2nd Annual Tower Mountain Throwdown BYOP Doubles

Saturday, December 9, 2017 at Tower Park in Greenville, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

You're not going to want to miss this tournament! With the US Army Recruiting office of Greenville paying for ... more
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Jared Rittersdorf    Sticky December 9 at 12:06am

Also there are a bunch of places close by that are quick for lunch but Mr. T's Party Store and Deli is doing a special offer for all tournament goers. Buy 2 slices of pizza and get a 20 oz fountain drink free. They have a huge craft beer/beer section if that suits your fancy for victory celebration!


Jared Rittersdorf    Sticky December 9 at 12:01am

The main parking lot will fill up tomorrow from the disc golf traffic, but there are 2 parking it's close to tournament central. If you are familiar with the course there is a parking lot by between hole 1 and 2. Also there is another parking lot between hole 4 and 5. Both parking lots can be accessed from South Street!


Mike Mccolley    December 9 at 1:25pm

Running a little late how long will registration be open


Jared Rittersdorf    December 9 at 11:56am

About an inch of snow has currently accumulated, with 1to 4 more on its way. Drive safe


Jeff Tice    December 9 at 11:51am

We still have a few spots open if you want to show up this morning


Jared Rittersdorf    December 9 at 11:47am

Leave early to give yourself enough time this morning


Jared Rittersdorf    December 9 at 3:17am

I'd like to thank 616 disc for making trophies and donating for ctp lps


Matt Provot    December 9 at 12:04am

I know it's kind of late for this but does anyone know someone looking for a partner. I know a guy who asked if I could find out and I totally forgot. Probably AM2.


Jared Rittersdorf    December 8 at 11:57pm

I would like to thank Codie McConnell for donating

Codie McConnell   December 9 at 12:59am

Anytime brother

Tyler Huyghe    December 8 at 8:57pm

Dan Abruzzi and I would like to play if there’s still room

Jared Rittersdorf   December 8 at 11:56pm

Should be room, get here early for sign ups.

Chris Kibbe    December 8 at 3:31pm

Curious as to the snowfall you have in the area, is the ground covered?

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Stormie Morris   December 8 at 4:28pm

I just heard up to 6in by the time the tournament is over!

Codie McConnell   December 8 at 5:57pm


Chris Kibbe   December 8 at 6:00pm

Ok sounds good, looking forward to it, thanks for the info

Miles Hansel    December 8 at 4:03am

Miles Hansel 33549 and Garrick Nygren 97208 AM2

Jared Rittersdorf   December 8 at 11:54pm

Get here early and we should have room tomorrow for you guys

T A    December 6 at 3:36am

waiting on my buddy to agree to drive down and play mpo w/ me. ill probably find someone regardless

Jared Rittersdorf   December 8 at 11:53pm

Awesome, looks like a little room to register day of if you guys decide to make the trek

William Oostdyk    December 5 at 10:52pm

Will oostdyk 68332 and jim wareck 84557 am1 please team IDK

Jeff Tice   December 6 at 2:16am

Pre pay or sign up day of

William Oostdyk   December 8 at 9:48am

Sorry sign up day of

Jared Rittersdorf   December 8 at 10:48pm

Cya bright and early tomorrow!

Kristin Pair    December 5 at 1:01am

Is there anybody looking for a partner? I won't be able to play with my husband this weekend so he was hoping to register for the mens amateur intermediate group.


Jared Rittersdorf    December 2 at 11:01pm

I would like to thank Andy Dedonado for donating a CTP/L.P.


Jared Rittersdorf    December 2 at 1:38am

A week and a day away!


Rob Zukatis    November 29 at 9:28am

How many teams can sign I. I got a team just can't sign up til payday and don't wanna miss out

Jeff Tice   November 30 at 4:52pm

You should be ok to sign up day of

Stormie Morris    November 28 at 6:32pm


Jared Rittersdorf   November 28 at 6:37pm

Dirty peach tree in the house!

Rachel Terryn   November 28 at 7:07pm

Ooooo I've been hunting for a partner for this! It would be so fun to play with you guys

Stormie Morris   December 8 at 4:27pm

We will see what we can do about that!

Jared Rittersdorf    November 27 at 2:53am

I'd like to thank Nick Simon of Lumber Jack Discs for donating to the tournament!

Nick Simon   December 9 at 6:01pm

You bet, my friend!