Auburn Mid Summer Madness - Presented by MVP

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 30-31, 2022 at Auburn Regional Park in Auburn, California
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Chain Zombies presents the Auburn Mid Summer Madness Players will play one round a day with tee times. ... more
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Riley McFarland    August 1 at 6:09pm

Thanks for a sick tournament, TDs and helpers!


Richard Poplin    July 31 at 2:04am

Round 2 scores are up


Brandon Clarke    July 31 at 1:25am

When/where will round 2 times be posted?

Richard Poplin   July 31 at 2:02am

they are up on PDGA

Riley McFarland    July 29 at 9:11pm

Hi, Rich - can you clarify/confirm that the path and left of the path are OB on #10? Saw it in your comments here but not in the email. Thanks!

Richard Poplin   July 29 at 11:40pm

I can confirm that, I missed it in some of the emails and will announce it before tee times in the course notes, it is on the digital scorecard

Nate S    July 29 at 7:52pm

Are caddies allowed for the MA2 division? Also are people allowed to follow cards or is that not allowed?

Richard Poplin   July 29 at 11:38pm

both are alowed

Zachary Edmonds    July 29 at 2:37pm

Hi Rich, just tested positive for covid, I need to withdraw and see about a refund. Zach Edmonds, 188323, 8:50 tee time, sorry for the hassle


Bart Eccles    July 28 at 11:29pm

Are you sending out a caddy book? Or something to understand distances & OB’s

Mark Reynolds   July 29 at 1:27am

Check the email you used to register with

Richard Poplin   July 29 at 4:58am

I sent out an email with most of that on there, Ill see if I can get something more detailed to you if I have the time

Tad Thrower    July 28 at 4:13pm

Hey all just a heads up Pi Dye Discs will be at the tournament with lots of fresh dyed discs.

Leonard Muise   July 28 at 4:53pm

cool! i'll be there too with my Whirlwind store -- including lots of your dyes! :)

Birk Ellis    July 27 at 6:43pm

Hi Rich, When can we expect to see tee times? Just curious, answer when you can.

Jesse Reed   July 27 at 6:59pm

He usually posts them Wednesday night before the tournament.

Birk Ellis   July 27 at 7:46pm

thx Jesse

Roger Vartabedian   July 27 at 10:32pm

Registration doesn't even close until tomorrow evening. Then there should be an idea of who is in and who is not to create tee times

Todd Williams    July 26 at 2:08am

I would like to play AM fifty if possible I sign up for AM fourty because no spots thanks

Richard Poplin   July 26 at 12:41pm

I switched you to MA50

Jacob Bassetti    July 23 at 3:21am

I won’t be able to attend. Can I please withdraw and have refund initiated? Thank you!

Richard Poplin   July 23 at 3:54am

Yea, for future use you should be able to request a refund from the registered players tab and it emails the TD with a quick link to send a refund, Ill take care of it manually for you now

Chris paladino    July 21 at 3:23pm

I unfortunately have to withdraw. Recovery from a neck injury is taking longer than expected. Sorry for any inconveniences and thank you.


Richard Poplin    July 19 at 12:24pm

The course is setup for the event

1C, 2c, 3d, 4b, 5b, 6c, 7A, 8C, 9c, 10B, 11A, 12b, 13b, 14C, 15B, 16E, 17B, 18b!
Pathways will play INBOUNDS with the following exception: Hole 10, PATH AND BEYOND are O.B.
No mando on hole 11
Two Meter Rule!
All other OB’s, and Mandos will play as usual.

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Jesse Reed   July 19 at 3:52pm

Capital letters indicate that the basket moved this week.

Jesse Reed   July 19 at 3:54pm

Rich, It’s silly to think that nobody will miss the mando on 11 just because the basket is in short pin. Grip-lock happens! ????

Zach Kimbrough   July 20 at 1:54pm


Evan Robinson    July 13 at 5:26am

Can you tell us where each hole will be? Like what pin position

Jesse Reed   July 13 at 9:58am

As soon as it’s decided, we’ll post a link. Pin changes are always posted on the club’s Facebook page. Chain Zombies.

Owen Sandy    July 12 at 8:27pm

Are the pin positions set up for what they’ll be during the tournament?

Jesse Reed   July 13 at 9:56am

Not yet. Follow Chain Zombies on Facebook for pin position updates!

Jeff Sherfey    July 12 at 4:05am

Any suggestions for camping near Auburn?

Jesse Reed   July 12 at 4:35am

Find a friendly driveway.

Jeff Sherfey   July 12 at 4:37am

Cool, in my Prius camper, lol!

Hank Dickey    July 6 at 9:52pm

Hello, unfortunately I must withdraw. Hopefully next time. Thanks

Hank Dickey   July 6 at 9:53pm

I was not able to withdraw through my account, hopefully this works.

Richard Poplin   July 7 at 3:30am

It will, I will get that out to you soon

James Agnone    July 3 at 6:42am

Change of plans I must withdraw. Have great tournament everyone.


Richard Poplin    June 27 at 7:40pm

Tee time schedule, (Tentative)
MA60 - 7:30-7:50
MA50 - 8:00-8:30
MA40 - 8:40-9:50
MA3 - 10:00-10:40
MA2 - 10:50-12:20
MA1 - 12:30-2:00
FA3 - 2:10
FA2 - 2:20-2:30
FA40 - 2:40
FA1 - 2:50-3:00
Might change a little but not by much depending on division limits

Riley McFarland   June 27 at 11:22pm

Thanks, RP! This will be the schedule for both days?

Richard Poplin   June 28 at 12:19am

Yes, both days will be the same division blocks, 2nd round will just be sorted by score within the divisions block of time

Riley McFarland    June 16 at 2:47am

Still early, but wondering if tee times will be random or at will?

Also, is the layout decided yet?

Roger Vartabedian   June 16 at 6:48pm

Division order for tee times will be MA60, MA50, MA40, MA3, MA2, MA1, FA3, FA2, FA40, FA1.

Roger Vartabedian   June 16 at 6:48pm

Random people for round 1 within your division, then based on score for the final round