2nd Annual Mill Creek MetroParks Spring Open

Sunday, May 22, 2022 at Mill Creek MetroParks Farm DGC in Canfield, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This event will showcase the entire Mill Creek MetroParks Disc Golf Course. Each participant will start by pla ... more
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Chris Bundy    May 20 at 1:51pm

Payouts for this tournament will include: Mill Creek MetroParks Merchandise, Gift Cards to - Mill Creek Pro Shop, Gift Cards to - Pure Flight Discs: www.pureflightdiscgolf.com

The winners will be able to choose their choice of prize.

See you all on Sunday!


Chris Bundy    May 20 at 1:28pm

Mill Creek MetroParks Tee Times 2022

Tee Time Player Name Division

10:00 Derek Armstrong MA1 Advanced
10:00 Joshua Miller MA1 Advanced
10:00 Kevin Buck MA1 Advanced
10:00 Luke Shelton MA1 Advanced

10:10 Calvin Roby MA3 Recreational
10:10 Christian Toppi MA3 Recreational
10:10 Cody Morrison MA3 Recreational
10:10 David Natoli MA3 Recreational

10:20 Ian Crain MA3 Recreational
10:20 Jake Emery MA3 ... more


Mike Yankey    May 19 at 2:22pm

I Mike Yankey and Dorian Monroe signed up just today. I emailed Chris to let him know.


Brian Moff    May 19 at 11:31am

Upate to the OB Lines

All Ag Field OB Will Be Marked with Yellow Paint and Red Flags, Circle 1 will also be marked by Yellow Paint( if yellow paint is in a circle its not OB) (Water will not be marked, card memebers make decision)

Field course Out-of-Bounds
• Hole 1-Ag Field
• Hole 2-Ag Field/Water
• Hole 3-Water/Bike Path
• Hole 4-Ag Field/Bike path
• Hole 5-Ag Field
• Hole 6-Ag Field

Forest Course Out-of-Bounds
• Hole 1-Ag Field
• Hole 2 ... more


Chris Bundy    May 18 at 1:55pm

The tee schedule was just emailed out to all participants. If you did not receive it please let me know .


Patrick miller    May 17 at 8:47am

Any update for the day of schedule?

Chris Bundy   May 17 at 7:01pm

Please watch your email. It will be sent out soon.

Dan Dycus    May 15 at 5:30pm

Is this a sanctioned event?

scott summers   May 15 at 10:13pm


David Wolbert    May 5 at 6:54pm

I’d like to register, but I work at a church in New Brighton PA. I saw that tee times will be starting at 10 am. The earliest I could make would be 1:15 pm. Is that too late for this event?

Chris Bundy   May 9 at 12:45pm

Hi David, once we put together the tee time schedule I will be able to tell you if 1:15 will be too late or not.

Nate Zunic    April 25 at 12:04am


I have had something come up. I will not be attending. Thanks


Sean Monit    March 8 at 6:02pm

I have a scheduling conflict and will need to withdraw. Thank you!


Mike Shevock    March 7 at 12:55am

Since it is a Sunday, what time will it start?

Mike Shevock   March 7 at 1:04am

Since it is only one round…Does it start early in the morning or does it give people time to go to church and then play disc golf?

Chris Bundy   March 7 at 1:42pm

Hi Mike, We are planning to start by 10:00am. I will be reaching out to all the players as we get closer to set up tee times. So if you would like a later tee time we can accommodate that.

Mike Shevock   March 7 at 6:54pm


Kenny Fogleman    March 2 at 2:05am

I guess ill say it.. this tournament/course has such a high potential.. such a high ceiling to host events, and im sorry, but no one wants a dx wombat3.. no one wants a water bottle and drawstring bag.. no one wants a 1 round tournament with the payout being a ball golf pro shop gift card.. hence why registration has been open for a long time with no turn out.. people want a 2 round sanctioned tournament at one of the areas best courses.. im sorry for being blunt but the truth lies in the number ... more

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Luke Shelton   April 5 at 9:47am

I'm curious regarding the comment "Anyone can host a tournament at the Farm". I am certainly interested in running a sanctioned tournament at the Farm, eventually.

Luke Shelton   April 5 at 9:51am

Also, if a tournament is run properly, you shouldn't be losing money. But also, if a tournament is run correctly, you shouldn't be making money unless you are bringing in sponsor money, or it it explicitly stated that it is a fundraiser. All the money brought in strictly from payouts should all be going to players packs and payouts.

Luke Shelton   April 5 at 10:31am

And to clarify, the Pure Flight Open is sponsored by nobody. The player's packs and payouts come directly from the entry fees.

Sean Monit    February 28 at 4:16pm

just one round again?

Chris Bundy   February 28 at 4:31pm

Hi Sean, Yes - 1 Round

Chris Bundy    February 14 at 9:04pm

Players Pack will Include: Mill Creek water bottle, DX Wombat 3 - logoed disc, and a drawstring bag.


Matt Mazur    February 2 at 1:47pm

Is general the same as open?

Chris Bundy   February 2 at 2:07pm

Hi Matt, there is no General Division. Please sign up for one of the selected divisions.

Todd Jakosh    February 1 at 4:24pm

Is there a players pack or anything for the event?

Chris Bundy   February 2 at 1:12pm

Yes, there will be a players pack.

Sean Monit    January 31 at 6:25pm

The gift certificates for the ball-golf pro shop were much appreciated from last year. Any chance they may have a more disc golf oriented pay-out(s) / prizes this year?

Adam Couture   February 1 at 1:03pm

I'd also be curious on this before signing up as well.

Kenny Fogleman   February 1 at 4:02pm


Chris Bundy   February 4 at 2:30pm

We will be doing a mixture of Mill Creek MetroParks and Disc Golf Merchandise.

Douglas Craiglow    December 8 at 9:55pm

Will you have Ma4 division be available ?

Chris Bundy   February 2 at 1:11pm

No, But we will have MA3 available.