Auburn Amateur Driven By Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 10-11, 2021 at Auburn Regional Park in Auburn, California
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The tournament will be one round a day with tee times. Tee times will start at 7:00 and be four players every ... more
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Josh Leinan    April 10 at 3:10am

Good luck Everyone.Go bang them chains.????


Alyssa Salazar    April 9 at 10:04pm

What is the par for 12D, 3 or 4?

Richard Poplin   April 9 at 10:11pm

4, the tee sign says 3 but I updated the layout on the electronic scorecard to say 4

Matt Garrido    April 9 at 5:55pm

I requested a withdrawal around 10am today, so someone in Rec should be getting bumped in

Mike Bolt   April 9 at 6:42pm

My Brotha is gonna be happy......But I hope everything is good with you.

Richard Poplin    April 9 at 2:48pm

Registration closes at 5:00PM today and at that point I will be refunding all the wait list. After that if there are withdraws I will not be able to fill your spot and you will not receive a refund but receive a players package still (PDGA rules)


Alyssa Salazar    April 8 at 8:02pm

There are two woman players driving from So Cal for this event and if tee times are the same for woman on Sunday that means that these two players will not be able to make it home before midnight. Traditionally woman start earlier before Pro divisions. Out of courtesy for those traveling over 500 miles to play in this tournament could the woman have an earlier tee time on Sunday.

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Richard Poplin   April 9 at 2:45pm

Since this post went up I have had multiple people saying I’ve already posted what the schedule was planed to be and they have planed accordingly, I am giving this serious consideration on how I can make it work but I won’t have a final decision until a little afternoon

Robert Sanders   April 9 at 8:45pm

Don’t sign up for a Sunday tourney 500 miles away and then complain about the tee time you get because you have to travel home that same day. Plan accordingly or don’t enter. Rich posted many times about the expected tee times for divisions with ladies to be afternoon on Sunday.

Cyndi Hurzeler   April 9 at 9:48pm

Got it. I've played many tournaments around the country and this is honestly the first one I've ever played where the women are later in the day. I was not expecting to be later in the day due to those experiences. If I was able to withdraw without effecting my friends round, I would have.

Keith Nezaam    April 8 at 4:15am

Will there be temp holes? Previous years have included 2-6 temp holes. Thanks

Richard Poplin   April 8 at 4:20am

No temp holes this year

Rigoberto Velez    April 8 at 3:46am

Will we be allowed a caddy?

Richard Poplin   April 8 at 4:28am

I couldn’t find anywhere that the PDGA doesn’t allow it, but if you would both be of the same household to be handling the same equipment

Richard Poplin    April 8 at 2:21am

tee times are up


Rhi Langlois    April 7 at 11:56pm

What's the likely hood of being able to play this weekend? If not, getting a refund if requested today?

Richard Poplin   April 8 at 12:31am

I have no way to tell if anyone is going to drop out of your division by Friday evening.

Richard Poplin   April 8 at 12:33am

If you want to wait till Friday to see if anyone drops out you are first on the list to get in, if nobody drops out you will receive a full refund Friday. if you want a refund at anytime before that you can request one and I will issue a full refund to you upon request

dave cox    April 6 at 10:27pm

Are tee times going to be posted here?

Roger Vartabedian   April 7 at 3:37pm

They will be posted on the PDGA page

dave cox   April 7 at 7:58pm

Thank you

Dylan Jones    April 6 at 2:29pm

I'm have to fall out of the waitlist and ask for a refund, hopefully I'll play with y'all next year! Thanks


Darla Thomas    April 5 at 7:59pm

Will Sunday have the same tee time schedule as Saturday?

Richard Poplin   April 5 at 8:13pm

Most likely, it might change a little but the women’s divisions will still be last

Jason Halk    April 5 at 7:21pm

Is the course layout set for the tournament right now?

Richard Poplin   April 5 at 8:09pm


chris isom    April 5 at 6:12pm

Any idea when tee times will be published? Need to figure out if I need to stay up there Friday night. Thanks for the response

Richard Poplin   April 5 at 6:19pm

I will post the tee times Wednesday afternoon, Saturday division order will be masters, rec, int, adv, and then the women’s in the same order

Mike Bolt   April 8 at 1:38am

Cough Cough

Mike Bolt    April 3 at 2:44pm

So you filled up the spots?
Left rec at 8.......lame sauce

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Richard Poplin   April 4 at 1:42pm

if I could field more that 120 players I would add more rec but I can't add more, the OTB A tier fields 194 players and only has 12 spots for rec, I am sorry we can't field everybody and that rec was so popular;ar this year

Roger Vartabedian   April 5 at 12:10am

Want more spots, consider playing a different division.

Mike Bolt   April 5 at 1:06pm

That makes complete sense except we all paid the same we did not pay no less. Just bummed cuz my brother didn't make it into the tournament.

Joe D    March 29 at 9:31pm

Hey guys - I need to un-register from the waitlist and ask for a refund. I've got some other plans that have come up for that weekend. Thanks!

Joe D   March 29 at 9:32pm

This is Joe DiMiero, btw. Thanks again!

Richard Poplin   March 29 at 10:50pm

Refund issued

Eric Roth    March 29 at 2:41am

what order are the divisions teeing off in?

Richard Poplin   March 29 at 5:44am

not official but most likely it will be the masters, rec, int, adv, and then the women's in that same order

Dane DeMattei    March 23 at 1:51pm

Is it worth me putting myself on the MA50 waitlist? (Currently just one person on it in division) Just wondering if you think more spots might be available?

Ron(Bonehead) Jones   March 23 at 8:44pm

I wouldn't bother. /s (coming from that one person that is on the waitlist and is kind of tired of you stomping the **** out him in every tournament) lol

Richard Poplin   March 24 at 11:49pm

I can't speculate to how many people will drop from the tournament, we will mot be adding more than the 120 players that is our max

Jon Kimpson    March 21 at 10:15am

Can u plz put me on waiting list

Richard Poplin   March 22 at 4:18pm

What division are you looking to try to get in to?

Cyndi Hurzeler    March 19 at 5:53pm

Do you happen to know approximate tee times? I'm traveling from the socal area and am going to be driving home after the final round and am hoping to have an early tee time.

Richard Poplin   March 19 at 8:04pm

the last tee times will be around 1:00 and the women's groups are going to be last