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Colorado, USA Righty - forehand

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Placed 8/22/21
Ace 1/6/21
Placed 9/7/20
Placed 9/29/19
Hot round9/29/19
Placed 9/29/19

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+24 79
Aug 22 '21
Purple Park · Superior, CO
Advanced tees, 18 holes
+18 73
Aug 22 '21
Purple Park · Superior, CO
Advanced tees, 18 holes
-9 45
Mar 3 '21
Johnny Roberts · Arvada, CO
2014 Re-design, 18 holes


Chevelle Wernsmann    November 1, 2022 at 10:46am

Through the trials, tribulations and some drama; I find myself re-strategizing the whole "disc golf scene". Covid punched through our live's and just tore up everything in it. So, I now find myself at a crossroads, do I just quit because I am not feeling anything for this sport anymore? Or I can try and change things up a bit to try and keep it, fun and once again meaningful. So with that, I have chose the later.... I will take a step back, gather myself up and come back a stronger and healthier "player"❣ ????⚘

PDGA# 47601


400G D4

148g - used

Driving/Windy days

Blizzard C-Line DD2

148g - used

Driving/Windy days

ProLine Sail

150g - used

Driving for Distance

Star Sidewinder

130g - beat

Driving, Upshots (Star Lite)

Star Sidewinder

134g - worn

Driving and Straight upshots (Star Lite)

Star Sidewinder

133g - used

Driving, Straight shots/Up shots (Star Lite)

Star Sidewinder

132g - beat

Driving/Upshots (Star Lite) "Pinky"

Star Teebird

122g - used

Driving, Straight/Up shots

Star Valkyrie

139g - used

Driving, Straight shots (Star Lite)

Blizzard Champion Wraith

137g - worn

Driving and Upshots Wind/Control shots

Star Wraith

136g - used

Driving and Anhyzer shots (Star Lite)

Star Wraith

136g - used


Star Wraith

135g - used


DX Gator

144g - new

Have not thrown as of yet.

R-Pro Pig

175g - beat

Putting and some second shots

Elite Z FLX Zone

166g - used

Backhand Up-shots and Putting

Favorite clubs

Favorite courses

Adams Hollow · Brighton, CO
Beaver Ranch · Conifer, CO
Cache La Poudre Jr. High · La Porte, CO
Casper DGC · Casper, WY
Edora Park · Fort Collins, CO
Johnny Roberts · Arvada, CO
Optimist · Fort Morgan, CO
Oxbow · Windsor, CO
Pessimist · Fort Morgan, CO
Pioneer Park DGC · Sterling, CO
Pueblo City Park · Pueblo, CO
Purple Park · Superior, CO
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