Athens "Hit me with your best shot" Open supported by Innova, Discraft, & Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 28-30, 2023 at Athens Regional Park in Athens, Tennessee
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Early registration open to any PDGA current member: $45 fee includes opportunity to register early plus: *** ... more
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HB Clark    Sticky June 19 at 3:02pm

Amateur Players Package update: 3 custom stamped premium discs plus custom tee shirt):
Players will get their choice of one disc from each supporting manufacture:

DISCRAFT: ESP Line Glow Buzzz; CryZtal Buzzz; Glow Z Raptor.

INNOVA: Halo Star Boss; Halo Star Destroyer; Halo Star Shryke; Halo Star Sidewinder; Halo Star TeeBird3.

DYNAMIC DISCS: Moonshine Raider; Lucid Ice Glimmer EMAC Truth; Lucid-X Moonshine Trespass; Lucid Ice Orbit Evader; Fuzion Orbit Enforcer; Fuzion Orbit Harp.

... more


Tanner gilliland    July 28 at 12:47am

Hi, looking at the tee times there are 7 players set to tee off at 940. Myself with 2 other ma2 players, also 4 other ma3 players. Wondering if this is correct or times got overlapped

HB Clark   July 28 at 1:57am

working on it . . . .

HB Clark   July 28 at 2:15am

should be OK now . . .

Broden Barlow    July 27 at 11:44pm

Sorry to ask multiple questions but are the tee times posted and I’m just missing them or are they not posted yet?

Rick Smith   July 27 at 11:50pm

Not posted yet but soon after 8:00

HB Clark   July 28 at 12:05am

up . . . . .

Broden Barlow    July 27 at 4:52pm

Do we have to check in today, or is there an option to check in and grab the players pack tomorrow before the round? Thanks

HB Clark   July 27 at 5:03pm

Tomorrow before or after your round is fine.

Broden Barlow   July 27 at 5:20pm

Thanks for the response!

HB Clark    July 26 at 3:18pm

An email system will be used for all announcements, so be sure to watch for updates (like tee times published). First email (copied below) sent Wednesday late morning – so look in your spam box.

If you want to change divisions let the TD know by Thursday afternoon! There are a few divisions of one player so if you wish you can move to another division you qualify for with your PDGA ratings and age.

The course has two tees and two baskets set up at al ... more


Jose Martin    July 25 at 10:14pm

Can I switch from MA40 to MP40, please?

HB Clark   July 26 at 1:38pm

I have you moved . . . you can pay the $39 differance on site (cash, card, Venmo, or PayPal)

Jose Martin   July 26 at 5:26pm

Thanks, I'm noticing that the option to pay the difference is also on my Registered Players page, can I just to do that?

HB Clark   July 26 at 10:58pm

Yes you can.

HB Clark    July 25 at 2:04pm

TENITAVE TEE TIMES as you make plans:
For player's planning purposes, subject to changes as drops and adds continue: FAs, JRs, MA4, MA3 will go off in the range of 8am to 9:40. MA2, MA50 plus will go off 9:50 to 10:10. MA40, MA1, MP-older, MP40, and MPO will go off 10:20 to 12:50. Will start at 8am each day so we can beat the beat afternoon high heat indexes.

Bethel Barrett   July 26 at 8:33pm

great info ! thank you.

Kunle Lawson    July 25 at 1:23pm

When will tee times be released? Please and thank you.

HB Clark   July 25 at 1:57pm

Thursday evening.

HB Clark   July 25 at 2:01pm

For player's planning purposes, subject to changes as dropps and adds continue: FAs, JRs, MA4, MA3 will go off in the range of 8am to 9:40. MA2, MA50 plus will go off 9:50 to 10:10. MA40, MA1, MP-older, MP40, and MPO will go off 10:20 to 12:50.

Kunle Lawson   July 26 at 2:13pm

Thank you

Madison Haley    July 22 at 6:41pm

Since no one is in FA1 could you move me to MA3?

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HB Clark   July 24 at 6:22pm

Ill make sure you are on the same card . . . HB

Aleta Nowak   July 24 at 10:18pm

Awesome!!!! I could use some pointers from a pro lol

Aleta Nowak   July 24 at 10:18pm

Thank you :)

Joe Edidin    July 18 at 1:11am

Please move me from MA2 to MA40. Thanks!

HB Clark   July 18 at 1:22pm

I have you moved, HB

Andrew Sinor    July 16 at 5:53pm

Could I be moved from ma2 to ma3

HB Clark   July 16 at 11:39pm

I have you moved, HB

Joseph Nowak    July 11 at 2:59am

When will there be a caddy book?

HB Clark   July 11 at 1:42pm

I will do an email to all players with the details (schedule, out of bounds, etc) prior to the event.

John Clemmons    June 15 at 2:21am

I'm registered for MA40 and I would like to move to MA4 if possible.

HB Clark   June 15 at 1:36pm

I have you changed . . . HB

Britten Hutchison    June 5 at 5:09pm

Could I be moved from ma2 to ma3, when I registered I was way in over my head and have been humbled since then lol.

HB Clark   June 6 at 9:02pm

I have you moved . . . HB

Joshua Gibbs    June 2 at 7:18pm

Is there anyway I can get my division changed? I’m registered for MA40 and would like to change to MA3. TIA

HB Clark   June 3 at 1:40pm

I have you moved

Joshua Gibbs   June 3 at 6:51pm


Tyler Buckley    May 29 at 1:21pm

Is there a general time frame estimate for tee times by division? Which divisions will tee off first vs last each day? Thanks.

HB Clark   May 29 at 3:57pm

we start with the lower amateurs (novice, rec, . . . and go to the pros

Tyler Buckley   May 29 at 8:25pm

So would ma3 probably be around 9ish? Just wondering I'd be finished and have enough time to be leaving around 1245ish on Saturday.

HB Clark   May 29 at 9:48pm

Most likely

Jared Elgin    May 15, 2023 at 2:31am

When will registration open for the flex start? Can’t seem to find it anywhere to register.


Bethel Barrett    March 31, 2023 at 11:59pm

Is the sponsor shirt still available and can you provide more info on the type of material ?

cotton, athletic stretch, cotton poly blend. other ?

HB Clark   April 1, 2023 at 3:15pm

Athletic Stretch: Sport-Tek - PosiCharge Competitor Polo.

HB Clark   April 1, 2023 at 3:15pm

And yes, still taking sponsor registrations

HB Clark   April 1, 2023 at 3:17pm

Sponsor registration ends May 1st, then I will order and ship all custom shirts to your home address

Michael Shaver    November 15, 2022 at 2:19pm

Is the schedule shown final? I see this says the event is Fri-Sun, but the schedules shows thurs-Saturday for the event

Tyler Buckley   November 15, 2022 at 2:43pm

Looks like one section of Friday's schedule should probably be for Sunday. Thursday appears to be early check in and there will also be a flex start that day separate from the A-tier 3 rounds.

HB Clark   November 16, 2022 at 4:22pm

Thanks for noting, I have fixed the schedule (Thursday flex and check-in, Friday - Sunday rounds one through three with tee times