6th Annual Kanawha Valley Regional

PDGA logoSaturday, June 13, 2020 at Redeemer Park in Charleston, West Virginia
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

All previous notes have been moved to the comments section in order to make space for tee times. Please ensure ... more
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Justin Davis    June 13 at 9:13pm

I couldn’t stay for payouts if you could get me some sort of store credit or something that would be very appreciative. If that isn’t an option have a throw off for it.

Steven Koepsel   June 13 at 11:16pm

Call me and I will mail you discs at no cost, let me know what you want.

Steven Koepsel    June 8 at 12:49am

At this point (05/25/2020 6 AM) the KVR is still scheduled. However, per Governor Justice guidelines no out of state residence can play without being quarantined for 14 days. All out of state players have been refunded max registration fees.


With the restrictions placed there are some changes that were necessary at this point.
Field Quantity, payout and number of venues.

There will now be only two venues - Wine Cellar and Redeemer. Tee times will be est ... more


Douglas Craiglow    June 6 at 11:31am

PDGA sanctioning has brrn reinstated for both West Virginia & Ohio. Would this tournament be opened for those in Ohio?

Steven Koepsel   June 6 at 5:39pm

No sorry

Scott Jenkins   June 9 at 2:56am

Yea... bummer agreed

Rod Kaiser    June 5 at 3:42pm

Can out of state players join yet or is there still a ban?

Steven Koepsel   June 5 at 4:54pm

Sorry, must still be in state for fourteen days.

Stephen Leippi    June 2 at 10:13pm

I regret that I have to withdrawal myself.


Brandon Maynard    June 2 at 3:43pm

I regret to inform you I must withdraw from the KV...sad day.


Scott Jenkins    June 1 at 11:17pm

If WV and surrounding states no longer have a travel ban why is it still being restricted to WV residents?

Steven Koepsel   June 2 at 10:56am

The Governor has not release it for sports at this point

James Enfinger    June 1 at 1:46am

Will we know tee time/course assignment info in advance? When to pick up players packs... etc?

Steven Koepsel   June 1 at 2:05pm

Yes- forthcoming....

Michael Garten    May 21 at 12:56am

so any word yet if were still playing the KVR in june

Steven Koepsel   May 21 at 9:59am

Please follow the PDGA site for updates.

Michael Garten   May 22 at 11:38pm

Im not seeing anything rly besides utah did there first PDGA santioned tournament during all this

Scott Jenkins    May 15 at 8:27pm

Given the new PDGA statement am I understanding that the event should be going forward still? If so are there potentially changes to the limitations on player cap and or possibly tee times.. or even a 2nd day to help spread things out more? I know you may not know yet, but just figured I'd ask since people already signed up as well as those looking are probably wondering what changes are to happen.

Steven Koepsel   May 15 at 9:23pm

The tournament will only move forward if we get a statement from the state that Disc Golf is an approved sport to play. I am doing everything I can to get this in writing. This will cover all tournaments in the state.

Steven Koepsel   May 15 at 9:24pm

So if you know someone that can help with this in the capital please contact that individual. Right now we are at a stand still.

Douglas Craiglow    April 20 at 12:56am

What courses do MA4 & MJ15 play? I see 3 different courses listed?

Steven Koepsel   April 20 at 10:56am

At this time I cannot post courses due to the current situation in the country.

Scott Jenkins    April 12 at 7:10pm

Obviously nobody knows 100% what is going on with Corona and all, but what is your plan for Kanawha this year? Keeping it "on" until a couple weeks before and if there is still some sort of restriction moving the date? Seems like thus far a lot of events June onward are just sticking with the dates until they are forced otherwise to postpone.

Steven Koepsel   April 13 at 9:29am

Sorry, but I don't have answer at this point.

Brad Schick    January 2, 2020 at 12:39am

Any chance of adding Open again Steve? Would love to come back and play there!

Steven Koepsel   February 9, 2020 at 1:20pm

Sorry Brad but not at this time