great event!

Please note, we will do everything in our power to host this event but the fluid situation of Covid-19 may at anytime force us to cancel and we will follow all PDGA requirements if that becomes the case.

Pro players- payouts will be handled via PayPal. We will not be paying out with cash or check. Please let us know if you need alternative arrangements prior to the end of the event.

WAITLISTERS You have 24 hours to respond or communicate with me at [email redacted] before we move on to the next waitlister in your division.

Refund policy

Mile High Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. The event follows all PDGA rules and guidelines for refunds. All drops up to 14 days prior to the event are subject to a $10 fee, all drops within 14 days of the event are subject to a $10 fee and spot able to be filled prior to any refund. Waitlist fee non-refundable.


Fort Morgan, CO   Get Directions
Fort Morgan, CO   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Joe Rovere564957162$1,500
2Aaron Gossage585158167$940
3Tyler Liebman595260171$680
4Joel Freeman625359174$495
4Nate Metzler635457174$495
6Nick Hanson585662176$370
7Alexander Krause635858179$305
7DJ Herrington615959179$305
9Tristan Lucerne605664180$260
10JC Kester635563181$210
10Kyle Griffin645562181$210
10Ricky Sandoval625366181$210
10Santos Montoya605665181$210
14Andrew Herrera675560182$163
14Joshua Matheison645563182$163
16Josh Bergquist645663183
16Leonard Miller645861183
16Robert Nichols645762183
19Daniel Wilson655465184
20Jeff Bryk695464187
20Jon Boothe695761187
22Shawn Sullivan675764188
23Calvin Delamere635868189
23Jeff Bradshaw645966189
23Patrick Blazek645966189
26Ethan Boyd685963190
27David Stepp656165191
27Josiah Griffin675866191
29Jacob Payer735664193
30David Ross647163198
31Maverick Robertson696070199
32Ricardo Martinez685874200
33Kevin Alcala706171202
34Alan Kalid Rodriguez776970216
35Isaac Mangrum6867-135
36Austin Weik7569-144
Pro 40+
1Christopher Reed645361178$1,000
2Hank Kirwan635960182$500
2Jason Heimark645662182$500
4Mitch Sonderfan605965184$300
5Travis Blase625964185$235
6Tom Carrillo655966190$180
7Matthew Monczka696266197
7Zach Meeker666269197
9Jeff McCormack706170201
9Rocky The Great One716367201
11Chad Francis716368202
12Jason McConnell706568203
13Bryan Luoma727073215
14Pete Wade816870219
15Corey Weins85778881050
Pro 50+
1Joe Klosky626858188$900
2Chris Keener646760191$480
2Rick Kapalko616664191$480
4Travis Flett646959192$280
5Dain Eric Cunningham656861194$198
5Ken Stickley636962194$198
7Tim Gossage627360195
8Danny Pring657264201
9Mark Brown647761202
10Tyler Drennen667464204
11Rob Liebman667367206
12Randy Ortiz697663208
13Maurice Loco D Hirsch677969215
14Lennie Bottorff698170220
Pro 60+
1Jay Burghardt626961192$500
2Geoff Hungerford627063195$220
3Randy Ricks657061196
4Paul Hooston658269216
Open Women
1Callie McMorran706471205$550
2Sandra Richardson757078223$310
3Erikah Weir767079225$115
3Liz Torok766980225$115
5Angelina Videtto826876226
6Katelyn A Belty837482239
Pro Women 40+
1Karen Sattler708072222$360
2Amy Sindler859982266
1Jacob Roley575266175
2Nicholas Vigil625765184
3Andrew Ford645468186
4Chris Moss675864189
5Marion Bartlett646166191
6Seth Miller666067193
7Andrew Reynolds666267195
7George Petro676365195
9Bert Daniel Jr695869196
10Cody Beck666567198
10Ian Sawyer706365198
12Robb P666469199
13Cash Minx736166200
13Luke Myers716366200
15Tom Place686569202
16Robert Borger716171203
17Mahtias Wright686571204
17Trenton Schilling716568204
19Matt Renn706373206
19Nick Scott716471206
21Brooks Mischel707166207
22Caleb Alexander Stearns706475209
23Jeffrey Norvell726771210
24Greg 'Chop' Feuerhaken776472213
25Chadwick Page746477215
26Mike Bohner776772216
26Trey Stadheim755982216
28Daniel Leidenberger737173217
29Barrett Holtry787078226
30Scott Norris776981227
31Daniel Cole807575230
32DJ Bartlett---0
Amateur 40+
1Erik Tribelhorn606656182
2Rob Marrs566860184
3Gary Yonocsko607156187
4Truc Nguyen627158191
5Brandon Nelon637161195
6Marcus Rawls637164198
7Daniel Lewis657461200
8Joel Chirhart637663202
9Carl Klein677264203
10Derek Bricker627666204
11Shawn Gower667565206
12Bob Wilking677565207
13Manny Trujillo717663210
14Jamos Purtill677966212
Amateur 50+
1Ozzie Thoreson676361191
2Jeff Borden676466197
2Michael Hawkins656666197
4Danny Austin637164198
5Richard White627169202
5Scott Gardner627268202
7Greg Landis676769203
8Michael Oswald667073209
9Steven Penton707469213
10Scott Taylor697571215
11Kirk Kullby747573222
11Travis McAlexander718170222
Amateur 60+
1Bob Bruner717270213
2Mike Maness787676230
Amateur 70+
1Bill Thiel748276232
2Wayne Carlson837978240
3Ron Leader878387257
1Bryan Jenks585958175
2Justin Ponsor606363186
3Kyle Lundberg656659190
4Brian Galinato606567192
5Chris Nordmann637259194
6Michael Davis657160196
7Steven Shiley656765197
8J.J. Oprysko627463199
9Chris Ogram647165200
10Matt Sonka687162201
11Glenn Martin696667202
11Joshua Parrish637465202
13Chris Houck677068205
13Rusty Lovato687265205
15Jesse Koch-Laskowski726769208
16Mike Sheren707470214
17Jon M Dudley707374217
18Eric Schmidt777469220
1Jacob Lyons646664194
2Josh Rosa667064200
3Josh Jordan647168203
4Leo Miller736770210
5Dave Franks717170212
6Jeff Jones697371213
7Parker Sturm767873227
8Nathan Gilles908789266
Advanced Women
1Britt Sawyer687070208
2Jennifer Petro727373218
3Shawna Tribelhorn727473219
4Lauren Johnson797672227
5Lindsay Kester807474228
Amateur Women 50+
1Chevelle Wernsmann888988265
Intermediate Women
1Andrea Romero809184255