Madison Haley  › Athens "Hit me with your best shot" Open supported by Innova, Discraft, & Dynamic Discs   July 22 at 6:41pm

Since no one is in FA1 could you move me to MA3?

Aleta Nowak   July 22 at 10:51pm

I'm not an FA1 player but I will move up if you want to have someone to play with

Madison Haley   July 23 at 12:39pm

Oh are you in FA2? That’s fine, I’ll just stay FA1 and you can stay FA2 or move up. Either is fine with me

Aleta Nowak   July 24 at 12:17am

Yes I'm FA2 but I don't mind either way lol we might be on the same card who knows

HB Clark   July 24 at 6:22pm

Ill make sure you are on the same card . . . HB

Aleta Nowak   July 24 at 10:18pm

Awesome!!!! I could use some pointers from a pro lol

Aleta Nowak   July 24 at 10:18pm

Thank you :)